Miscellaneous, Unnumbered, VLA Reports

This page lists VLA miscellaneous unnumbered internal reports or memos that were not issued as part of one of the formal, numbered NRAO series. Contact the Library via e-mail if you have any trouble with the scans posted here.

Title Author(s) Date
Some Suggestions for the VLA-Telescopes S. von Hoerner 09/04/66
Results of Preliminary Studies of Complimentary Arrays N. C. Mathur 04/19/67
Proposal - VLA Antenna Design Rohr Corporation 07/25/67
Comments on the VLA Configuration Study N. C. Mathur 02/06/68
VLA Configuration Study - Status Report - 02/27/68
VLA Interim Report - 05/10/68
The Plains of San Agustin: Site of the VLA M. Wilkening -
VLA Feasibility Study R. I. Presnell 02/72
Final Environmental Statement NSF 10/06/72
Subcontract VLA-6 - -
Title I Engineering Report BWH-CVR Joint Venture 02/01/74
The VLA Spectral Line System - 01/76
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1977 - 12/01/76
A Case Study of the Decision To Construct a Large Radiotelescope G. W. Swenson 01/77
VLA User Manual - 04/77
Study for an Optical Processor System For VLA Radiotelescope Data Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) 04/77
Summary Memo on VLA Hybrid Processor L. E. Somers 05/10/77
Report of the VLA Off-Site Data Processing AD HOC Study Group M. S. Roberts 10/25/77
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1978 - 12/01/77
An Introduction To the NRAO Very Large Array - 1st. Ed. R. M. Hjellming 11/78
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1979 - 12/01/78
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1980 - 03/14/80
VLA Dedication Day - 10/10/80
Attendees: VLA Dedication - 10/10/80
Final Report on the Electrical Distribution System and Emergency Generator Capability of the Very Large Array Site Under Subcontract VLA-373 of NSF AST 79-08925 P. W. Sauer 03/82
Very Large Array Completion Report - 07/82
Proposal To Establish Low Frequency Stations at the VLA N. E. Kassim, et al. -
An Introduction To the NRAO Very Large Array - 2nd. Ed. - 04/83
VLA Project: Visitors Map and Information - -
Very Large Array - -
VLA-Goldstone Array Formal Review JPL 07/01/87
VLBI at the VLA. I. A Short Guide for Absentee Users J. M. Wrobel 01/29/91
VLBI at the VLA. II. The Long Guide, Version 1.0 J. M. Wrobel 05/14/91
Proposal: New Visitor Center - 01/14/05

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