Millimeter Array Antenna Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 Preliminary Optics Design for the Millimeter Array Antennas J. Lamb, J. Payne 12/02/88
2 Minimum Spacing Constraints for MMA Antennas J. W. Lamb 03/05/91
3 Visit To SAO Submillimeter Array J. W. Lamb 03/15/91
4 Report On Visit To Hat Creek J. Lamb, J. Payne 01/15/92
5 Thermal Considerations for MMA Antennas J. W. Lamb 05/05/92
6 Proposal for a Feasibility Study on Telescope Reflector Concepts H. J. Kärcher 06/19/92
7 Possibilities for Wide-Angle Beam Switching J. W. Lamb 06/26/92
8 Composite Optics J. Lamb 08/10/92
9 Discussion on mmA Antenna Configuration J. Cheng 09/92
10 Discussion of Slant Axis Antenna Concept J. Cheng 11/14/92
11 Proposed Surface Error Budget for mmA Antennas J. Lamb 05/03/93
12 Slanted-Axis Antenna Design I J. Cheng 06/14/93
13 Geometry Of The Slant-Axis Antenna J. W. Lamb 07/06/93
14 Visit to Composite Optics, Inc. J. Lamb 08/10/93
15 Temperature Measurements On BIMA 6-m Antennas-Part I: Backing Structure J. W Lamb, J. R. Forster 08/16/93
16 Slanted-Axis Antenna Design II J. Cheng 09/14/93
17 A Slant-Axis Antenna for the MMA: Computer Simulation Results of Fast Switching J. Cheng 01/10/94
18 Rapid Position Switching in Radio Telescopes: Structural Damping Using a Constrained Layer Treatment J. Cheng 01/10/94
19 Homologous Offset Antenna Concept for the Millimeter Array Project J. Cheng 03/22/94
20 The Minimum Seperation Problem for an Offset Slant Axis Antenna J. Cheng 05/19/94
21 Rectangular Panels for Offset MMA Antennas J. Cheng 08/10/94
22 Damping and Vibration Control J. Cheng 10/30/94
23 Visit to SMA and Bosma J. Cheng 05/08/95
24 Visit to Thermoplastic Pultrusion, Inc. J. Cheng 07/13/95
25 Visit by Thiokol and Visit to EOS and SMT J. Cheng, J. Kingsley 07/13/95
26 Notes on Possible Sensors for Improving the Pointing of MMA Antennas J. M. Payne 08/01/97

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