Miscellaneous, Unnumbered, Internal Reports

Memo Submission

This page lists NRAO miscellaneous unnumbered internal reports, i.e. reports, memos, etc. that were not issued as part of one of the formal, numbered NRAO series.

Misc. Memos by instrument: 300 GBT VLA VLBA

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Title Author(s) Date
Toward a National Radio Observatory B. Bok 08/56
Plan for a Radio Astronomy Observatory - 08/56
AUI - 140 ft. Telescope: Stability of Sphere on 3 Supports R. C. Herrick 05/31/57
Positions of Hydrostatic Pads R. C. Herrick 06/13/57
Deflection of the Bearing Structure R. C. Herrick 06/24/57
Low Noise Pre-Amplifiers for Radio Astronomy J. W. Findlay 03/24/58
Dedication of the Howard E. Tatel Telescope: Remarks of Dr. Alan T. Waterman A. T. Waterman 10/16/58
Calibration of Ewen Knight Model EK/HII-X2C X-band Radiometer Serial Number 101 F. D Drake 12/23/58
NRAO Astronomical Tables No. 1 - 1959
NRAO Astronomical Tables No. 2 Zenith Distance - 1959
Large-scale Galactic Surveys at 8000 Kmc G. Westerhout 05/18/59
Advanced Programming for Electronic Computers S. von Hoerner 1960
Radiometry T. Orhaug 06/61
Integration of a DC Signal Mixed with Noise Filtering and Useful Rate Sampling
(with Numerical Calculations for the Report…, Vinokur & Keen, Sep. 1963)
M. Vinokur 11/61
Output System for a Filter Multichannel Receiver M. Vinokur 11/61
Useful Precision for the Measurement of a Signal Mixed with Noise M. Vinokur 11/61
Whitford Committee Report A. E. Whitford 1962
Report of a Visit To Texas Instruments, Inc., in Connection with the Germanium Bolometer F. D. Drake 02/06/62
Galactic Hydrogen Line Studies D. S. Heeschen 08/62
Basic Theory of the Autocorrelation Radiometer S. Weinreb 1962
Optimum Rate of Sampling of a Signal Mixed with Noise M. Vinokur 11/62
Flux Estimate and Optimum Integration Time M. Vinokur 12/27/62
Photogrammetric Calibration of the 85-foot Howard E. Tatel Radio Telescope R. G. Davis, D. Brown Assoc. 03/25/63
Conversion Tables H.A. Dec. To Alt. And Az. For Green Bank Dec from -46 degrees To +90 degrees - 06/63
The Level of Noise and Interference Between 216 and 420 Mc, and the Best Frequencies for Lunar Occulation Work S. von Hoerner 06/63
An Array for High-Resolution Mapping of Extragalactic Radio Sources C. M. Wade 11/63
A Survey of Radio Sources and the Possibility of Observing Them with the NRAO Interferometer E. W. Ng, N. J. Keen 11/63
The Basic Two Element System W. R. Burns 11/63
Atmospheric Absorption in the Range of Wavelength Between 10 cms and 1 Micron R. C. Menon 01/64
Factors for Predicting Radio Frequency Interference from Vehicular Ignition Systems Frederick Research Corp. 01/20/64
Principal Considerations of Radioastronomical Observations at Very High Frequencies P. G. Mezger 03/64
Notes on Fourier Transforms C. M. Wade 05/64
An Experimental Check of Antenna Tolerance Theory Using the NRAO 85-foot and 300-foot Telescopes P. G. Mezger 09/08/64
Format for Magnetic Tapes at NRAO A. M. Shalloway 09/18/64
A Comparison Between Prime Focus and Cassegrain Antennas J. W. M. Baars 10/64
Translation of Plans for Receivers at 3 Frequencies, and Eventually at 4 Frequencies, for Measurements of a Spectra E. J. Blum (Translated by N. J. Keen) 11/64
A 100-Channel Digital Autocorrelation Receiver for Observations of Spectral Lines A. M. Shalloway 11/64
The 11-cm Fluxes of 14 Extragalactic Radio Sources N. J. Keen 12/64
On the Phase Center of a Paraboloid B. G. Clark 12/64
Refraction B. Clark 12/14/64
140' Radio Telescope - 1965
An Experimental Check of Antenna Tolerance Theory Using Radio Astronomical Techniques P. G. Mezger 04/65
Position Measurements and Baseline Constants, Baseline 5 B. Clark 07/12/65
On the Determination of the Total Flux of a Radio Source R. J. Gagnon 09/65
Measurements of Atmospheric Attenuation at 1 Millimeter and a Description of a Portable Spectral Hygrometer F. J. Low, A. W. Davidson 09/65
140FT. Radio Telescope Dedication October 13, 1965 - 10/13/65
Hole Density Versus Array Phase Errors Y. L. Chow 1966
Holes in the U-V Diagram B. Clark 04/66
A Measure on Complementary Array Pairs Y. L. Chow 06/66
Two Bit Correlator B. G. Clark 06/66
Radio Tests of the NRAO 140-Foot Telescope in the Wavelength Range Between 11 and 0.95 cm P. G. Mezger, H. Brown, I. Pauliny-Toth, J. Schraml, Z. Turlo 08/66
Theory of Interferometers and Aperture Synthesis W. C. Tyler 1966
A Proposed Interference Measurement System S. Weinreb 01/25/67
The IDATA System of Programs R. G. Conway 08/67
Effect of Feed-Paraboloid Reflections Upon Line Receiver Performance on the 140' Telescope S. Weinreb 11/14/67
Strömgren Radii as a Function of Spectral Type R. Rubin 12/67
A Review of Radio Astronomy in the USA J. W. Findlay 04/15/68
Revised Functional Description of NRAO Correlation Receiver Model II A. M. Shalloway 05/03/68
Brief Comparison of Autocorrelation and Filter Receivers S. Weinreb 06/13/68
Interpretive Prospectus for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
(Poor original)
K. Trexler, D. Benson, R. Giamberdine 11/68
Hardware Changes in the 400-channel Autocorrelation Receiver, Model II A. M. Shalloway, R. Mauzy 01/09/69
Interference Between Telescopes M. Balister 05/19/69
Electrical Control of Polarization S. Weinreb 07/08/69
One Bit Techniques B. Clark 07/30/69
Pointing and Focus Calibration of the 36-Foot Telescope J. Shraml 09/69
Users' Guide To the Synthesis Program System G. H. Macdonald 09/69
Four-feed Software for the IBM 360 M. M. Davis 11/69
Correlation Receiver Model III Function Operation A. Shalloway 05/26/70
On Combining Large Dish and Aperture-Synthesis Observations M. C. H. Wright 12/16/70
Thermal and Wind Deformations of the Surface Plates S. von Hoerner 01/20/71
Dual-Scalar Feed Test Results S. Weinreb 05/21/71
140-foot Telescope Pointing Calibration V. Herrero 04/72
Radio Frequency Interference Suppression on the 1972 Chevrolet Vega J. L. Dolan 08/72
Absolute Thermal Calibration of Spectral Line Observations B. L. Ulrich 03/73
Operating Instructions for the Two-Foot Demonstration Telescope - 06/73
Zwicky Catalog of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies on Magnetic Tape F. N. Owen 01/74
A Chronological History of Radio Astronomy W. E. Howard 06/74
Correlator Arrays - A New Generation of Radio Telescopes
(Ultimately published in Eta Kappa Nu's the Bridge)
G. W. Swenson 08/74
Excess Noise Temperature Measurements of Calibration System for 609 MHZ VLB Receiver, Using an International Microwave Corporation Noise Diode (NCM-0110-33386) E. M. Teyssier, J. S. Waldhuter 07/30/75
CMR AC-DC Coupled Amplifier with Back-off for NRAO Ultra Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer Unit J. S. Waldhuter 08/75
The Reber Dish for Receiving 432 MHz Amateur EME Signals E. M. Teyssier 09/75
Tectonic Motion Site Survey of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, West Virginia W. J. Webster, R. J. Allenby, P. D. Lowman, H. A. Tiedmann, L. K. Hutton 06/79
A Search for the 38th Parallel Lineament Near Green Bank, West Virginia P. D. Lowman, W. J. Webster, R. J. Allenby 1980
CONDAR-Continuum Analysis System for the NRAO Single Dish Telescopes - 05/84
Design Considerations for a New Single-Dish Data Analysis System H. Liszt, J. Lockman, D. Stinebring 11/14/84
Spectral Analysis for the NRAO Single Dish Telescopes L. Morgan 05/85
Collected Articles and Data Relevant To the Development and Operation of the NRAO Infra-red Hygrometer Commonly Known as the Low Meter M. A. Gordon 06/06/86
Mathematical Software at the NRAO F. Schwab 07/24/86
Saturation of the SIS Mixer M. J. Feldman, S.-K. Pan, A. R. Kerr 08/87
Array Telescope Computing Plan
(Proposal to the NSF)
- 09/87
Report To Radio Facilities Panel, Division of Astronomical Sciences, NSF - 03/88
Mathematical and Statistical Software Available at the NRAO - 1988 F. R. Schwab 04/13/88
Draft Report of Subcommittee on NSF Radio Astronomy Facilities - 06/88
Interactive Computer Model Fitting To Observed Space Data: A New Concept in Real-Time Visual Analysis and Display J. M. Hollis, R. Burns 07/27/88
High-Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy at Terahertz Frequencies Part 1: Investigation and Technical Plan R. L. Brown, P. Van den Bout, J. L. Desmond 11/88
Introduction To UNIX Various 05/31/90
New Technology Fostered by Radio Astronomy - 07/90
NRAO Array Computing Plan Request for Comment - 07/11/91
PC Software Archive on the Charlottesville Server A. H. Bridle 04/26/94
Recent Examples of Technology Fostered by Radio Astronomy P. Vanden Bout 04/19/99
Plating the Inside of Stainless Steel Waveguide To Reduce RF Losses While Retaining the Thermal Isolation of Stainless Steel G. Petencin 2005

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