[Interferometry Group] Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
66-027 Interferometer Local Oscillator Distribution - Program of Activities K. H. Wesseling 06/01/66
030-66 Instrument to Measure Cable Electrical Length K. H. Wesseling 07/26/66
0267 3-Element Interferometer Receiver Backend J. Coe 02/24/67
0367 Three-Element Interferometer System Maintenance J. Coe 03/14/67
1367 2695 MHz 3-Element Interferometer Receiver Front-End B. Pasternak 08/29/67
1567 Interferometer Expandability from the Point of View of the Local Oscillator System K. H. Wesseling 09/11/67
1867 Gain and Phase Stability of the Interferometer as Determined by the LO System K. H. Wesseling 09/22/67
1967 Interferometer Local Oscillator System Description K. H. Wesseling 10/05/67

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