Memo Submission

Memos are submitted to the NRAO Library ( for assignment of a number, to address any final formatting, and then posting on Follow the below steps.

  • The author sends a proposed memo (in .doc, PDF, or PostScript form) to the Library Webmaster via and identifies the series for the memo.
  • If applicable (ALMA and NAASC memos) the submission is referred to a review committee for approval. Memos authored by summer students must be approved by the student's advisor before posting.
  • The Library assigns a memo number and the author is informed of that number to add to the memo.
  • The Library ensures a standard header with Memo series, number, title and author(s) is listed at the top of page 1 in keeping with the format conventions of each series. The Webmaster may ask the author to adjust the header.
  • The final memo is converted to PDF and Submitted to the Library if it was changed in the above steps.
  • The memo is posted to the Library Website.
  • An announcement is sent out to All Employees that the memo is posted.

Please contact Lance Utley or Marsha Bishop at with any questions.

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