VLA Optical Processor Memos, Unnumbered

Memo Submission

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Title Author(s) Date
Optical Processor Detection Characteristics R. Harrison 06/07/76
Major Detection Considerations R. Harrison 07/29/76
Comments and Questions J. J. Thomson 08/12/76
Reticon Information Summary R. Harrison 08/23/76
Construction of Precision Low Frequency Gratings C. Leonard 09/01/76
Phase Modulation Encoding Method J. R. Fienup 09/02/76
Relating Phase and Aberration Errors C. C. Aleksoff 09/07/76
Sampling Considerations C. C. Aleksoff 09/08/76
Monthly Report for August 1976, VLA Optical Processor, Contract: VLA-215 [Missing p. 5] Environmental Institute of Michigan 09/14/76
Basic Limitations of Encoding Methods J. R. Fienup 09/21/76
Output Calibration Correction for Phase Errors C. C. Aleksoff 10/18/76
Spherical Wave Defects for a Particular Optical Fourier Transform Configuration L. Somers, F. Schwab, C. Aleksoff 10/25/76
Film Coherent Optical Quality Considerations C. Dwyer 10/26/76
Preliminary Notes on VLA Optical Processor Environmental Institute of Michigan 11/76
Optical Processor System Model I. Cindrich 11/05/76
Arbitrary Bias in Non-Track Areas J. R. Fienup 11/10/76
Errors in an Optical Fourier Transform Processor Due to Certain Phase and Amplitude Defects L. Somers, F Schwab, J. Granlund 11/11/76
Method for Imaging Both Halves of u-v Plane on Film Simultaneously J. R. Fienup 11/11/76
Monthly Report for October 1976, VLA Optical Processor, Contract: VLA-215 Environmental Institute of Michigan 11/12/76
Fourier Transform Lens Design I. Cindrich 11/19/76
Additional Experimental Results for π-Shifted Signals 12/06/76
Antihermitian Input Possibilities C. Aleksoff 12/07/76
Monthly Report for November 1976, VLA Optical Processor, Contract: VLA-215 Environmental Institute of Michigan 12/16/76

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