Astronomical Image Processing System Miscellaneous

Memo Submission

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Title Author(s) Date
AIPS Cookbook - 01/15/83
AIPS Cookbook - 10/15/85
Responses To Recent Software Project Difficulties A. Bridle 09/11/89
AIPS DDT History G. Langston; K. Hilldrup 06/05/90
Summary of AIPS UV-data Calibration: From VLA Archive Tape To a UV FITS Tape G. Langston 06/29/90
Installing AIPS on an IBM RISC System 6000 and Performance Results for Convex C220 and SUN Sparc Computers E. W. Greisen, M. Calabretta 07/16/90
AIPS Cookbook - 10/15/90
AIPS Cookbook - 01/15/96
AIPS++ Re-use Analysis Test and Millimeter Spectroscopic Off-line Data Reduction Demonstration for ALMA Phase I & 11(a) A. Kemball; R. Lucas 09/01/02
AIPS Cookbook - 12/31/04

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