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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date Revision Date
101 NAASC Computing Strategy M. Lacy 8/9/10 8/15/11
102 Clean Bias in ALMA Early Science Images with a Proposed 250m Configuration M. Lacy, R. Indebetouw 10/26/10
103 Splatalogue Quickstart Guide A. J. Remijan, R. L. Pulliam 5/9/11
104 Interferometry Basics for ALMA Community Days N. Marcelino 5/17/11
105 ALMA Correlator Capabilities for Early Science (Cycle 0) N. Marcelino, R. Friesen, A. Kimball, R. Pulliam 5/17/11
106 Automated Clean-box Algorithms for CASA A. Kimball 5/20/11
107 ALMA Early Science/Community Events, Jan18-Jun 3, 2011 C. Lonsdale, K. Sheth 6/7/11
108 ALMA Helpdesk: NAASC Policy & Staff Guide V3.2 A. Remijan, H. Medlin 8/10/11 10/10/11
109 Data Reduction Workshop Lessons Learned A. Leroy 1/3/12 4/15/13
110 ALMA Data Rates and Archiving at the NAASC M. Lacy, D. Halstead 04/30/12 08/18/15
111 Integration Durations for ALMA FDM Observations T. R. Hunter 8/21/12
112 Closure Errors with ALMA S. Schnee 10/30/12
113 Relative Integration Times for the ALMA Cycle 1 12-m, 7-M, and Total Power Arrays B. Mason, C. Brogan 7/8/13 7/25/13
114 Enhancing the Spectral Performance of the 64-antenna ALMA Correlator R. Escoffier, et al. 10/14/14 03/18/15
115 Doubling the Bandwidth of the 64-Antenna ALMA Correlator R. Escoffier, et al. 05/21/15
116 Correcting ALMA 12-m Array Data for Missing Short Spacings Using the Green Bank Telescope M. Hoffman, A. Kepley 09/28/18
117 ALMA Mosaic Imaging Issues Prior to Cycle 6 (CASA 5.4.0) North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) Software Support Team, the CASA Team 09/28/18
118 Reserved (Retracted for revision)
119 Statistics from Cycle 5 ALMA Observations A. Lipnicky 10/9/20
120 VLA Q-band Proposal Statistics Over Four Semesters (2021A-2022B) J. D. Meyer 03/02/23
121 Imaging Unmitigated ALMA Cubes A. A. Kepley, F. Madsen, J. Robnett, K. S. Rowe 08/15/23

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