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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date
96 Ladder Analysis Program -- Addendum, R. Norrod, 1/14/82 R. Norrod 05/28/81
97 Receiver Noise Temperature Measurement and CalibrationPrograms J. Coe 08/11/81
98 Noise Measurements on Refurbished 18 cm Receiver R. Norrod 09/10/81
99 Q-Band Maser Status R. Norrod 02/23/81
100 Loss of Plated Stainless Steel Wave-guide at 100 GHz C. Coates 01/22/79
101 Comparison of Three Liquid Nitrogen Standards S. Weinreb 09/11/81
102 Optimum Parameters of SIS Junctions for Mixer Applications L. D'Addario 10/16/81
103 Microcomputer Time Trials R. Fisher 12/24/81
104 Cryogenic Wire Description S. Weinreb 01/06/82
105 Digital Continuum Receiver Hardware Modification D. Schiebel 01/06/82
106 Measurements of Receiver Temperature and Calibrationfor 140-ft Cassegrain Box C. Brockway 01/21/82
107 Clipper Bandwidth Requirements R. Mauzy 03/19/82
108 Intermodulation RFI in Receiver Systems W. Brundage 03/31/82
109 Block Diagram of HP 9825 and 9862 Plotter J. Coe 04/08/82
110 Tests of a 432 MHz GASFET Amplifier S. Weinreb, R. Harris 06/28/82
111 Calibration of HP 346B Noise Sources at 1.3 and1.7 GHz S. Weinreb 07/02/82
112 Vane Type Polarization Converter C. Brockway 07/28/82
113 Using Apple II for Graphics Output from VAX FARANT S. Keller 08/03/82
114 Revised VAX FARANT SPLOT Routine -- Apple II R. Norrod 09/27/82
115 Use of BAX-ll FARANT Microwave Design Program for GreenBank R. Norrod 09/27/82
116 Lathe Table for APPLESOFT Program R. Norrod 03/16/83
117 Reflectors for 140-ft Polarization Splitter R. Fisher 04/28/83
118 Leak Tests of Various Polymers R. Norrod 10/28/83
119 Measurements of Atmospheric Attenuation R. Howard 01/11/83
120 Flash ADC Aperture Times Temperature Coefficient R. Lacasse 02/02/84
121 Program for Computing Focal Plane Field Distributionfrom Far Field Antenna Pattern R. Fisher 07/26/84
122 Ellipsoidal Reflector for the C-Band Feeds on the 140-ftTelescope (with Polarization Splitter) S. Srikanth 08/02/84
123 JPL Physical Optics Program on the MASSCOMP MC500 Computerat Green Bank S. Srikanth 08/17/84
124 Farant 3.0 on the HP9816 Computer J. Granlund 11/06/84
125 Eccofoam as a Dewar Waveguide Vacuum Window R. Bradley, R. Norrod 12/20/84
126 140-ft Cassegrain Baselines C. Brockway 12/28/84
127 Microstrip Impedance Calculations J. Coe 01/10/85
128 300-1000 MHz Receiver Feeds J. Coe, W. Shank 01/22/85
129 Temperature Effects on Noise Sources T. Dunbrack 02/22/85
130 Accuracy Measurements on the Weinschel Model 3200-1 Attenuator A. Keckler 03/20/85
131 Moisture Absorption by Eccofoam Dielectric Material:Addendum To EDTN 125 R. Bradley 04/30/85
132 SPICE: A Generalized Circuit Simulation rogram Now Runningon the GB Lab Masscomp R. Bradley 06/20/85
133 A Receiver Test Program using the Digital Continuum ReceiverDate J. Coe 12/02/85
134 Small-Aperture, Scalar Horn as a Feed for the 7-Feed,6-cm Receiver on the 300-foot Telescope S. Srikanth 01/22/86
135 Vibration Signature CTI Model 22 Cryogenic Refrigerators S. Weinreb 02/12/86
136 Correlation Function To Power Spectrum Transformations S. Weinreb 03/04/86
137 Declination Corrections for the 300-ft Telescope J. Condon 12/10/86
138 Declination Pointing of the 300-ft Telescope H. Payne 12/10/86
139 More on Declination Pointing of the 300-foot Telescope H. Payne 03/04/87
140 Array Feed Receiver Status J. Coe 03/12/87
141 Whiskerless Diode Burnout Test D. Garfield (UVA) 06/01/87
142 7-Feed 6-cm Receiver Noise Temperature Measurements madeat the 140-ft Scope G. Behrens 07/06/87
143 AutoLISP Routine "pltfun" J. Coe 09/16/87
144 V F Parameters for Continuum Back Ends J. Lamb 04/05/88
145 Farant 5.0 on the HP-320 and HP-9816 Computers J. Granlund 05/05/88
146 Cryogenic Tests of MMIC Amplifiers M. Balister, R. Harris 06/13/88
147 Evaluation of EDM for Small Waveguide Fabrication A. R. Kerr, J. W. Lamb, N. J. Bailey,
M. Crawford, N. Horner
148 Programs for Analysis of Wire Grid Beam-Splitters and the Folded Mach-Zehnder Diplexer A. R. Kerr 10/18/88
149 Interferometer Analog Optical Links J. Coe 01/20/89
150 Changes in FARANT J. Granlund 03/16/89
151 Low-Noise, 1.25 GHz, Cooled, HEMT Amplifier C. Xu 04/06/89
152 Optical Fiber at Green Bank R. B. Weimer 04/20/89
153 Receiver Monitor Control R. B. Weimer 04/24/89
154 140-ft Modcomp Control Computer Data Input R. B. Weimer 04/28/89
155 Program "SCATTER" for the Analysis of Dielectric Matching Layers N. Bailey, A. R. Kerr 09/18/89
156 Fabrication of Millimeter-Waveguide Short-Circuits usingEDM A. R. Kerr, D. E. Boyd 07/05/89
157 HP 8510 Network Analyzer Data Acquisition by FARANT J. D. Gallego 12/20/89
158 Clock Information for AST 286 Computers R. B. Weimer 02/06/90
159 VLBA Monitor and Control Card Application Problems R. B. Weimer 03/19/90
160 Weather Monitor System D. R. Schiebel 06/07/90
161 Phase Jitter Measurements and Noise Floor in the SSBDownconverter S. D. White 08/28/90
162 Assembly of 200-290 GHz Frequency Triplers N. Bailey, A. R. Kerr 08/28/90
163 The Low Temperature Thermal Resistance of HighPurity Copper and Bolted Copper Joints A. R. Kerr 08/30/91
164 Comments on Eul and Schiek, 1991 J. Granlund 09/18/91
165 Strength Measurements on Crystalline and Fused QuartzWafers N. Horner, F. Johnson, A. R. Kerr 04/30/92
166 Elimination of Electrical Ground Loops Caused by HeliumSupply Lines in Cryogenic Receiver Systems A. R. Kerr, N. Horner, S.-K. Pan 11/09/92
167 Transferring Circuit Parameters from HFSS To MMICAD A. R. Kerr 11/13/92
168 Measurements of Optical Fiber Temperature Coefficient of Delay R. Norrod 01/25/93
169 Hewlett-Packard High Frequency Structure Simulator:Inconsistencies in Delta S and Convergence N. Bailey 06/04/93
170 Dielectric Constants And Matching Groove Parameters ForMillimeter Wavelengths J. Lamb 06/02/93
171 690 GHz Tipping Radiometer: A Design Survey R. Bradley, S. K. Pan 08/28/95
172 Notes on Right-Angle-Mitre Bends for Standard RectangularWaveguide E. Wollack 09/20/95
173 The NRAO Type-2B 1-2 GHz SIS Bias-T A. R. Kerr, D. Boyd 02/15/96
174 The NRAO Type-50A 4-6 GHz SIS Bias-T A. R. Kerr, D. Boyd 07/11/95
175 A Dual Axis Control Servo System for Feed Positioning K. S. Saini, G. Behrens 03/27/96
176 TCHEBX: Homogenous Sepped Waveguide Transformers E. Wollack 11/11/96
177 Semi-rigid Coaxial Cables S. White, M. Stennes 06/21/96
178 140-ft. Telescope Coaxial Cable Tests G. Behrens, R. Hall, G. Liptak, M. McKinnon 07/26/96
179 Ground Loops in SIS Bias Circuits A. R. Kerr 03/06/97
180 How To Obtain Plotted Output Now That Pen Plotters areObsolete N. Bailey 11/10/97
181 On the Compensation of E-Plane Bifrucations in RectangularWaveguide E. Wollack 10/20/97
182 Design of a Near-Optimum Waveguide Taper Transition W. Grammer 01/14/98
183 Instruction Manual, NRAO Standard Receiver S. Weinreb, R. Mauzy 08/01/67
184 FTSMeasurement of Some Window Materials D. Koller, G. Ediss, J. Hesler, C. Cunningham 08/31/99
185 S/X-bandFeed Horn Properties at 2025 To 2120 MHz and S-band Feed System TuningProcedures G. Behrens, G. Anderson, G. Watts, G. Langston 11/15/00
186 A"Clean" 8-bit ADC and Data Acquisition Card D. Anish Roshi 07/24/01
187 "Single-StepRight -Angle E-Plane Bend Geometry E. Wollack 12/07/95
188 FrequencySelective Surface (Dichroic) for use with the 211-275 GHzSystem G. A. Ediss, J. Effland 11/14/01
189 Stability Analysis of SIS Mixer Bias Supply with 1K Ohm Isolation Resistors J. Effland 11/29/01
190 Calculations of MagneticCircuits for SIS Mixers G. A. Ediss 01/23/02
191 Simple-Step Circular-to-square Mode Transducer E. Wollack 06/09/96
192 Recommendations for Flat and Anti-Cocking Waveguide Flanges A. R. Kerr, L. Kozul, A. A. Marshall 01/06/03
193 Cancellation of TV Interference D. Anish Roshi 12/27/02
194 Fabrication of Small Metal Parts byElectroforming Through a Photomask A. R. Kerr, N. Horner,, V. Summers 01/21/03
195 IPG Continuum Data Collection T. Weadon 08/29/03
196 Sideband Calibration of Single-OutputSideband-Separating SIS Receivers A. R. Kerr 01/06/04
197 Solders and Fluxes G. A. Ediss, M. Metcalfe, N. Peereboom, B. Simon 03/10/04
198 Mixer-Preamp Noise A. R. Kerr 06/18/04
199 Effects of Misalignment in a Split-BlockWaveguide To Suspended-Stripline Transducer A. R. Kerr 12/08/04
200 Millimeter-Wave Feed Measurements Using theGreen Bank Indoor Antenna Range G. Anderson 09/19/05
201 Initial Evaluation of Haas Super MiniMill S/N 40150 A. R. Kerr, A. Marshall, M. Meek, D. Parker, J. Shelton 09/28/05
202 Further Measurements on the Haas Super MiniMill A. R. Kerr, et al. 12/07/05
203 Typical Heat Loads in a Cryogenic Receiver Dewarand a Discussion of the Refrigerator Principles of Operation J. R. Fisher 04/01/79
204 Measurements of Copper Heat Straps Near 4 K With and Without Apiezon-N Grease A. R. Kerr, R. Groves 10/02/06
205 Cryogenic (4K) Measurements of SomeResistors and Capacitors A. R. Kerr, M. Lambeth 03/05/07
206 Measurement of Microwave Absorbing Materials at Q and W bands R. Norrod, B. Simon 03/23/07
207 Spectral Density of Modes in aRectangular Metal Box A. R. Kerr 03/27/07
208 Functional Description ofPIC16F877A Functions and Interfaces To GBT RFI Monitor Station J. R. Fisher, C. Beaudet 04/26/05
209 Sensitivity Comparison of RFI MonitorStation and GBT L-Band Receiver J. R. Fisher, C. Beaudet 08/24/07
210 Measurements of 2320-2345 MHz Bandstop Filters Fabricated using a High-Temperature Superconductor R. Norrod, K. Ward, M. Lancaster, S. Pal 05/08/08
211 Effects of Misalignment of Square Waveguide Joints A. R. Kerr 03/12/09
212 Round-Ended Waveguide Short-Circuits A. R. Kerr 05/29/09
213 Word-Boundary Detection in a Serialized, Gaussian-Distributed, White-Noise Data Stream M. Morgan, R. Fisher 10/13/09
214 Cryogenic Measurements of Surface Mount Multi-layer Ceramic Chip Capacitors R. D. Norrod 11/10/09
215 Mismatch Caused by Waveguide Tolerances, Corner Radii,and Flange Misalignment A. R. Kerr 12/07/09, Rev. 01/11/10
216 Active Cascade Local Oscillator Distribution for Large Arrays M. A. Morgan 10/29/10
217 Preliminary Measured Results of aDiagonal Quadruple-Ridged Ku-Band OMT G. Coutts 11/29/10
218 Dual-Mode Propagation in Triangular and Triple-Ridged Waveguides M. A. Morgan 02/16/11
219 Measurements of Automotive Radar Emissions Received by a Radio Astronomy Observatory D. Emerson, R. Freund, F. Gruson, J. Hildebrandt, A. Rogers 12/13/11
220 Evaluation of the NRL LWA Active Balun Prototype R. F. Bradley, C. R. Parashare 04/09/12
221 Modular Analysis Software for the ALMA Front End Test and Measurement System A. Beaudoin 07/30/14
222 4-millimeter Receiver Calibration S. D. White 11/20/15
223 ADC Characterization S. Wunduke 09/15/16
224 S-Parameter Measurements of an SAO Edge-Mode Isolator at 4 K P. Dindo 10/31/19
225 4-K Noise Measurements of LNF 4-16 GHz Amplifier with SAO Edge-Mode Isolator J. Lambert 12/2/19
226 SIS Receiver Design Using Microwave Office A. R. Kerr 04/14/20
227 Solders and Fluxes A. R. Kerr, S. White, E. Ford, B. Simon 04/21/21
228 Reserved
229 Plating Specification for CDL Components A. R. Kerr, G. Petencin, G. Morris 05/13/21
230 GBT Receiver Room Turret Gasket R. Simon 10/13/21

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