Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS) Implementation Notes

Memo Submission

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Note Number Title Author(s) Date
102 Summary of Discussion on Internal Standards C. Flatters 01/14/92
103 UV Data System and Processing Requirements - An Initial Distillation C. Flatters, M. Holdaway, R. Sault, D. L. Shone 01/25/92
104 Class Documentation Standards for the AIPS++ Project: Pre-release Version C. Flatters rev. 04/09/92
105 Progress Report AIPS++ Project, January 1992 G. Croes 02/11/92
106 System Management for AIPS++, Part 2: Activation, Generation, and Verification M. Calabretta 02/14/92
107 Comments on "Calibration, Imaging and Datasystems for AIPS++" from Green Bank Meeting 3-14 Feb., 1992 W. D. Cotton 02/23/92
108 Directories & RCS M. Calabretta 02/25/92
109 TESTBED's P. Teuben 03/07/92
110 Delayed reaction To Green Bank B. Glendenning 03/07/92
111 Comments on Brian's Note B. Sault 03/09/92
112 ++GreenBank - Part 1 D. Shone 03/09/92
113 Answers To Some Questions A. Klein 03/09/92
114 A Rational Plan for AIPS++ C. Flatters 03/12/92
115 System Management for AIPS++, Part 1: Organization and Distribution M. Calabretta 03/14/92
116 Where Do We Go From Here[?] M. Holdaway 03/16/92
117 Users Guide To Image Coordinate Systems M. Holdaway, S. Bhatnagar 03/14/92
118 Images, Coordinates, Confusion B. Glendenning 03/18/92
119 Basic Libraries Report B. Payne, M. Stupar 03/18/92
120 AIPS++ Progress Report G. Croes 03/19/92
121 Chapter 1: User Interface - 1992
122 ++Green Bank - Part 2; Suggestions For What We Should Do Next D. Shone 03/20/92
123 Mosaicing Report for the Prototype M. Holdaway 03/24/92
124 AIPS++ Documentaion B. Payne 03/24/92
125 Texinfo Primer: How To Get Started in Texinfo P. Teuben 1992
126 My Summary of the Day's Confinement B. Glendenning 04/01/92
127 Note from Ed Fomalont A. V. Klein 1992
128 The YEG Object E. Fomalont 04/06/92
129 Next Phase B. Glendenning 04/07/92
130 YegSets, Telescope Models and Calibration D. Shone 04/07/92
131 Further thoughts on coordinates L. Higgs 07/04/92
132 Exotic Imaging Methods: A Guide For Masochistic AIPS++ Designers M. A. Holdaway 04/07/92
133 AIPS++ Bulletin #1 AIPS Steering Committee 04/10/92
134 AIPS++ Bulletin #2 D. Shone 04/27/92
135 Organisation of the AIPS++ Project Management G. Croes 04/28/92
136 System Management for AIPS++: Report on Progress To 1992/May/06 M. Calabretta 05/06/92
137 DOCGEN is a Document Extractor for C++ Code Written by Mark Stupar for AIPS++ in April 1992 - 1992
138 Progress Report for AIPS++ G. Hunt 06/10/92
139 Progress Report for AIPS++ G. Hunt 07/01/92
140 AIPS++ Programming Standards: DRAFT Version D. Schiebel 08/14/92
141 AIPS++ Documentation System: DRAFT Version D. Schiebel 08/18/92
142 InstrumentModels for Single Dish Calibration: A Taxonomy of Astronomical Instrumentation R. O. Redman, R. Payne 08/13/92
143 Definitions for Single Dish Calibration: The Overall Structure of Yegs and TelescopeModels R. O. Redman, R. Payne 08/25/92
144 Command Language Syntax and Functionality W. Jaffe 08/28/92
145 Image Coordinate Systems in AIPS++ M. Calabretta 09/16/92
146 AIPS++ Portability B. E. Glendenning 01/24/93
147 Recommendations for the AIPS++ Imaging Model T. J. Cornwell 01/24/93
148 Recommendations for the AIPS++ Telescope Model T. J. Cornwell 01/24/93
149 Rogue Wave Math Libraries E. Olson 08/05/92
150 Run Time Type Identification in AIPS++: DRAFT Version D. Schiebel 12/14/92
151 Exception Handling in AIPS++: DRAFT Version D. Schiebel 11/01/93
152 Measurement and Telescope Data Sets and Application Objects for Single-Dish Work and Interferometry D. Shone, et al. 1993
153 User Interface Tutorial: How To Use the Input Class and Interface with Khoros P. Teuben, T. P. P. Roberts 11/01/93
154 Measurement Sets and the Sky Intensity R. O. Redman 01/07/93
155 Array Tutorial: Using the AIPS++ n-Dimensional Array Classes M. P. Healey, B. E. Glendenning, A. G. Willis 1993
156 AIPS++ Documentation System (rev 2): DRAFT Version D. Schiebel 11/01/93
157 The AIPS++ FFTServer Class: How To Use the FFTServer Class - Definitions and Tutorial A. G. Willis 1993
158 The AIPS++ GridTool Class: How To Use the GridTool Class - Definitions and Tutorial A. G. Willis 1993
159 VLA Archive Data Format G. C. Hunt, K. P. Sowinski, T. J. Bottomly 06/01/93
160 A Proposal for a Framework for Mathematical Objects and Methods R. M. Hjellming 11/19/93
161 Table Tutorial: Using the AIPS++ Table Data System, Start of DRAFT Version P. M. Olnon 12/31/93
162 Lessons Learned from the November 1993 AIPS++ Library Release Experience - 1994
163 The AIPS++ Environment M. A. Holdaway 01/13/94
164 Layering of Tables and Math Operations in AIPS++ M. A. Holdaway 01/13/94
165 High Level Requirements for the AIPS++ User Interface M. Holdaway 01/13/94

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