Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access journals and books when away from NRAO?
A: Use your local WebVPN; Charlottesville or Socorro. After you login, following the instructions on screen to the Web Application bookmarks.

Q: Which journals can be accessed by NRAO Staff?
A: The entire listing of journals is available at HERE.

Q: How do I know if the NRAO Library has access to a certain year of a journal?
A: Unless otherwise noted with a parenthetical notation or footnote, eJournals are available to NRAO Staff for the full range their publisher offers them.

Q: What if I need an article or report that is not listed on the journals page?
A: Send as much information as you have to

Q: How do I find an eBook?
A: Please review our eBooks page.

Q: How do I request a book or report or other material I need?
A: Requests can be made via the main Library 'Contact Us' link, via a hold on the NRAO Library catalog, to the email :, or by contacting an NRAO Library staff member.

Q: How do I cite NRAO and AUI facilities whose formal titles include the name of a person as a prefix?
A: The policy is to use the full formal name of the facility on first reference, followed by an acronym in parentheses that does not include a letter for the honored person’s name. See additional information here. Thus:

  • The “Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT),” with “GBT” in subsequent references.
  • The “Pete V. Domenici Science Operations Center (SOC),” with “SOC” in subsequent references.
  • The “Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA),” with “VLA” in subsequent references.

Q: Can the NRAO Library provide me images or information for my report?
A: Please check the NRAO Image Gallery for a variety of astronomical images ( free for your use.

Q: Does the Library maintain an institutional repository?
A: The Library does not maintain an institutional repository in the sense that is common in an academic setting. We do, however, provide all the resources linked in the menus at top including journals, NRAO publications, eBooks, and more. If you are looking for access to NRAO Telescope Data, please visit

Q: Can the NRAO Library staff respond to questions from the general public?
A: Yes, questions from non-NRAO employees will be answered as time allows.

Q: Can the NRAO Library answer general astronomy questions from the public?
A: While we will try our utmost, generally it is better for you to submit your query to the NRAO
    Ask An Astronomer service:

Q: What are the normal business hours of the NRAO Library?
A: The Library is open Mondays through Fridays from 8am-5pm EST.

Q: Can I use the NRAO Library for my meeting?
A: The Library is open to all NRAO Staff for use on an informal, first come, first serve basis. If an unreserved space is sufficiently reliable scheduling for your group, then by all means, do plan to hold your informal meetings in our space. One reason this policy exists is to ensure there is always an impormptu meeting space available in the building. Please contact us if you need our help with use of this physical space.

Q: What are NRAO Library conventions for standardizing table of contents pages and posting memorandum, reports, and publications?
A: Please see our page, listing authors, titles, and dates and other information about hosting NRAO documents and publications.

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