VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade Program and Memo Series J. D. Romney 01/04/07
2 The VLBA Upgrade Study J. D. Romney 05/09/08
3 VLBA Upgrade: Scientific, Observational, and Technical Requirements J. D. Romney 09/05/08
4 Mapping the Future of VLBI Science in the U.S. VLBI Future Committee 08/16/04
10 Proposal To Upgrade the 22 GHz Receivers on the VLBA Antennas C. Walker, S. Durand, C. Kutz II, R. Hayward 10/13/06
11 Options for a VLBA 4-Gbps Upgrade J. D. Romney 11/16/06
12 Mark 5C Specification MIT Haystack Obs., NRAO 02/19/08
13 Mark 5C Data-Frame Specification MIT Haystack Obs., NRAO 02/19/08
14 Impact of DBE Crossover Frequencies C. Walker 04/14/07
15 Proposal To Increase the Sensitivity of the VLBA C. Walker, J. Romney, W. Brisken, S. Durand 04/16/07
16 The Cost of Software Correlation W. Brisken, A. Deller 10/09/07
17 Benchmarking DiFX on the Mark5A Cluster and Justification for an Upgrade W. Brisken 11/26/07
18 Mark5C Software Interface Specification NRAO, MIT Haystack Obs. 01/07/08
19 Mark5C-, A Proposed Mark 5C Emulator NRAO, MIT Haystack Obs. 01/09/08
20 Difx Operator Interface (DOI) Specification W. Brisken 04/18/08
21 Final Report for the VLBA 22 GHZ Amplifier Upgrade Project C. Walker, S. Durand, C. Kutz II, R. Hayward 05/23/08
22 The Evolution of Hard Drive Prices Over 2000 Days W. Brisken, J. Romney 07/16/08
23 A Guide To Software Correlation Using NRAO-DiFX Version 1.1 W. Brisken 09/03/08
24 Mark 5C Hardware Test and Acceptance Plan C. Ruszczyk 10/22/08
25 VLBA-DIFX Operations Plan W. Brisken 02/18/09
26 Test Plan for the VLBA-DiFX Correlator and Other VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade Equipment J. D. Romney, W. F. Brisken, A. T. Deller, S. J. Durand, R. C. Walker 02/26/09
27 Monitor Data for the VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade G. Hunt 04/14/10
28 Some Thoughts on Gain Control in the DBE Era W. Brisken 04/13/10
29 The VLBA's Transition To Conduant's SDK9 W. Brisken 07/20/10
30 Enhanced Mark5C Control Specification W. Brisken, M. Bark, H. B. Frej, C. Walker 11/04/10
31 VLBA Station Timing R. C. Walker 12/02/10
32 DiFX Pulsar Guide (Version 1) W. Brisken, A. Deller 11/18/15
33 4-8 GHz C-Band Upgrade: Preliminary Design Review for LO/IF and Monitor & Control V. Dhawan 01/11/11
34 System Temperature Determination with DiFX W. Brisken 01/18/11
35 Test for DBE Frequency Synthesizer Board G. Peck 03/10/11
36 ESSR Acceptance Plan W. Brisken 06/29/11
37 Design and Measurement of VLBA C-Band Feed Horn S. Srikanth 06/22/11
38 Mark5C Voltage and Temperature Measurements W. Brisken, B. McGoldrick, D. Gerrard, S. Durand 07/13/11
39 Dual RDBE IF and Channel Assignments W. Brisken, M. Bark 04/12/1[2]
40 Investigation of Alternative Disk Drives for Mark5C Modules W. Brisken, F. Schinzel. B. McGoldrick 05/09/12
41 X-cube Soft Switch Command Set W. Brisken 07/26/13
42 Description of the VDIF Format Used by the VLBA, VLA and GBT Including the VDIF Extended Data Version 3 Definition W. Brisken, M. Luce, P. Metzner 04/16/14
43 A Total Power Digitizer for the VLBA RDBE K. Morris 09/15/14
44 RDBE Calibration Data and DiFX W. Brisken, A. Mioduszewski 10/19/15
44S VLBA Monitor Data Workflow Change (Supplement to VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade Memo 44) W. Brisken 10/16/15
45 Testing the Goddard Calc 11 Delay Model at the VLBA W. Max-Moerbeck, W. Brisken 11/30/15
46 VLBA at 4 Gbps Using Dual Mark5C Recorders W. Brisken, B. McGoldrick 07/05/16
47 Delay Jumps in the VLBA's Current RDBE DDC Personality J. D. Romney 09/15/18
48 Inter-Observational Delay Changes in the VLBA's RDBE PFB Personality J. D. Romney 09/15/18
49 Post-VME VLBA Observing of Moving Sources W. Brisken 12/12/19
50 Using the New Fast VLBA Fiber Networks W. Brisken, J. Blanchard, B. Clark 03/04/20
51 How to Tune the VLBA J. Linford, W. Brisken 06/02/20

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