Memo Submission

Memos are submitted to the NRAO Library ( for assignment of a number, to address any final formatting, and then posting on Follow the below steps.

  • The author sends a proposed memo to the Library Webmaster via and identifies the series for the memo.
  • If applicable (ALMA and NAASC memos) the submission is referred to a review committee for approval. All memos authored by summer students must be approved by the student's advisor before posting.
  • The Library assigns a memo number and the author is informed of that number to add to the memo.
  • The Library ensures a standard header with Memo series, number, title and author(s) is listed at the top of page 1 in keeping with the format conventions of each series. Author's may be asked to adjust the header.
  • The final memo is converted to PDF and Submitted to the Library.
  • The memo is posted to the Library Website.
  • An announcement is sent out to All Employees that the memo is posted.

The NRAO Library is not responsible for memo content nor any editing of the same. Correcting errors in memo content is the sole responsibility of the author(s). The Library will be glad to post any PDFs that are revised as a result of erratta. Please contact Library staff at with any questions.

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