Miscellaneous Green Bank Interferomenter (MGBI) Memos

Memo Submission

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Title Author(s) Date
Summary of Geometrical, Sensitivity, and Pointing Accuracy Considerations in Interferometry C. M. Wade 10/62
Interferometer Observational Program for Period August 17 - September 7 W. Tyler 08/64
Phase Drifts in Interferometer Observations of Point Sources C. M. Wade 10/64
Interferometer and Earth-Rotation-Synthesis Theory K. H. Wesseling 01/65
Interferometer Calibration and Source Position Measurements on Baseline 2 C. M. Wade, B. G. Clark, D. E. Hogg 03/65
3-Element Interferometer Electronic B1 Control System: Schematics [All drawings appear to be identical] W. Tyler 04/67
The 85-ft. Interferometer D. E. Hogg 08/67
Preliminary Cost and Time Estimates for Additions to the Interferometer S. Weinreb 08/67
Cost of Putting 85-2 and 85-3 on Rails G. W. Swenson 08/67
Preliminary Cost Estimate for a 5 km Interferometer Baseline Up the North Fork Hollow D. E. Hogg 05/69
An Analysis of the Errors in Interferometric Data D. E. Hogg 05/69
Sensitivity of 2D H-line Synthesis Using the NRAO Interferometer M. Wright 11/70
Description of 4-Element Interferometer Telescope Programs J. P. Basart, J. S. Kramer [1971]
Blockage of One Interferometer Element by Another C. M. Wade 01/71
Additional Observing Stations for Interferometer M. C. H. Wright 01/71
H-Line Interferometer - Calibration Procedure M. C. H. Wright 08/71
[Problems with the H-Line Interferometer] M. C. H. Wright 12/71
CLEANF Program M. Wright 05/72
H-Line Synthesis Data M. Wright 06/72
Line Interferometer Program M. Wright, C. Moore 09/72
Polarization Averaging Program L. Gross 12/72
New Mapping System for the NRAO Dual Frequency Interferometer: Preliminary Description B. Balick, E. Fomalont 01/73
Linear Polarization at 8085 MHz of Some X-band Calibration Sources P. P. Kronberg, J. P. Vallée 04/73

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