The Karl G. Jansky Lectureship Videos

The Library has converted all Jansky Lectures in the collection and they are now viewable below. If you have a Jansky Lecture that the Library does not, please consider loaning it to the Library, even if it is on a VHS tape. It will be converted and returned to you.

Additional information on the Jansky Lecture can be found here.

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The 2017 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: Observing the Universe from Africa
Dr. Bernie Faranoff

The 2016 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: Gas and Galaxy Evolution
Dr. Jacqueline van Gorkom

The 2015 Karl G. Jansky Lecture:
Star and Planet Formation through Cosmic Time

Dr. Nick Z. Scoville
Note: No video due to copyright considerations

The 2014 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: Are We Alone?
Searching for Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

Dr. Jill C. Tarter

The 2013 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: A Tour of the Universe
Dr. Charles Bennett

The 2012 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: Measuring the Cosmos
Mark J. Reid

The 2011 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: Radio Astronomy From Jansky To The Future, An Engineer's Point of View
Sander Weinreb

The 2010 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: the Galactic Center Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster
Professor Reinhard Genzel

The 2009 Karl G. Janksy Lecture: The Central Engines that Power Active Galaxies
Dr. Anthony C. S. Readhead

The 2008 Karl G. Jansky Lecture: Finding the Gas that Makes Galaxies
Art Wolfe

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