The Karl G. Jansky Lectureship Videos

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The 2007 Karl G. Jansky Lecture : Tuning in To the Molecular Universe
Karl M. Menten

The 2006 Karl G. Jansky Lecture, How the Spitzer Space Telescope was Designed, Tested and Built by Dr. Frank J. Low, was never presented.

The 2005 Karl G. Jansky Lecture : Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Clusters of Galaxies and Cosmology
Dr. Rashid A. Sunyaev

The 2004 Karl G. Jansky Lecture : Paths To Discovery
Ronald D. Ekers

The 2003 Karl G. Jansky Lecture :Massive Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Pulsars
Donald C. Backer

The 2000 Karl G. Jansky Lecture : Astronomy's Devices
Dr. V. Radhakrishnan

The 1999 Karl G. Janksy Lecture : Progress in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Frank D. Drake

The 1998 Karl G. Jansky Lecture : Radio Telescopes : Reaching for the Astronomical Frontiers
Bernard F. Burke

The 1997 Karl G. Jansky Lecture : The Big Bang and Our Evolving Universe
P. James E. Peebles

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