25 Meter - Millimeter Wave Telescope Reports

Memo Submission

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Report Number Title Author(s) Date
1 A 25 Meter Telescope for the MM Wavelength Range D. Buhl, B. Turner 06/07/73
2 A Consideration of Future Possibilities for Radio Telescope Systems in the 1-9 MM Wavelength Region W. E. Howard 06/73
3 Radio Telescopes for Millimeter Wavelength S. von Hoerner 1974
4 Surface Plates for a Wavelength of 1.2 Millimeter S. von Hoerner 07/22/74
5 Design and Performance of Panel B S. von Hoerner, K. Kern 10/15/74
6 Optimum Radio Telescope Geometry B. L. Ulich 09/76
7 Tests of the Cart Method for Measuring Telescopes J. W. Findlay, J. N. Ralston 07/77
8 Surface Panels and Measurements J. W. Findlay 08/80
9 The Onsala 20-meter Telescope Stability Tests J. Elldér, J. W. Findlay, B. Hansson 03/81

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