Next Generation Very Large Array Computing Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 Efficient Software Testing and Deployment for the ngVLA P. Brandt 03/27/20
2 Computing M&C Protocol Trade Study P. Brandt, R. Hiriart, R. Amestica 08/04/21
3 Software Requirements for RFI Management R. Amestica, R. Hiriart, P. Brandt 08/04/21
4 Size-of-Computing Estimates for ngVLA Synthesis Imaging S. Bhatnagar, R. Hiriart, M. Pokorny 08/10/21
5 High Performance Gridding M. Pokorny 08/31/21
6 Designing an ngVLA Dynamic Scheduler P. Brandt 09/13/21
7 Baseline HPG Runtime Performance for Imaging S. Bhatnagar, F. Madsen, J. Robnett 05/09/22
8 Time Averaging Limits and Baseline Dependent Averaging for the ngVLA J.-W. Steeb, Z. Gillis 05/03/23
9 ngVLA Multi-subarray Scheduling Algorithm R. Hiriart 01/16/24
10 Oscilloscope Mode Concept P. Brandt, M. Schiller 01/17/24

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