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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date Original PDF
1 Opacity Correction for High Frequency VLBI Observations K. Leppänen 05/19/93 Original
2 Point Source Detection Thresholds for Global Fringe Fitting W. D. Cotton, F. R. Schwab 07/12/93 Original
3 Detection Threshold for Global Fringe Fitting A. E. E. Rogers 07/26/93 Original
4 Weak Source Detection: Comparison of Two Methods A. E. E. Rogers 08/09/93 Original
5 An Investigation of the Conversion Function from the True Correlation To Measured One If the Input Signals Are Quantizated Differently (Two- and Four- Levels Quantization) L. Kogan 09/02/93 Original
6 B-factor of FX Correlator for Different Pairs of Digitizers (Two- and Four- Levels Quantization) L. Kogan 10/13/93 Original
7 Another Approach To Estimation of Detection Threshold for Global Fringe Fitting L. Kogan 02/18/94 Original
8 Multi-Tone Per Band Pulse Cal R. C. Walker 01/25/95 Original
9 Effect of Digitizers Errors on the Cross and Auto Correlation Response of an FX Correlator L. Kogan 02/09/95 Original
10 Signal To Noise Ratio of an FX Correlator in Dependence on Weighting Function in FFT L. Kogan 02/27/95 Original
11 High Dynamic Range Imaging with the VLBA T. J. Cornwell, A. J. Kemball, J. M. Benson 07/05/95 Original
12 Summary of the B-factor for the VLBA FX Correlator L. Kogan 12/11/95 Original
13 Global Ground VLBI Network as a Tied Array for Space VLBI L. Kogan 04/09/96 Original
14 Not Available
15 Position Angle of the VSOP Antenna Feed L. Kogan 11/15/96 Original
16 Delay and Delay Rate and Their Errors for an Orbiting Antenna L. Kogan 01/20/97 Original
17 VLBA 3mm Specs & Status V. Dhawan 06/01/98 postscript missing from original server
18 How Accurate Is Phase Referencing at L-band? An Assessment S. Chatterjee 01/99 Original
19 86-GHz Blazar Imaging on ARISE-VLBA Baselines J. Ulvestad 01/29/99 Original
20 Phase-Referencing Cycle Times J. Ulvestad 04/09/99 Original
21 A Strategy for Surveying Thousands of Continuum Sources with the VLBA J. M. Wrobel 04/29/99 Original
22 Recipes for Low Frequency VLBI Phase-Referencing and GPS Ionospheric Correction S. Chatterjee 05/99 Original
23 Ionospheric Corrections Using GPS Based Models C. Walker, S. Chatterjee 12/28/99 Original
24 Strategies for Phase Referencing with the VLBA J. M. Wrobel, R. C. Walker, J. M. Benson, A. J. Beasley 06/15/00 Original
25 A Step-by-Step Recipe for VLBA Data Calibration in AIPS, Version 1.3 J. Ulvestad 01/02/01 Original
26 Polarization Angle Calibration Using the VLA Monitoring Program G. B. Taylor, S. T. Myers 10/04/00 postscript errors prevent conversion
27 Novice's Guide To Using the VLBA, Version 2.0 J. Ulvestad 10/23/01 Original
28 The AGN Content in the Radio Regime of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey of the Boötes Field: The Pilot VLBA Survey J. M. Wrobel, G. B. Taylor, S. T. Myers, C. D. Fassnacht 12/05/01 Original
29 Separation of Effects of Main Dish and Subreflector at the Holography Measurements L. Kogan 12/12/01 Original
30 Polarization Calibration of the VLBA Using the D-terms J.-L. Gomez, A. P. Marscher, A. Alberdi, S. G. Jorstad, I. Agudo 03/20/02 Original
31 Astrometric Calibration of mm-VLBI Using Source Frequency Phase Referenced Observations R. Dodson, M. Rioja 11/24/09 Original
32 Multi-frequency Astrometry with VSOP-2: An application of Source/Frequency Phase Referencing (SFPR) Techniques M. J. Rioja, R. Dodson 11/24/09 Original
33 Using 1 GHz Wide Frequency Setups at X-band L. Petrov, R. C. Walker 04/01/11 Original
34 Error Found in EOP Corrections in AIPS Task CLCOR C. Walker, A. Brunthaler, A. Mioduszewski 12/01/11 Original
35 VLBA Pipeline: Outline of Data Reduction Heuristics G. Hunt, B. Cotton, J. Crossley 02/29/12 Original
36 VLBA Pipeline User Manual J. Crossley, B. Cotton, G. Hunt 03/01/12 Original
37 Flux Density Calibration on the VLBA R. C. Walker 12/15/14
38 VLBA Data Calibration with CASA: Phase-Referenced Observations For CASA 6.3 and Later J. Linford 12/02/21
39 VLBA+Y1 Calibration AIPS and CASA J. Linford, A. Kapinska 08/26/22
40 Towards VLBA Absolute Bandpass Determination W. Brisken 04/14/23
41 On S-band Observations with the VLBA
(Cross posted as RFI 155)
E. W. Greisen 09/27/23
42 On P-band Observations with the VLBA E. W. Greisen 03/01/24

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