Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS) Implementation Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
102 An Initial Design for Major AIPS++ Objects R. M. Hjellming, B. E. Glendenning 01/31/92
103 Calibration, Imaging and Datasystems for AIPS++ - Report of the meeting held at Green Bank, West Virginia, 3rd - 14th February, 1992 D. L. Shone, T. J. Cornwell 02/18/92
104 AIPS++ prototype S. Bhatnagar, et al. 08/28/92
105 Tentative Proposal for an AIPS++ Project Book R. M. Hjellming, B. Glendenning 04/09/92
106 AIPS++ Familiarization R. M. Hjellming, B. E. Glendenning 09/02/92
107 Spherical Map Projections M. Calabretta 12/15/92
108 AIPS++ Software Design: Telescope Data Handling T. Bottomly 11/01/93
109 An Overview of AIPS++ Design: The State of the Project Classes at the End of April 1993 R. M. Hjellming, B. E. Glendenning 11/14/93

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