Millimeter Array Scientific Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 Millimeter Array Required Sensitivities Extragalactic CO H. A. Wooten 08/09/85
2 Resolution of Circumstellar SiO Masers Around Late Type Stars F. O. Clark 01/85
3 Solar System Working Group Report I. de Pater, G. Berge, D. Muhleman, P. Schloerb -
4 Report of the Working Group on the Sun and Stars G. A. Dulk, D. E. Gary, R. M. Hjellming M. R. Kundu -
5 Low Z Extragalactic Working Group Report T. Bania, et al. 1986
6 Circumstellar Shells and Evolved Stars Working Group Report J. H. Bieging, et al. 1986
7 Molecular Clouds - 1986
8 High Redshift Extragalactic Astronomy Working Group Report J. Condon, et al. 1986
9 NRAO Millimeter Array Chemistry Working Group I: The Nature of Astrochemistry E. Herbst, et al. 08/86

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