The Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS) Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 VLASS Survey Science Group Terms of Reference(rev2: updated SSG terms of reference and membership) C. Chandler, M. Lacy 07/10/16
2 Requirements for a VLASS Pilot Survey and a Proposal for the Pilot Survey Definition C. Chandler, S. Myers, D. Frail, G. Hallinan, J. Lazio 05/11/16
3 The Jansky-Very Large Array Sky Survey (VLASS) Survey Description and Science Case The VLA Survey Science Group 08/24/16
4 VLASS Pilot Scheduling Block Creation A. E. Kimball 01/24/17
5 The Impact of the Ionosphere on VLASS observations F. Schinzel 01/26/17
6 Compactness of 3C48, 3C138, and 3C286 at 2-4 GHz F. Schinzel 01/31/17
7 VLASS Tiling and Sky Coverage (ver2: updated tiling to avoid Sun/Moon/Jupiter in hybrid) A. E. Kimball 07/06/17
8 Scheduling Block Overheads A. E. Kimball 03/03/17
9 Recent Observational Values of Polarization Calibrators at S-band F. Schinzel 04/19/17
10 Phase Stability and Ionospheric Variations in VLASS1.1 F. Schinzel 05/07/18
11 Evaluation of Primary Beam Correction, Beam Polarization, & TEC Correction F. Schinzel 10/03/18
12 Wideband Stokes I Single Epoch Mosaic Imaging Test and Implementation Plan C. J. Chandler, S. T. Myers 11/14/18
13 Pilot and Epoch 1 Quick Look Data Release M. Lacy, et al. 12/05/19
14 Correction of Position Errors in Mosaic Images Without w-term Corrections M. Lacy 12/17/21
15 VLASS Imaging Project: Proposed Workflow J. J. Tobin, J. Marvil, J. Ott, S. Bhatnagar 05/18/20
16 Clean/Dirty Beam Bias and Correction for Taylor Term VLASS Images J. Ott 10/28/21
17 Characterization of VLASS Single Epoch Continuum Validation Products M. Lacy, P. Patil, K. Nyland 10/25/22
18 Characterization of VLASS Single Epoch Cube Validation Products M. Lacy 10/25/22
19 An Evaluation of Calibrator Spatial Models in VLASS Single Epoch Calibration J. J. Tobin, A. Kimball 03/20/24
20 Utilizing a Customized VLASS Single Epoch Continuum Pipeline for End-User Science E. V. Carlson, A. Kimball, P. Patil 05/24/24

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