AIPS++ User Specifications

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
101 The AIPS++ User Specifications Memo Series R. M. Hjellming 08/28/91
102 Final Report from the Software Advisory Group (SWAG) P. Vanden Bout 1991
103 AIPS++ Requirements R. Fisher 09/12/91
104 The AIPS++ User Interface D. O. S. Wood 12/18/91
105 AIPS++ User Specifications: An Initial NRAO-Oriented Version R. M. Hjellming, et al. 12/23/91
106 ATNF AIPS++ User Specifications ATNF Staff and Users 12/29/91
107 Miscellaneous Suggestions for AIPS++ R. M. Hjellming et al. 12/31/91
108 AIPS++ User Specifications: BIMA Version - -
109 An Approach Towards Scientific Specifications for AIPS++ D. Westpfahl -
110 Jodrell Bank User Requirements for AIPS++ D. L. Shone 01/01/92
111 DRAO User Requirements - AIPS++ - 12/91
112 Dutch Requirements for AIPS++ J. E. Noordam 12/30/91
113 A Single-Dish Data-Handling Environment Within AIPS++ H. S. Liszt 01/14/92
114 Missing - -
115 AIPS++ Consortium User Specifications AIPS++ Consortium Development Group 04/07/92

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