New Large Steerable Radio Telescope (NLSRT) Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 New Large Steerable Radio Telescope (NLSRT) K. Kellermann 02/02/88
2 What Next? Suggestions for Future Radio Telescopes S. von Hoerner 09/25/87
3 New Single Dishes R. Fisher 12/07/87
4 The NLSRT: A Proposal for a BFD F. J. Lockman 05/13/88
5 Some Remarks for Future Telescopes S. von Hoerner 05/88
6 What a BFD Would Give Us That We Don't Have Now F. J. Lockman 09/09/88
7 300ft Replacement C. Heiles 11/22/88
8 What New Telescope for Green Bank? B. E. Turner 11/25/88
9 300ft Replacement S. Schneider 11/88
10 Comments on a New Telescope J. N. Bregman 11/28/88
11 New Telescope for Green Bank A. Wootten 11/29/88
12 300ft Meeting D. Hogg 11/29/88
13 Potential Big Disk for Green Bank F. Clark 11/29/88
14 Your 300ft Replacement Memo of 22 November 1988 B. Burke 11/29/88
15 300ft Replacement A. Rots 11/30/88
16 Thoughts on a New, Centimeter-Wave Dish(es) P. Jewell 12/02/88
17 Comments on New GB Dish D. C. Backer 11/30/88
18 Use of the VLD in VLB B. Cotton 12/01/88
19 300ft Replacement W. J. Welch 12/01/88
20 300ft Replacement Telescope D. Emerson 12/02/88
21 A Solution To the "Long Arm" Problem for Offset Reflectors F. J. Lockman 12/04/88
22 New NRAO Dish Requirements A. Wootten 12/06/88
23 My Reaction To Dec. 2/3 Meeting A. Bridle 12/05/88
24 300' Replacement T. Cornwell 12/06/88
25 Antenna Costs K. Kellermann 12/06/88
26 Very Slightly Revised LSD Memo D. Emerson 12/08/88
27 A Horn-Reflector Configuration for the 300ft Replacement F. J. Lockman 12/08/88
28 More on 300ft Replacement A. Bridle 12/09/88
29 The Feasibility of Building a Large Radio Telescope of Offset-Feed Parabolic Design A. R. Thompson 12/88
30 Almucantar Radio Telescope P. D. Usher 12/88
31 300ft Replacement Solution R. C. Immel 12/88
32 Proceedings of a Green Bank Workshop: December 2-3, 1988 [See also: Supplement] G. Seielstad 12/88
33 A Suggestion for a cm-λ Telescope T. Legg 12/12/88
34 Antenna Diameter Trade-Off Study R. J. Wallace 12/12/88
35 Antenna Implementation Costs R. J. Wallace 12/88
36 Typical Antenna Costs K. Kellermann 12/9/88
37 Description of RSI's Proposed Replacement for the 300-foot Telescope R. Thomas 11/30/88
38 MAN GHH - Radio Telescopes for Millimeter Wave Astronomy Budget Estimates W. Jeske 11/28/88
39 A Very Large Dish (VLD) Radio Telescope K. Kellermann 11/28/88
40 NLSRT Memo Listings K. Kellermann 12/88
41 Problems with the Bonn 100 m Telescope K. Kellermann 12/13/88
42 Comments on New Green Bank Telescope P. C. Crane 12/88
43 Possibly-Feasible Approaches To the Design of a Large Offset-Feed Radio Telescope A. R. Thompson 12/20/88
44 Polarization Effects and Some Other Considerations in Offset-Feed Antennas A. R. Thompson 01/09/89
45 Cassegrain vs. Prime Focus Operation L. R. D'Addario 01/16/89
46 Beam Scan Properties of Nonparabolic Reflectors P. J. Napier 01/14/89
47 Design Considerations for a Reflector Antenna for Good Spectral Baselines R. Fisher 01/19/89
48 The Field View of Various Systems S. von Hoerner 12/19/88
49 RSi Proposed Horizontal Axis Offset Design A. R. Thompson 02/09/89
50 Some Thoughts on an Active Surface, Pointing Accuracy, and the Offset-Feed Design for Green Bank Antenna A. R. Thompson 04/13/89
51 A Study of Technical Issues and Tradeoffs in the Design of the New Green Bank Telescope T. Cornwell, et al. 02/20/89
52 Analysis of Radiosonde Date from Huntington, WV, Pittsburgh, PA, and Albany, NY F. Schwab 02/17/89
53 Report of the Technical Assessment Panel for the 300 Foot Radio Telescope at Green Bank, WV - -
54 Comparisons of Symmetric and Asymmetric Antennas R. Norrod 05/05/89
55 An Unblocked Aperture Reflector Design J. R. Coe 05/09/89
56 [A Letter: Thoughts on a 300 Foot Replacement] B. F. Burke 03/27/89
57 Possible Antenna Site by the Greenbrier River A. R. Thompson, W. A. Sizemore 05/18/89
58 Subreflector Diameter and f/D Ratio for an Axisymmetric Antenna S. Srikanth 05/19/89
59 Comments on Recent Technical Design Committee Mail R. Fisher 05/24/89
60 On Aperture Blockage and Its Consequences for Astronomical Observations F. J. Lockman 05/26/89
61 Computed Field Patterns for Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Antennas J. R. Coe 05/24/89
62 Prime-Focus and Cassegrain Operation, and the Focal Ratio of the Green Bank Telescope A. R. Thompson 06/06/89
63 Suggestions After the Meeting on May 22 at Charlottesville S. von Hoerner 06/09/89
64 Green Bank Wind Data S. von Hoerner 06/14/89
65 CO Emission at High Redshift R. L. Brown 06/15/89
66 Sidelobe Levels, Aperture Efficiency and Sensitivity Comparisons of Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Antennas S. Srikanth 06/27/89
67 GBT Optics R. Norrod 07/12/89

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