Engineering Division Internal Reports

Memo Submission

This series began with Memo 100. Earlier numbers were reserved for reports of merit written prior to the series start.

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Report Number Title Author(s) Date
100 Thermal Deformations of the 140-ft Building S. von Hoerner 05/76
101 Refraction Correction for the 140-ft Pointing S. von Hoerner 05/76
102 140-ft. Pointing Program, and Thermal Shielding of Shaft and Yoke S. von Hoerner 11/76
103 140-ft: Gravitational Deformation of Beam Shape S. von Hoerner 02/77
104 Analysis of 36-ft. Elevation Structure L. King 09/75
105 Pointing Characteristics of the 36-ft Telescope B. L. Ulich 02/76
106 Correction of Astigmatism in the 36-foot Telescope B. L. Ulich, L. King 07/77
107 140-ft Pointing Errors After Thermal Shielding S. von Hoerner 11/77
108 Sunscreen for the 11-Meter Telescope B. L. Ulich 06/78
109 140-ft Observations with Deformable Subreflector S. von Hoerner, R. Fisher, W-Y. Wong 07/78
110 The Design of the Deformable Subreflector for the 140 ft. Radio Telescope W-Y. Wong 01/79
111 Error Contributions from Triangular and Rectangular Surface Plates of Reflecting Telescopes S. von Hoerner 04/80
112 Arecibo Three-Mirror Systems: Optimizing the Optics S. von Hoerner 02/83
113 Arecibo Three-Mirror Systems, II: Weight, Wind Force, and Feasibility S. von Hoerner 03/83
114 Comments Regarding the 30-M Radio Telescope for the National Astronomical Observatory of Iraq S. von Hoerner 04/83
115 Arecibo Three-Mirror Systems, III: Revised Force Estimates for Selected Systems S. von Hoerner 05/83
116 Remarks for the 10-Meter Submillimeter Telescope, II: Suggestions After the Meetings at Bonn and Friedrichshafen S. von Hoerner 07/83
117 Comments on the Design of the 22-Meter Australia Telescope S. von Hoerner 12/83
118 Gravitational Deformations and Aperture Efficiency with Polar Mounts S. von Hoerner 09/84
119 Surface Error and Telescope Performance for the Large Deployable Reflector S. von Hoerner 12/84
120 Arecibo Three-Mirror Systems, IV: Feed Outside Secondary, Elliptical Aperture, Radome S. von Hoerner 12/84
121 Arecibo Three-Mirror Systems, V: Aperture Illumination and Shaped Surfaces S. von Hoerner 03/85

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