Metadata and Hosting Conventions

Listing Authors, Titles, and Dates

This page describes Library standard practices for listing titles, authors and any other metadata of memos and documents on table of content Web pages. These rules will override the actual content of the paper as appropriate for uniformity.


The information included on the table of contents pages are the foundation of the metadata for each memo or publication. Uniformity is important for supporting the future NRAO Memos search index and consistent discovery of items in that tool.

Author Names

Author names will be listed with initials then last name only. If the source document shows a middle name or initial, both initials will be included, otherwise only the first initial will be posted. Initials will be followed by a period and separated by spaces from each other and the last name. Hyphens will be included en lieu of a space for initials of hyphenated names.

Number of Authors

Each author up to and including five will be shown separated by commas. For documents with six or more authors only the first author's name will be shown followed by a comma and then "et al.". Multi-author listings will not use "and" preceding the last author even when the original memos do.


The first and only first letter of each word in the title will be capitalized unless the word is on the excluded list. Units of measure and acronyms will be fully capitalized or not as the authors' originally use in the title. Hyphenated words in the title will be capitalized after the hyphen unless trademarked or a proper name.

Excluded Words

The following eight words are excluded from capitalization unless they begin the title or a subsection of it:

  • a
  • an
  • and
  • for
  • of
  • or
  • the


Dates will be posted in the form MM/DD/YY if the date is shown in the document, omitting the day if none is given. If a date can be estimated from a source aside from the document it will be included in brackets. If not, the date will not be given.



Certain documents have restrictions on access limitting their circulation outside NRAO Staff. Any document marked "Confidential" or "Internal Use Only" as well as any proposals and project documents received from vendors and contractors will be hosted in a restricted access area of the Library Web for a period of 20 years after the date of their publication.


When we are aware or made aware of grammatical or typographical errors in NRAO documents, we will correct the reference metadata that contains errors in our publication index pages. Such corrections will be encapsulated with brackets [ ] to denote when our information contains a correction from the literal text. We are using this en lieu of the [sic] convention as this seems more clear particularly when correcting dates and dates are the most common metadata we have to correct. Our corrections will be reflected only in our references to the documents. Any authers wishing to correct an official memo or publication should submit a revised version per the memo submission process outlined HERE.

Keep Us Honest

If you find information in a table of contents page deviates from these rules, please let us know and we will correct it.

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