Green Bank Interferomenter (GBI) Memos

Memo Submission

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Title Author(s) Date
Design Considerations for the NRAO Interferometer N. J. Keen 08/63
A Survey of Radio Sources and the Possibility of Observing Them with the NRAO Interferometer E. W. Ng, N. J. Keen 11/63
Interferometer Baseline Survey M. Fagerlin, S. Smith, G. Bream 08/64
A Method for Finding the Phase and Amplitude of Interferometer Fringe Patterns C. M. Wade 11/64
Geometrical Aspects of Interferometry C. M. Wade, G. W. Swenson, Jr. 12/64
Interferometer Calibration and Source Position Measurement Using Long-run Phase Behavior C. M. Wade 12/64
On the Reduction of Digital Interferometer Records B. G. Clark 12/64
The Response of One or More Interferometers N. Keen 12/7/64
Interferometer Constants Predicted from the Survey Data C. M. Wade 01/65
The Value of B1 for Interferometer Baseline 2 C. M. Wade 01/65
Interferometer Tape Master Files B. G. Clark 01/05/65
Fitting Source Models To Interferometer Observations, I. C. M. Wade 02/65
Sources of Error in Position Observations with the NRAO Interferometer B. G. Clark 03/18/65
The Interferometer Fringe Reduction Program - Version II B. G. Clark, C. M. Wade 04/65
The Values of B1 and B3 for Interferometer Baseline 2 D. E. Hogg 04/65
Modifications To Interferometer Fringe Reduction Program B. Clark 09/20/65
Study of Interferometer Phase Instabilities and Possible Correlation with Meteorological Influences J. W. M. Baars 11/65
Interferometer Internal Report: Gain Calibration - Baseline 21 B. G. Clark 02/66
Procedure for Updating Pointing Constants in the DDP-116 C. M. Wade 09/67
Correction of the Interferometer Phase for the Altitude Difference Effect D. Hogg 12/18/67
INTREAD B. G. Clark 02/68
Baseline Calibration for the Synthesis Program, June - November 1967 D. E. Hogg 06/68
Programs for the Interferometer DDP-116 Computer B. G. Clark 07/68
Line Interferometry G. Westerhout 08/01/68
The NRAO Interferometer: a Development Program - 11/69
On Combining Large Dish and Aperture-synthesis Observations M. C. H. Wright 12/16/70
Line Interferometer Program, 3rd Edition M. Wright, C. Moore 05/72
Determination of Relative Coordinates of the Interferometer Stations from Measured Baseline Components C. M. Wade 07/26/72
Line Interferometer Program, 4th Edition M. Wright, C. Moore 09/72
An Improved Method for Pointing the 85-Ft. Antennas E. Fomalont, J. Spencer 90/13/72
Interferometric Source Modeling in the Presence of Noise D. M. Gibson 02/73
An Introduction To the NRAO Interferometer R. M. Hjellming 02/73
The Four-element NRAO Interferometer: a Preliminary Discussion E. Fomalont 11/01/73
The NRAO Line Interferometer: a Manual E. W. Greisen 04/74
The NRAO Line Interferometer: a Manual, 2nd Edition E. W. Greisen 02/75
Circular Polarized Feeds - -
The Interferometer Averaging Program - AVGI - -
Measurement of Precise Radio Source Positions with the Green Bank Interferometer C. M. Wade -
The MODEX Series: Model-fitting Programs for Interferometer Observations G. Purcell -

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