MMA Management Documents

These documents are not a formal memo series, but rather are a collection of various items,
including many official NRAO documents, gathered around this topic by John Webber.

Memo Submission

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Title Author(s) Date
Planning for the MMA Design and Development Phase: The 1992 D&D Plan - 1992
Total Cost of Proposed MMA Development Program - [08/92]
LIGO Cost Estimating Plan [Draft] - 09/13/94
The Atacama Array: A Possible LMSA-MMA Collaboration in Chile R. L. Brown 12/95
Visits to Spanish Electronics and Antenna Companies P. Napier, J. Uson, J. M. T. Arnedo 02/27/97
Report From the BIMA-NRAO-OVRO Meeting on MMA Development R. Crutcher, A. Harris, R. Plambeck, J. Welch, D. Emerson, P. Napier, J. Webber, J. Lamb, S. Scott, D. Woody 05/03/97
MMA Correlator Facts J. C. Webber 05/21/97
MMA CDL Receiver Development Tasks - 05/22/97
1998 LO Budget Estimate for MMA R. Bradley 05/31/97
MMA Receiver Development Equipment Budget -- 1998 A. Kerr 06/01/97
Draft Computing Budget T. Beasley 06/02/97
MMA CDL Budget for 1998 - 06/05/97
MMA Development in Tucson J. M. Payne 06/13/97
NRAO Charlottesville, Meeting 24-25 June 1997 Participants - 06/26/97
Preliminary Cost Estimates for MMA Receiver Work in Tucson [Draft] J. M. Payne 07/08/97
MMA Support for CDL Activities J. Webber 07/08/97
Archive Report MMA Coordination Meeting R. L. Brown 08/04/97
MMA/LSA Technical Workshop - 03/06/98
Notes on the MMA/LSA Receiver Meeting A. R. Kerr 03/31/98
Meeting June 8-9 [LSA Receiver Working Group] E. van Dishoeck 06/05/98
Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Design and Development Phase of a Large MM/SUB-MM Array - 06/11/98
MMA Project Internal Review - 07/15/98
[MMA Systems Account Charges] - 08/28/98
CDL Resources [MMA Systems Account Charges] - 09/28/98
MMA Div Head Meeting, 5 Oct 98 P. Napier 10/02/98
MMA Budget Estimator Sheet S. K. Pan, A. R. Kerr 10/05/98
MMA Development Phase Manpower - 10/05/98
MMA Div Hd Meeting, Tuesday 13 Oct with Task Scheduling - 10/13/98
Purchase Requisition: Continuation of MMA Agreement - 10/28/98
MMA Configuration Management: Change Request Procedure [Draft] R. L. Brown 11/04/98
Recommendations from the MAC Meeting of 21 Nov. 1998 - 11/21/98
Draft NRAO Response NSF MMA Oversight Committee Report of the Meeting of August 4, 1998 R. L. Brown 11/23/98
LIGO Work Breakdown Structure and Cost Estimates - 12/98
MMAOC Charge Meeting of December 15-16, 1998 R. Dickman 12/10/98
Current Plan Summary - 12/14/98
Millimeter Array Oversight Committee Meeting - 12/15/98
MMA Division Head Meeting J. Webber 12/21/98
HIFI Instrument [Consortium] Co-I's - 01/99
MMA Recruiting Report T. Schlemmer 01/13/99
MMA Recruiting Report T. Schlemmer 01/21/99
LMA Instrumentation S. Withington 01/27/99
MMA Design & Development Phase Milestones, Task Planning - 02/09/99
Div Hd Meeting 1999-Feb-16 P. Napier 02/12/99
Report of the December 15-16, 1998 Review of the Millimeter Array Project Submitted to the National Science Foundation J. Baars, et al. 02/13/99
Revised MMA/LSA Agenda P. Napier 02/16/99
Joint Design and Development of the MMA-LSA - 02/21/99
MMA Subgroups [J. Webber] 02/22/99
Conclusion of Joint MMA/LSA Meeting [J. Webber] 02/23/99
Joint Design and Development of the MMA-LSA [Draft meeting Summary] - 02/23/99
MMA Task Scheduling and Planning - 03/03/99
MMA Division Head Meeting, Monday 1999-Mar-08 - 03/08/99
MMA Prototyping on the 12 Meter Telescope J. Mangum 03/10/99
MMA Div Hd Meeting 1999-Mar-15 P. Napier 03/12/99
Div Hd Meeting 1999-Mar-29 P. Napier 03/28/99
Dick Sramek's Meeting on the Test Interferometer [J. Webber], R. Sramek 03/30/99
MMA Milestones: Summary of Recent Changes R. Simon 04/22/99
Div Hd Meeting, 3 May P. Napier 05/03/99
MMA Div Hd Mtg, Monday 1999-May-10, - 05/10/99
MMA Recruiting Report T. Schlemmer 05/26/99
MMA Division Hd Meeting, Tuesday 1999-Jun-01 - 06/01/99
MMA Div Hd Meeting Monday, 1999-Jun-07 P. Napier 06/07/99
ALMA Phase 1 Management Plan - 06/07/99
Provisional Breakout Group Assignments [Draft] - 06/30/99
Draft Agenda Millimeter Array Cost Review - 07/07/99
Millimeter Array US Reference Project Level 2 Cost Summary - 07/07/99
Auditor's Comments [by Topic] - 07/08/99
Report of the MMA Cost Audit Committee - 07/09/99
Div Hd Mtg 19 July P. Napier 07/18/99
MMA DivHd Meeting, 1999-Jul-26 P. Napier 07/28/99
ALMA US Recruiting Report - 09/08/99
MMA Div Hd meeting, Monday 1999-SEP-13 P. Napier 09/13/99
MAC/SAC Meeting Agenda A. Wooten 09/28/99
ALMA Conference - Final Announement K. Weatherall 09/28/99
MMA Div Hd Meeting, Monday 1999-Oct-04, P. Napier 10/04/99
ALMA U.S. Recruiting Report - 11/18/99
ALMA Budget for 2000 R. Simon 01/12/00
[Joint Division Head Meeting with European Counterparts] P. Napier 01/30/00
ALMA Task Scheduling - 02/07/00
Re: Qband ALMA A. Wooten 03/14/00
Report of the ALMA Liaison Group - 03/21/00
ALMA Cost Adjustments Summary R. Simon 03/26/00
ALMA Cost Estimate R. Simon 03/26/00
Correlator - 04/00
CDL ALMA D&D Requirements J. Webber 04/00
ALMA Cost Summary - 04/07/00
ALMA US Monthly Account Report - 04/10/00
ALMA Project Book - 04/10/00
Major ALMA POs - 04/12/00
Draft ALMA US Organization Chart - 04/25/00
[Spain Signs the Memorandum of Understanding Joining the ALMA Project] M. A. Lagunas 06/02/00
CDL ALMA Expenditures Summary - 07/18/00
ALMA US Monthly Account Report R. Simon 07/20/00
ALMA Task Scheduling - 08/07/00
Document Numbering L. D'Addario 08/14/00
Division Heads Meeting M. D. Rafal 08/14/00
ALMA U.S. Action Item List - 08/14/00
[CDL] Report - 08/14/00
Agenda JRDG telecon W. Wild 08/29/00
Telephone Meetings J. Payne 08/29/00
ALMA US Organization [Draft] - 09/05/00
ALMA U.S. Personnel R. Simon 09/12/00

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