Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the normal business hours of the NRAO Library?

A: The library is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST. See the Library Management Policy and Q: What are the library's terms for borrowing?

A: See the Library’s Borrowing Policy.

Q: Does the library maintain an institutional repository?

A: No, the library does not maintain a traditional institutional repository. See NRAO Archives and NRAO Telescope Data for information.

Q: Can I use the NRAO Library for my meeting?

A: See the Space Use Policy.


Q: Why is the catalog prompting me to sign in?

A: Only self-checkout requires a log-in to the catalog.

Q: How do I access journals and books when away from NRAO?

A: Use Remote Desktop or Windows Terminal Servers (via VPN) to access content when away from NRAO Facilities. Contact the IT Helpdesk for additional assistance.

Which journals are accessible to NRAO Staff?

A: See the Q: What if I need an article or report that is not listed on the journals page or I cannot download it myself?

A: Email your request with the article or report’s citation to

Q: How do I find an eBook?

A: See the eBooks page for access.

Q: How do I request a book, report or other material needed for my research?

A: Send your request through the 'Contact Us' link or via email to

Q: Can the NRAO Library provide me images or information for my report?

A: See the NRAO Image Gallery for a variety of astronomical images and use policies.

Q: Can the NRAO Library staff respond to questions and answer astronomy questions from the general public?

A: See the Reference Policy, and submit your questions to NRAO’s PUBLICATION & EDITORIAL

Q: What are NRAO Library conventions for standardizing table of contents pages and posting memorandum, reports, and publications?

A: See both the Publication Support Policy and Editorial Policy.

Q: How do I cite an NRAO facility whose formal title includes the name of an honored person as a prefix?

A: See the Publication Support Policy.

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