MMA Correlator Documents

These documents are not a formal memo series, but rather are a collection of various items,
including many official NRAO documents, gathered around this topic by John Webber.

Memo Submission

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Title Author(s) Date
A Possible MMA Correlator Design R. Escoffier 05/05/95
MMA Correlator - 10/15/96
Astronomical Requirements for the Millimeter Array Correlator M. P. Rupen, D. S. Shepherd, M. C. H. Wright 02/98
Test Correlator - 09/02/98
VirtexTM 2.5 V Field Programmable Gate Arrays Xilinx 10/20/98
The Effects of Digitization on Nonstationary Stochastic Signals with Applications to Pulsar Signal Baseband Recording F. A. Jenet, S. B. Anderson 12/98
Filters[?] [A. R. Thompson] 1999
Hawaii and More W. Wiedenhoever 01/12/99
MMA Correlator ASIC Specification - 02/01/99
The Effect of Phase Errors on Cross Correlation [A. R. Thompson] 02/14/99
Correlator Chip Mtg. - 02/18/99
Technical Questions on Draft Spec G. Maki 03/26/99
Re: Xilinx Chip Prices R. Escoffier, G. Rucker 04/26/99
The ALMA Correlator LTA (Long Term Accumulator) Function C. Broadwell 06/02/99
MMA Correlator Chip Consulting Proposal J. Canaris 06/22/99
ALMA Correlator Output Data and Computer Processing Rates J. Pisano 07/01/99
Correlator Group Mtg. - 07/19/99
Innotech Systems Quote No. BA072899 L. J. Morales 07/28/99
Wednesday Conference Call J. Greenberg 08/02/99
The ALMA Correlator LTA (Long Term Accumulator) C. Broadwell 08/09/99
ALMA Correlator Test Fixture - 08/10/99
Bid Status - 08/23/99
Innotech Systems Quote No. BA072899 (Revised) L. J. Morales 08/24/99
Three Reqs. Attached [C. Broadwell] 09/09/99
Hot Electron Charging Effects - 09/21/99
WBS for Joint Phase 1 B. Alain 09/30/99
Virtex-E LVDS Drivers & Receivers: Interface Guidelines Xilinx 10/04/99
A Hackers Guide to the ALMA Correlator S. T. Myers 10/19/99
Questions and Answers for RFP 99-ALMA-1 J. F. Dowling 10/20/99
Objectives of the Meeting - 11/99
Correlator Chip - 11/09/99
Sensitivity of [A. R. Thompson] 12/99
Purchase Order J. F. Dowling 12/06/99
Design Start Review L. Morales 01/11/00
MMA Cost Estimation Data Input Table J. Webber 01/12/00
ALMA Correlator Cost Estimate - 01/13/00
ALMA Task Planning Form J. Webber 01/13/00
ALMA U.S. Task Scheduling - 01/18/00
ALMA Correlator PDR J. Webber, et al. 01/20/00
LTA Minimum Integration Time C. Broadwell 01/28/00
Correlator Time Base Changes A. Wootten, et al. 01/31/00
ALMA Test Correlator - 02/00
Re: Correlator PDR report A. Bos 02/09/00
Error Report - 02/23/00
The ALMA Correlator LTA (Long Term Accumulator) - 03/06/00
ALMA Correlator Development Work 2000 and 2001 - 04/00
LTA Review - 04/04/00
Data Conversion - 04/04/00
ALMA Correlator Station Card Bill Of Materials - 06/06/00
ALMA Correlator Filter Card Bill Of Materials - 06/07/00
Trip Report on the Visit to Innotech July 17, 2000 J. Greenberg 07/17/00
Item Status - 08/28/00
High-Performance FX Correlator System for Enhanced ALMA S. K. Okumura, Y. Chikada, M. Momose 09/09/00
A Future Correlator for Improved ALMA Scienc[e] Return A. Baudry, M. de Vos 09/09/00
Initial Signoff Review Innotech Systems Inc 10/20/00

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