Computer Division Internal Reports

Memo Submission

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Report Number Title Author(s) Date
1 300 FT. Telescope Surface Analysis P. Hitch 11/21/66
2 Computer Oriented Description of Some Problems of Spherical Astronomy P. Stumpff 01/25/67
3 Program Library for the General Purpose Computer at the NRAO P. Stumpff 12/67
4 A System of FORTRAN Subprograms for Spherical Astronomy N. Stoltzfus, P. Stumpff 01/68
5 Integration System of Computer Programs for the 413-Channel Autocorrelation Receiver S. Farris, J. Greenhalgh, D. Vitiello 09/68
6 Comments on the Frequency To Velocity Conversion in the 413 Channel Autocorrelation Receiver Programs P. Stumpff 10/68
7 Multi-Channel Receiver On-Line Programs B. Vance 05/69
8 DOPSET: A Computer Program To Calculate Doppler-Corrected Reference Frequencies for Spectral Line and Pulsar Observations R. N. Manchester, M. A. Gordon 05/70
9 Not Published - -
10 TPOWER and SPOWER User's Manual T. R. Cram 07/73
11 FORTH: An Application-oriented Language Programmer's Guide E. D. Rather, C. H. Moore [1973]
12 Not Published - -
13 New Mapping System for the NRAO Dual Frequency Interferometer B. Balick, E. Fomalont 10/73
14 Quietzone Interference Analysis Program E. Litman [1973]
15 Not Published - -
16 The Computation of Two-Dimensional Convolution S. Huang 02/74
17 Basic Principles of FORTH Language as Applied To a PDP-11 Computer E. D. Rather, C. H. Moore, J. M. Hollis 03/74
18 36 Foot Telescope Computer System Manual J. M. Hollis 10/76
19 Pandora (Watch Out) A. Braun, D. Ehnebuske, J. Hudson 08/74
20 Scribe: A Text Formatting Program D. Ehnebuske, J. Hudson 05/23/74
21 The NRAO Image Recording System T. R. Cram, E. W. Greisen 10/76

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