MMA Construction Documents

These documents are not a formal memo series, but rather are a collection of various items,
including many official NRAO documents, gathered around this topic by John Webber.

Memo Submission

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Number Title Author(s) Date
1 MMA Design Review Guidelines P. Napier 11/09/98
2 Development of an Enhanced MM-Wave Interferometric Array to Probe the High Redshift Universe J. E. Carlstrom, et al. 02/16/99
3 Notes on the Mixer-Preamp to Cartridge Interface for Band 6--211-275 GHz A. Kerr 11/06/00
4 Development of SIS Mixers for ALMA Receivers: A Proposal to NRAO J. Lukens 11/14/00
5 Specifications for the ALMA Front End Assembly W. Wild, J. Payne 12/11/00
6 Determination of Image Rejection with an Uncalibrated RF Source A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan, J. E. Effland 12/12/00
7 Contract # 55162 "Development of SIS Mixers for MMA Receivers" I. Strand 12/18/00
8 Reliability of Nanonics Dualobe Connectors J. Effland 01/03/01
9 Receiver Calibration Schemes for ALMA S. Guilloteau, R. Moreno 01/11/01
10 ALMA System Wide Requirements - Electromagnetic Compatibility A. van Kesteren 02/06/01
11 Status Reports J. Webber 02/08/01
12 Report On the Feasibility Study of the Enhanced Correlator for 3-Way ALMA To ASAC S. K. Okumura, Y. Chikada, M. Momose, S. Iguchi 02/14/01
13 ALMA Front End - Preliminary Design Review W. Wild 03/12/01
14 LO Requirements for Automated Mixer Testing J. Effland 02/27/01
15 Specifications for the ALMA Front End Assembly W. Wild, J. Payne 04/25/01
16 Description and Justification of Change In FE-LO Interface G. H. Tan 05/17/01
17 The Atacama Large Millimetre Array: Receiver Optics Design Electromagnetic Analysis C. Y. Tham, S. Withington 09/04/01
18 Amplifier Development in Support of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array Telescope L. Samoska, H. L. Tanabe 03/15/02
19 FIR Filter Size in ALMA A. W. Gunst 03/21/02
20 A Proposal: SIS Mixer Elements for ALMA A. W. Lichtenberger 06/02
21 A Revised Proposal: SIS Mixer Elements for ALMA A. W. Lichtenberger 06/02
22 Conventional Optical Reference LO S. Thacker 06/25/02
23 ALMA Correlator-Back End ICD J. Webber, R. Escoffier 08/22/02
24 Evaluation of Frequency Multipliers for the ALMA Local Oscillator System K. S. Saini 09/19/02
25 ALMA Document Approval Procedures S. Oliver 10/31/02
26 A Cryosystem for Cartridge-Type SIS Receivers S. Yokogawa, et al. 11/02
27 Front End Internal Interfaces G. H. Tan, C. Cunningham 11/22/02
28 ALMA Quarterly Report - 12/06/02
29 Correlator IPT Quarterly Report J. Webber 12/06/02
30 ALMA Band 6 Cartridge Measurement System Software Design [J. Effland] 12/19/02
31 Alternate Derivation of Decimated Filter Bank S. Wilson 01/09/03
32 Correlator Progress - 03/25/03
33 ALMA Design Reviews Definitions, Guidelines and Procedure E. Pangole 03/26/03
34 Design, Engineering Services and Preparation of all Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation for the Site Preparation and the Technical Facilities at the Operation Support Facility (OSF) Site of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Observatory located near the villages of San Pedro de Atacama and Toconao, II. Region, Chile, South America - 07/04/03
35 ALMA Milestones 2003-Sep-16 R. Simon 09/16/03
36 ALMA1 Production Chip Failures J. Greenberg 06/03/04
37 Band 6 Cartridge Acceptance Test Results J. Effland 07/26/04
38 ALMA Cryostat Shipping Inspection Checklist, Preproduction Cryostat # 1 F. Patt 09/20/04
39 Interface Control Document H. Rudolf 09/30/04
40 ALMA Logistics Department Chile C. Hermant 10/04
41 Interface Control Document E. Bryerton, J. Effland 10/07/04
42 ALMA Rebaselining Plan T. J. B.[?] 12/14/04
43 1st LO Reference Synthesizer Test Module Specifications- BEND- B. Shillue 01/19/05
44 A Tentative Mechanism for the Origin of Sidelobes in the Band 6 Beam Pattern B. Lazareff 03/05
45 First LO Reference Synthesizer Test Module J.-F. Cliche, M. Tetu 04/12/05
46 64 Antenna Correlator Specifications and Requirements R. Escoffier, J. Webber, A. Baudry 05/10/05
47 Phase I Proposal for ALMA-T Antenna System Front-End Integration Center - 03/12/06
48 Station Rack Thermal Model Interim Results L. Platt 08/14/06
49 ALMA Annual External Review - 09/12/07
50 The ACA Correlator - -
51 Annual Performance Report 7/1/2003-6/31/2004 SIS Mixer Elements for Alma Band6 University of Virginia - [07/04]
52 Efficient Implementation of Uniform Filter Banks - -
53 IPT Discussion Memo - -
54 Initial Observations with an ALMA Band 6 Mixer-Preamp: Exciting Prospects for the Future - -
55 Progress Report on ALMA High Speed Sampler Prototype and Tests A. Baudry -
56 [Results of Pass Band Testing] - -

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