Miscellaneous, Unnumbered, VLA Reports

Memo Submission

This page lists VLA miscellaneous unnumbered internal reports, i.e. reports, memos, etc. that were not issued as part of one of the formal, numbered NRAO series.

Misc. Memos by instrument: 300 ALMA GBT VLA VLBA

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Title Author(s) Date
Some Suggestions for the VLA-Telescopes S. von Hoerner 09/04/66
Results of Preliminary Studies of Complimentary Arrays N. C. Mathur 04/19/67
Proposal - VLA Antenna Design Rohr Corporation 07/25/67
Comments on the VLA Configuration Study N. C. Mathur 02/06/68
VLA Configuration Study - Status Report - 02/27/68
VLA Interim Report - 05/10/68
The Plains of San Agustin: Site of the VLA M. Wilkening -
VLA Feasibility Study R. I. Presnell 02/72
327 MHz Prototype Front-End Z. Nosal 07/82
Final Environmental Statement NSF 10/06/72
Subcontract VLA-6 - -
Title I Engineering Report BWH-CVR Joint Venture 02/01/74
Proposals for a Preliminary VLA Spectral Line System A. M. Shalloway 06/75
The VLA Spectral Line System - 01/76
The Proposed Antenna Move Schedule R. M. Hjellming 08/10/76
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1977 - 12/01/76
A Case Study of the Decision To Construct a Large Radiotelescope G. W. Swenson 01/77
VLA User Manual - 04/77
Study for an Optical Processor System For VLA Radiotelescope Data Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) 04/77
Summary Memo on VLA Hybrid Processor L. E. Somers 05/10/77
Report of the VLA Off-Site Data Processing AD HOC Study Group M. S. Roberts 10/25/77
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1978 - 12/01/77
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1979 - 12/01/78
A Suggestion for Handling the VLA "Source Monitoring" Day R. M. Hjellming 05/03/79
VLA Program: Program Plan For CY 1980 - 03/14/80
VLA Dedication Day - 10/10/80
Attendees: VLA Dedication - 10/10/80
Final Report on the Electrical Distribution System and Emergency Generator Capability of the Very Large Array Site Under Subcontract VLA-373 of NSF AST 79-08925 P. W. Sauer 03/82
Very Large Array Completion Report - 07/82
Proposal To Establish Low Frequency Stations at the VLA N. E. Kassim, et al. -
VLA Project: Visitors Map and Information - -
Very Large Array - -
A Supercomputer for Radio Astronomical Imaging - 03/85
VLA-Goldstone Array Formal Review JPL 07/01/87
Voyager Memo: VLA Implementation Plan for Voyager at Neptune W. Brundage 10/14/87
VLBI at the VLA. I. A Short Guide for Absentee Users J. M. Wrobel 01/29/91
VLBI at the VLA. II. The Long Guide (Version 1.0) J. M. Wrobel 05/14/91
Phasing the Very Large Array on Galileo in the Presence of Jupiter's Strong Radio Emission J. S. Ulvestad 05/15/91
A Proposal for a New Sequence of VLA Configurations J. M. Uson 06/94
Status of Feed Work for the EVLA S. Srikanth 05/14/01
Proposal: New Visitor Center - 01/14/05

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