Engineering Memos

Memo Submission

This series began with Memo 100. Earlier numbers were reserved for reports of merit written prior to the series start.

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
14 Cassegrain Feed System for NRAO 140-ft. Antenna P. Napier 11/08/72
45 140-FT Deformable Subreflector S. von Hoerner 10/28/75
100 Far Infrared Applications of a Large Millimeter Wave Telescope S. von Hoerner 03/22/76
101 140' Improvements B. Peery 05/05/76
102 Suggestions for a 100 Meter High-Gain Low-Noise Radio Telescope S. von Hoerner 02/20/76
103 Preliminary Report on Results of Structural Modifications To 36-foot Telescope B. L. Ulich 03/08/77
104 Site Emergency Generator B. Peery 04/15/77
105 Thermal Pointing Errors of the 140-ft S. von Hoerner 02/05/76
106 Notes on Deformable Sub-Reflector W.-Y. Wong 02/12/76
107 Letter To BNL re: 140' Brake Failure J. F. Crews 05/06/76
108 140' Deformable Sub Reflector B. Peery 05/11/76
109 140-foot Deformable Subreflector W.-Y. Wong 04/17/76
110 Summary of Test Results on 140-ft Telescope Brake Springs T. Hamed 10/01/76
111 140-ft. Deformable Subreflector - Progress Report W.-Y. Wong 10/04/76
112 Metallurgical Examination of NRAO Brake Spring D. H. Gurinsky 11/05/76
113 Readjustment of the 140-Ft Surface? S. von Hoerner 06/17/77
114 Improvements of Existing Telescopes S. von Hoerner 06/29/77
115 Improvement of the Surface Errors for 36 Ft Telescope L. J. King 03/23/76
116 Modification of 36 Ft Backup Structure L. J. King 06/24/76
117 36-Ft Structural Modification L. J. King 02/23/77
118 140-ft Short CM Wavelength Performance K. I. Kellermann 11/03/77
119 140-ft Beam Shape at Short Wavelength S. von Hoerner 05/29/77
120 Modification of 36-foot Surface B. L. Ulich 01/19/78
121 Measuring 140' Telescope Surface by Stepping-Bar-Method J. N. Ralston 03/14/78
122 Data Collection for 140-foot Measurement Using the Stepping Bar J. W. Findlay 06/01/78
123 Stepping Bar Survey for the 140-foot Telescope Four Radii Test J. N. Ralston 06/12/78
124 Stepping Bar Results for the 140-foot Telescope J. W. Findlay 06/24/78
125 Suggestions for the 140-ft Surface Adjustment S. von Hoerner 09/08/78
126 Progress Report on Telescope Pointing B. L. Ulich 09/21/78
127 Surface Measurement of Seventy-Two Radii on the 140-ft Telescope by "Stepping-Bar-Method" J. N. Ralston 10/24/78
128 Suggestions for the Deformable Subreflector S. von Hoerner 02/10/79
129 Measuring the Surface of the 140-foot; The Results J. W. Findlay 03/23/79
130 Strong 140-ft Sidelobes from Small Gravitational Deformations S. von Hoerner 05/11/79
131 Best-fit Focus Locations for the 140-foot Surface Measurement L. J. King 06/15/79
132 High Frequency Performance of the 140-foot Telescope I: Observations at 10650 MHz R. L. Brown 02/79
133 High Frequency Performance of the 140-foot Telescope II: Observations at 22,235 MHz R. L. Brown 10/79
134 140' Telescope - A Review of Engineering Activities and Status Report B. Peery 11/06/79
135 140-ft. Cassegrain Receiver, New Feed and Revisions J. Ralston 03/21/80
136 140-foot Deformable Subreflector with Duff-Norton Activators S. C. Smith 03/11/80
137 High-Frequency Performance of the 140-foot Telescope III: Observations of 3C 345 at 10,650 MHz P. C. Crane 06/80
138 K-Band Performance of the 140-foot Telescope R. L. Brown 07/80
139 The Performance of the 300-foot Telescope at 1400 and 4760 MHz P. C. Crane 10/81
140 Strong Coma Lobes from Small Gravitational Deformations S. von Hoerner 12/18/79
141 Internal Twist and Least-Squares Adjustment of 4-Cornered Surface Plates for Reflector Antennas S. von Hoerner 06/80
142 Declination Pointing of the 300-foot Telescope (Corrected 10/81) P. C. Crane 09/81
143 6-cm Pointing of the 300-foot Telescope Between December 1979 and August 1981 P. C. Crane 10/81
144 Pointing Calibration of the New Traveling Feed on the 300-foot Telescope P. C. Crane 10/81
145 Calibration of the Sterling Mount on the 300-foot Telescope at 1400 MHz P. C. Crane 10/81
146 Gain Calibration of the 140-foot Telescope at 10650 MHz in December 1980 P. C. Crane 10/81
147 Calibration of the 140-foot Telescope at 3245 MHz, 4990 MHz, and 10500 MHz P. C. Crane 10/81
148 Measurements of North-South Focal Point Motion and Astigmatism of the 300-foot Telescope J. R. Fisher, H. E. Payne 07/21/82
149 Some Remarks Regarding the 10-meter Submillimeter Telescope S. von Hoerner 11/19/82
150 Fine-Guidance System for Arecibo Telescope S. von Hoerner 09/27/83
151 Simple Wind Force Measurements S. von Hoerner 10/83
152 Gravitational Surface Deformation S. von Hoerner 01/84
153 Thermal Lag of the Backup Structure S. von Hoerner 02/84
154 Thermal Lag Invar Spheres S. von Hoerner 06/84
155 140-ft Calibration at 10.7 GHz W. Batria 08/84
156 Arecibo Three Mirror System S. von Hoerner 03/85
157 Arecibo Three Mirror System S. von Hoerner 04/85
158 K-Band Capability - 140' J. Uson 04/85

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