Miscellaneous, Unnumbered, ALMA Reports

Memo Submission

This page lists ALMA miscellaneous unnumbered internal reports, i.e. reports, memos, etc. that were not issued as part of one of the formal, numbered NRAO series.

Misc. Memos by instrument: 300 ALMA GBT VLA VLBA

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Title Author(s) Date
MMA Advisory Committee Meeting, February 1988 R. L. Brown 02/88
Notes on Tucson Meeting of MMA Advisory Committee on Feb. 25-26, 1988 1988 R. Hjellming 03/88
MMA Progress Reports - 03/88
Minutes of the MMA Coordination Meeting 10/26/90 R. Brown 10/29/90
Minutes of the MMA Coordination Meeting 11/09/90 R. Brown 11/21/90
Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Development Group for the Millimeter Array - [1991]
MMA Scientific and Technical Issues R. L. Brown 04/18/91
Reminder: MMA Coordination Meeting Friday May 17th R. L. Brown 05/16/91
SEST Users Meeting and ESO Workshop on Millimeter-wave Interferometry R. L. Brown 05/30/91
Millimeter Array Technical Discussion, February 5-6, 1992 R. L. Brown 12/10/91
MMA Correlator Development Estimates A. Dowd 05/19/92
An Interferometer to Measure Atmospheric Phase Stability D. T. Emerson, J. M. Payne, A. R. Thompson 05/10/93
[MMA Advisory Meeting. Sept. 16-17. 1993] [09/93]
Conclusions and Questions from the MMA Advisory Committee R. Thompson 01/31/95
Notes on Meeting of the MMA System WG, Feb. 2, 1995 R. Thompson 02/06/95
Notes on the BIMA Array Correlator and SAO Correlator R. Thompson 03/27/95
Channelization and IF Transmission in the MMA R. Thompson 04/18/95
Notes on Meeting of the MMA Systems WG, April 26, 1995 R. Thompson 04/28/95
Report of the Systems Working Group of the MMA Development Consortium R. Thompson, et al. 08/18/95
Report of the Millimeter Array Advisory Committee J. Bieging, et al. 11/15/97
System Integration (WBS 10) - [05/99]
Report of the ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee: September 2002 Meeting R. Bachiller, et al. 10/15/02
Options For Locating the ALMA Central Offices in Santiago: Report to the ALMA Board by the Joint ALMA Office P. Vanden Bout, M. Tarenghi, S. Guilloteau, E. Hardy, D. Hofstadt 02/20/03
ALMA Cryostat Design Development and Pre-Production Statement of Work, Version: B J.-L. Beckers, G. H. Tan 09/19/03
Cryostat Technical Specifications G. H. Tan 09/20/03
Remarks on the Scientific Significance of ALMA R. Giacconi 11/06/03
ALMA Groundbreaking Ceremony 11/03
Band-9 LO Frequency Multiplier: Specifications and Requirements - 05/20/04
Interface Control Document, From: Site (AOS Technical Building) To: ACA Correlator S. Iguchi 05/21/04
Interface Control Document, From: Back End To: ACA Correlator S. Iguchi 05/21/04
Management Plan: ACA Correlator, ACA Correlator Software Subsystem, and ACA Backend Subsystem S. Iguchi, S. K. Okumura 05/31/04
ACA Correlator Technical Specifications Requirements S. Okumura, S. Iguchi 06/08/04
Subsystem Product Tree ALMA Band 4 Cartridge S. Asayama 09/17/04
Interface Control Document, Between: Front End Band 4 Cartridge And: Front End Cartridge Bias Module S. Asayama, T. Takakiyo 09/24/04
Interface Control Document, Between: Band 4 Cartridge And: IF Switch Sub-System S. Asayama, H. Iwashitaa 09/24/04
Interface Control Document, Between: Band 4 Cartridge And: Band 4 First Local Oscillator S. Asayama 09/24/04
Interface Control Document, Between: Band 4 Cartridge And: Dewar S. Asayama, K. Kimura 09/24/04
Band 4 Cartridge Technical Specifications S. Asayama, H. Iwashita 09/24/04

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