Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the normal business hours of the NRAO Library?

A: The library is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST. See the Library Management Policy.

Q: What are the library's terms for borrowing?

A: See the Library’s Borrowing Policy.

Q: Does the library maintain an institutional repository?

A: No, the library does not maintain a traditional institutional repository. See NRAO Archives and NRAO Telescope Data for information.

Q: Can I use the NRAO Library for my meeting?

A: See the Space Use Policy.


Q: Why is the catalog prompting me to sign in?

A: Only self-checkout requires a log-in to the catalog.

Q: How do I access journals and books when away from NRAO?

A: Use Remote Desktop or Windows Terminal Servers (via VPN) to access content when away from NRAO Facilities. Contact the CIS Helpdesk for additional assistance.

Q: Which journals are accessible to NRAO Staff?

A: See the Electronic Journals page for the list and range of holdings.

Q: What if I need an article or report that is not listed on the journals page or I cannot download it myself?

A: Email your request with the article or report’s citation to

Q: How do I find an eBook?

A: See the eBooks page for access.

Q: How do I request a book, report or other material needed for my research?

A: Send your request through the 'Contact Us' link or via email to

Q: Can the NRAO Library provide me images or information for my report?

A: See the NRAO Image Gallery for a variety of astronomical images and use policies.

Q: Can the NRAO Library staff respond to questions and answer astronomy questions from the general public?

A: See the Reference Policy, and submit your questions to NRAO’s Ask An Astronomer.


Q: What are NRAO Library conventions for standardizing table of contents pages and posting memorandum, reports, and publications?

A: See both the Publication Support Policy and Editorial Policy.

Q: How do I cite an NRAO facility whose formal title includes the name of an honored person as a prefix?

A: See the Publication Support Policy.

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