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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
1 AIPS Memo Series E. Fomalont 04/18/83
2 Comments about AIPS Memos E. Fomalont 04/18/83
3 Adapting RANCID To the U. Minn CDC CYBER 74: A Progress Report F. Ghigo 09/23/80
4 Map timing tests on a VAX W. Jaffe 07/23/81
5 Experiences with AIPS T. van der Hulst 09/81
6 Spectral line wish list for AIPS A. Rots 10/05/81
7 Suggested Changes in AIPS To Make Life Easier on Users, Programmers, Managers W. Jaffe 09/03/82
8 Map Word Types in AIPS R. Ekers 01/07/82
9 Proposed NRAO Image Storage Unit R. Escoffier 04/01/82
10 Spectral Line Matters in AIPS and Easy I/O A. Rots 04/29/82
11 A Computer-Assisted Astrometry System (Charlottesville Version) D. Wells 06/03/82
12 Template Task for AIPS A. Rots 07/21/82
13 Summary of July 29, 1982 AIPS Meeting E. Fomalont 07/30/82
14 Summary of my Proposal for Changes To the VLA AIPS Scheduling Procedure R. D. Ekers 08/09/82
15 Mapnames B. Clark 08/12/82
16 AIPS Rules T. Cornwell 08/31/82
17 Software Status Records in AIPS A. Rots 09/02/82
18 Suggested Changes To AIPS T. Cornwell 09/02/82
19 Suggestions for Spectral Line Software In and Near AIPS W. Jaffe 10/01/82
20 Image display software in AIPS; DICOMED (Revised 12/01/82) A. Rots 11/05/82
21 AIPS Wishlist E. Fomalont 11/08/82
22 Timing of AIPS Mapping Software E. Fomalont 11/18/82
23 New AIPS Code A. Rots 12/08/82
24 Some AIPS-Pipeline Discussions E. Fomalont 12/10/82
25 AIPS EXPLAIN Additions To HELP Files E. Fomalont, T. Cornwell 02/23/83
26 Summary of AIPS meeting of March 10, 1983 E. Fomalont 03/83
27 Non-Linear Coordinate Systems in AIPS (Revised 11/15/83) E. W. Greisen 04/83
28 Map Names R. D. Ekers 05/19/83
29 Array Processor Memory Size W. D. Cotton 11/30/83
30 AIPS and Array Processors W. Cotton, D. Wells 12/02/83
31 Polynomial Approximations To Discrete Functions H. S. Liszt, E. W. Greisen 07/84
32 Chapter 14 : Tables in AIPS D. Wells, E. Greisen 06/20/84
33 Gridding Synthesis Data on Vector Machines D. C. Wells, W. D. Cotton 01/30/85
34 The AIPS Wishlist E. W. Greisen 02/07/85
35 AIPS GRIPES Procedures D. C. Wells, E. W. Greisen, N. D. Wiener 06/01/85
36 Certification and Benchmarking of AIPS on the VAX-8600 D. C. Wells, G. A. Fickling, W. D. Cotton 06/24/85
37 The AIPS Wishlist E. W. Greisen 08/27/85
38 Certification and Benchmarking of AIPS on the Convex C-1 and Alliant FX/8 K. C. Hilldrup, D. C. Wells, W. D. Cotton 12/24/85
39 Shareable Images for AIPS under VMS: Some Changes Made To 15APR86 AIPS P. Moore, G. Fickling 01/25/86
40 The AIPS Workshop A. H. Bridle 11/08/85
41 I/O Speeds on a VAX 11/780 R. G. Noble 12/05/85
42 Pseudo Array Processor Speed W. D. Cotton 04/04/86
44 Benchmarking AIPS on a VAX-8600 with FPS-120B Array Processor D. C. Wells, G. A. Fickling 04/19/86
45 The AIPS Wishlist E. W. Greisen 04/30/86
46 Additional Non-linear Coordinates E. W. Greisen 05/20/86
47 Installing NRAO's AIPS on Vector Computers D. Wells 08/22/86
48 Benchmarking AIPS on a VAX 8800 M. Calabretta, P. Rayner 09/22/86
49 The AIPS Wishlist E. W. Greisen 02/13/87
50 1986 AIPS Site Directory D. Wells, A. Bridle, N. Wiener 05/01/87
51 The NRAO AIPS Project - A Summary A. H. Bridle 05/15/87
52 The 1986 AIPS Site Survey A. Bridle, D. Wells, N. Wiener 06/09/87
53 The 1987 AIPS Workshop A. H. Bridle 10/08/87
54 The MAIL-REMINDER Utility for VAX/VMS P. P. Murphy 11/16/87
55 The AIPS Wishlist E. W. Greisen 10/15/87
56 The 1987 AIPS Site Survey A. Bridle, D. Wells, N. Wiener 04/11/88
57 1987 AIPS Site Directory D. Wells, A. Bridle, N. Wiener 04/29/88
58 AIPS Benchmarks on the CLSC and PSC Cray X-MPs K. C. Hilldrup 01/25/89
59 The 1988 AIPS Site Survey A. Bridle, N. Wiener 03/28/89
60 1988 AIPS Site Directory N. Wiener, A. Bridle 05/04/89
61 The Astronomical Image Processing System E. W. Greisen 09/12/88
62 The AIPS Wishlist E. W. Greisen 08/31/89
63 AIPS DDT History (Superceeded by AIPS Memo Number 73) - 06/05/90
64 Summary of AIPS UV-data Calibration: From VLA Archive Tape To a UV FITS Tape G. Langston 06/29/90
65 Installing AIPS on an IBM RISC System 6000 and Performance Results for Convex C220 and Sun Sparc Computers E. W. Greisen, M. Calabretta 07/16/90
66 An Overview of the AIPS TV Servers C. Flatters 02/04/91
67 AIPS DDT Benchmark Results for Sun's SPARCstation 2GX (SUN 4/75) M. Calabretta, H. May 11/28/90
68 Summary of AIPS UV-data Calibration from VLA Arcive Tape To a UV FITS tape G. Langston 04/04/91
69 1991 AIPS Site Directory A. Bridle, J. Nance 03/28/91
70 The 1990 AIPS Site Survey A. Bridle, J. Nance 04/24/91
71 A Comparison of DDT Results IBM RS/6000 and Convex C-1 P. P. Murphy 04/08/91
72 AIPS Imaging and Self-Calibration: MAPIT G. Langston 05/07/91
73 AIPS DDT History G. Langston, P. Murphy, D. Schlemmer 05/16/91
74 AIPS at the Australia Telescope National Facility M. Calabretta 08/08/91
75 15APR91 DDT Results on a Sun IPC, a Sun Sparcstation 2, a IBM RS/6000 Model 550, and a Convex C1 B. Glendenning, G. Hunt 09/23/91
76 Summary of AIPS Continuum UV-data Calibration From VLA Archive Tape To a UV FITS Tape G. Langston 11/27/91
77 Summary of DDT Accuracy Results E. Allen, G. Langston 09/03/92
78 Object-Oriented Programming in AIPS Fortran W. D. Cotton 06/01/92
79 Polarization Calibration of VLBI Data W. D. Cotton 06/09/92
80 Remote Tapes in AIPS E. W. Greisen 06/30/92
81 Tape and TV Performance in AIPS E. W. Greisen 08/26/92
82 Replacing the Convexes - New Color Algorithms in AIPS E. W. Greisen 09/24/92
83 Dual Libraries and Binaries in AIPS P. P. Murphy 12/14/92
84 A Proposed Package To Support the Use of the X Window System in AIPS Tasks C. Flatters 11/12/93
85 DDT Revised and AIPSMark(93) Measurements E. W. Greisen 02/09/94
86 Widefield Polarization Correction of VLA Snapshot Images at 1.4 GHz W. D. Cotton 03/16/94
87 The NRAO AIPS Project - A Summary A. H. Bridle, E. W. Greisen 04/05/94
88A A User's Introduction To the AIPS Gripes Database W. D. Cotton, D. Schlemmer 02/20/92
88B A Programmer's Guide To the AIPS Gripes Database W. D. Cotton, D. Schlemmer 02/20/92
89 Baseline-Oriented Fringe Searches in AIPS C. Flatters 11/17/94
90 Delay Decorrelation Corrections for VLBA Data Within AIPS A. J. Kemball 08/15/95
91 AIPS Benchmarks on the Sparc Ultra 1 and 2 P. P. Murphy 12/12/95
92 Errors in Two Dimensional Gaussian Fits L. Kogan 09/30/96
93 Position Angle of the VSOP Antenna Feed L. Kogan 02/18/97
94 AIPS Benchmark for the Silicon Graphic Origin200 A. Kemball, C. Flatters 01/29/97
95 AIPS/AIPS++ Interoperability A. J. Kemballl 08/29/97
96 AIPS on an ALPHA AXP Clone R. L. Millner, P. P. Murphy, J. A. Uphoff 10/14/97
97 Test of Errors of the Fitting Parameters at Gaussian Fitting task JMFIT L Kogan 10/14/97
98 AIPSTerminal for Linux PC's R. L. Millner, P. P. Murphy 11/19/97
99 Multiple TV Servers on a Single Host P. P. Murphy 05/29/98
100 The Creation of AIPS E. W. Greisen 07/27/98
101 The Calculation of SNR in KRING's FFT Stage K. M. Desai 10/08/98
102 The FITS Interferometry Data Interchange Format (Revised 04/14/99) C. Flatters 09/16/98
103 Weighting Data in AIPS K. M. Desai 03/21/00
104 Y2K, a new DDT, and AIPSMark(00) Measurements E. W. Greisen 09/08/00
105 AIPS Procedures for Initial VLBA Data Reduction (Version 2.0) J. Ulvestad, E. W. Greisen, A. Mioduszewski 04/26/01
106 Making Movies from Radio Astronomical Images with AIPS C. C. Cheung, D. C. Homan, J. F. C. Wardle, D. H. Roberts 06/06/01
107 KRING versus FRING Tests A. J. Mioduszewski 04/08/02
108 Weights for VLA Data B. J. Butler 01/21/03
109 Using DVDs with AIPS G. Taylor, E. W. Greisen 01/20/04
110 Strategy for Removing Tropospheric and Clock Errors using DELZN A. J. Mioduszewski 08/31/04 10/21/09
111 ATMCA: Phase Referencing Using More than one calibrator E.ward Fomalont, L. Kogan 01/06/05
112 Capabilities of the VLA pipeline in AIPS L. Sjouwerman 03/19/07
113 Faceted Imaging in AIPS L. Kogan, E. W. Greisen 05/22/09
114 The FITS Interferometry Data Interchange Convention - Revised E. W. Greisen 08/19/11
115 Auto-boxing for Clean in AIPS E. W. Greisen 06/29/09
116 RFI Mitigation in AIPS; The New Task UVRFI L. Kogan, F. Owen 06/10
117 AIPS FITS File Format E. W. Greisen 08/28/12

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