VLA Expansion Project Memoranda

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date Original PDF
1 Organization and Goals of the Project R. Perley, R. Sramek 12/27/95
2 The UHF/VHF Prime Focus Systems for the Future VLA Upgrade R. Sramek 07/21/95
3 Comments on the VHF/UHF Expansion Project for the VLA Upgrade R. F. Bradley 07/25/95 original
4 The Case for Continuous Frequency Coverage Between 1 and 50 GHz for the VLA Upgrade R. Perley 04/02/96 original
5 A Larger Subreflector for the VLA P. J. Napier 04/08/96 original
6 Exploring Various Options for a VLA E Array M. A. Holdaway 06/10/96
7 Investigating Antenna Locations for the VLA A+ Array M. A. Holdaway, R. Perley 06/10/96
8 Astronomical Requirements for the New VLA Correlator M. Rupen 02/12/97
9 Design Studies for the A+ Configuration E. Keto 02/18/98
10 Predicted Optical Fiber Length Variations Due To Temperature Changes T. Cotter 09/19/00
11 A Proposed WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA Project B. Carlson 05/18/00 original
12 An Analysis of the Effects of Phase Dithering in a Lag-based Fringe-Stopping XF Correlator B. Carlson 05/26/00 original
13 A Closer Look at 2-Stage Digital Filtering in the Proposed WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA B. Carlson 05/29/00 original
14 A More Detailed Analysis of Recirculation Architecture, Algorithms, and Limitations in the Proposed WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA B. Carlson 06/06/00 original
15 Scientific Requirements for the EVLA Real-Time System J. Benson, F. Owen 07/06/00
16 Two Correlators for the Price of One: How a VLBA Correlator Could Fit Within the Proposed 40-Station WIDAR EVLA Correlator B. Carlson 09/28/00 original
17 Simulation Tests of Sub-Sample Delay Tracking in the Proposed WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA B. Carlson 10/03/00 original
18 Simulation Tests of Phasing Subsystem Signal Processing in the WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA B. Carlson 11/07/00 original
19 Simulation Tests To Quantify the Spectral Dynamic Range and Narrowband Interference Robustness of the WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA B. Carlson, P. Dewdney 11/01/00 original
20 Configuration Studies for the Expanded Very Large Array A. Cohen, R. Perley 12/04/00
21 Maintainability of VLA Expansion Correlator M. Revnell 11/99 original
22 Can Remote Observing Be Good Observing? Reflections on Procrustes and Antaeus J. Lockman 06/93
23 Summary of Discussions Held During the July 10-14, 2000 Workweek in Socorro Regarding the EVLA-WIDAR Correlator B. Carlson 08/00 original
24 Computing for EVLA Calibration and Imaging T. J. Cornwell 01/01 original
25 Requirements for 8-bit Processing in the Proposed WIDAR Correlator for the EVLA B. Carlson 01/01 original
26 WIDAR Correlator Sensitivity Losses B. Carlson 01/01 original
27 Concepts for an "Observation Builder" for Array and Correlator Configurations B. Carlson 02/01 original
28 Operator Interface Concepts for Array and Correlator On-line Monitor and Control B. Carlson 02/01 original
29 Toward a Cost Equation for a Multielement Station B. G. Clark 05/01
30 An EVLA Compact Configuration with Optimized Side Lobes L. Kogan 08/15/01
31 Refined EVLA WIDAR Correlator Architecture B. Carlson 10/02/01 original
32 IF Fiber Selection Criteria T. Baldwin, S. Durand 11/14/01 original
33 Digital Transmission System Signaling Protocol S. Durand 11/14/01 original
34 EVLA Monitor & Control System G. Peck 03/12/02 original
35 A New Mexico Array Configuration C. Walker 03/14/02
36 A Satellite LO System B. Clark 03/25/02
37 The New "UX-to-X Band Converter" P. Harden 03/29/02
38 Design of a Motion Controller for VLA Antenna Azimuth & Elevation N. Dale, J. Landes 05/11/00
39 Application Note Using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for EVLA W. Koski 04/25/02 original
40 Fiber Optic Cable Acceptance Tests T. Baldwin 06/07/02 original
41 Lightning Protection for Fiber Optic Cable T. Baldwin 06/05/02 original
42 New Card Cage Design for EVLA Front End Systems R. Hayward 07/17/02 original
43 Operational Performance of the EVLA Digital Transmission System J. Jackson, S. Durand 07/30/02 original
44 Operational Performance of the EVLA LO Round Trip Phase System S. Durand, T. Cotter 07/30/02 original
45 Antenna Positioning System Specifications B. Broilo 08/19/02 original
46 RFI Emission Goals for EVLA Electronics R. Perley 10/15/02 original
47 Estimated Shielding for the EVLA Ethernet Switches Y. Pihlström 10/28/02 original
48 New Mexico Array plus Kitt Peak and Fort Davis C. Walker 11/11/02 original
49 Attenuation of Radio Frequency Interference by Interferometric Fringe Rotation R. Perley 11/15/02 original
50 VLBA/EVLA Integration in the EVLA Phase 2 Proposal C. Walker 12/20/02 original
51 The Proposed New Mexico Array Configuration C. Walker, F. Owen 02/21/03 original
52 Operations Plan for the Expanded Very Large Array P. Perley 03/06/03 original
53 A Vivaldi Focal Plan Array for EVLA W. Brisken 03/06/03 original
54 VLA Site Spectrum Survey: 1-18 GHZ Results Appendix D. Mertely, et al. 01/22/03 original
55 EVLA Transition Operations J. Ulvestad 03/21/03 original
56 Mosaic Mode Imaging Simulations with the EVLA E and D Configurations L. Kogan, F. Owen 03/26/03 original
57 A Time Standard for Radio Astronomy The New Mexico Array J. Coleman, Q. Harris, G. Henckel, A. Moritz, A. Prager 04/30/03 original
58 Using Grasp8 To Study The VLA Beam W. Brisken 05/09/03 original
59 Highly Shielded Boxes for the EVLA Project R. Ridgeway 06/04/03 original
60 The Circular Polarization Characteristics of the New VLA K-Band Receiver System R. Hayward, E. Szpindor, D. Hicks 06/18/03 original
61 Removing RFI Through Astronomical Image Processing R. Perley, T. Cornwell 07/21/03 original
62 Full Primary Beam Stokes I, Q, U, V Imaging T. Cornwell 07/25/03 original
63 Scaling Relations for Interferometric Post-Processing R. Perley, B. Clark 09/16/03 original
64 Wide-Field Imaging with the EVLA: WIDAR Correlator Modes and Output Data Rates R. Perley 02/23/04 original
65 Comparison of the Brightness Sensitivities of the EVLA Compact E-Configuration and ATA (q8a_2w) L. Kogan, R. Perley 09/25/03 original
66 The Effect of Electronics Non-Linearity on Closure and Imaging R. Perley 09/26/03 original
67 W Projection: A New Algorithm for Non-Coplanar Baselines T. Cornwell, K. Golap, S. Bhatnagar 12/16/03 original
68 Noise Contribution of 90° Hybrids Before Low Noise Amplifiers P. Lilie 01/04 original
69 Focal Plane Array Beam-forming and Spill-over Cancellation using Vivaldi Antennas W. Brisken, C. Craeye 01/29/04 original
70 Desiderata for Solar Observing with the EVLA R. Perley, T. Bastian 01/29/04 original
71 Mathematic basis of an array configuration optimization minimizing side lobes L. Kogan 02/19/04 original
72 EVLA Hardware Modifications in Support of Solar Observing T. Bastian, P. Lilie 02/04 original
73 Results of Water Vapour Radiometry Tests at the VLA C. Chandler, W. Brisken, B. Butler, R. Hayward, B. Willoughby 08/09/04 original
74 A Proposal To Design and Implement a Compact Water Vapour Radiometer for the EVLA C. Chandler, et al. 07/08/04 original
75 Approximate formulas for the distance term in far and near field interferometry T. Cornwell 04/04 original
76 EVLA and SKA Computing Costs for Wide Field Imaging Superseded by EVLA Memo 77 T. Cornwell 05/04 original
77 EVLA and SKA Computing Costs for Wide Field Imaging T. Cornwell 06/04 original
78 EVLA Chamber Characterization Confirms PCB RFI Emissions Levels and Module Shielding Goals R. Ridgeway 06/10/04 original
79 The Effect of Strong CW Signals on Interferometer Calibration, Closure, and Imaging R. Perley, B. Hayward 07/29/04 original
80 A Gain Slope Correction Scheme for the EVLA Receiver System R. Hayward, M. Morgan, K. Saini 07/13/04 original
81 Azimuth Cable Wraps and E-Array Layout J. Ruff 07/13/04 original
82 Headroom Requirements for the EVLA R. Perley 08/30/04 original
83 Quantization Loss for a Sloped Passband B. Carlson, R. Perley 08/30/04 original
84 Solving for the Antenna Based Pointing Errors S. Bhatnagar, T. J. Cornwell, K. Golap 10/18/04 original
85 Testing the EVLA L-Band Feed R. Perley, B. Hayward, D. Mertely 11/16/04 original
86 RFI excision in synthesis imaging without a reference signal T. J. Cornwell, R. Perley, K. Golap, S. Bhatnagar 12/08/04 original
87 Design, Prototyping and Measurement of EVLA L-Band Feed Horn S. Srikanth, J. Ruff, E. Szpindor 03/22/05 original
88 Quantization Noise A. R. Thompson, D. T. Emerson 01/21/05 original
89 The EVLA Outdoor Antenna Test Range Project Fourth Quarter 2004, Progress Report T. Jensen 02/08/05 original
90 Performance Tests of the EVLA C-Band Feed R. Perley, B. Hayward 02/16/05 original
91 EVLA Phase III: A Major Step Toward the High Frequency SKA C. L. Carilli 04/21/05 original
92 L/S/C Converter Plate Phase Stability Test M. Johnson 04/20/05 original
93 Optimization of the LWA Antenna Station Configuration Minimizing Side Lobes L. Kogan, A. Cohen 05/04/05 original
94 L/S/C Converter Plate Phase Stability Test II M. Johnson 05/12/05 original
95 Design, Prototyping and Measurement of EVLA C-Band Feed Horn S. Srikanth, J. Ruff, A. J. Fenn, RF Array Systems Group, MIT/Lincoln Laboratory 08/09/05 original
96 Imaging at Wide Field of View for a Plane Array L. Kogan 09/20/05 original
97 The EVLA Transition Filter M. Revnell 11/07/05 original
98 The EVLA 8-Bit Digitizer Performance M. Revnell 11/07/05 original
99 RFI from VoIP phones V. Dhawan, D. Mertely 01/23/06 original
100 Correction of Errors due To Antenna Power Patterns during Imaging S. Bhatnagar, K. Golap, T. J. Cornwell 02/23/06 original
101 Multi Frequency Synthesis Imaging for the EVLA : An initial investigation R. V. Urvashi, S. Myers, T. J. Cornwell 04/12/06 original
102 Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Image Reconstruction and Analysis in Radio Astronomy R. V. Urvashi, T. J. Cornwell 02/06 original
103 Performance Tests of the EVLA K- and Q-Band Systems R. Perley, B. Hayward, B. Butler, V. Dhawan 03/01/06 original
104 RFI Emission Goals on Internally-Coupled Signals R. Perley 08/25/06 original
105 Phase Coherence of the EVLA Radio Telescope S. Durand, J. Jackson, K. Morris 10/30/06 original
106 RFI Emission Limits For Equipment at the VLA Site R. Perley, B. Brundage, D. Mertely 09/08/06 original
107 Failure Pathology of EVLA WIDAR Correlator Support Systems B. Broilo, B. Carlson 10/18/06 original
108 LO/IF Phase Dependence on Antenna Elevation K. Morris, J. Jackson, V. Dhawan 06/18/07 original
109 Wideband Performance of the EVLA L-Band System R. Perley, B. Hayward 02/14/07 original
110 The Effect of Amplifier Compression by Narrowband RFI on Radio Interferometer Imaging R.Perley, B. Hayward 04/25/07 original
111 2 - 4 GHz End-to-End Signal Path Tests K. Morris, J. Jackson 07/19/07 original
112 Design, Prototyping and Measurement of EVLA S-Band Feed Horn S. Srikanth, J. Ruff 08/17/07 original
113 Beam Squint and Stokes V on the VLA W. D. Cotton, J. M. Uson 09/07 original
114 Image Pixelization and Dynamic Range W. D. Cotton, J. M. Uson 09/07 original
115 Tools for Ionospheric Studies W. D. Cotton 09/07 original
116 Automatic CLEAN windowing W. D. Cotton 09/07 original
117 Ionospheric Effects and Calibration of the VLA at 327 MHz W. D. Cotton, J. M. Uson 09/07 original
118 Ionospheric Effects and Imaging and Calibration of VLA Data W. D. Cotton 09/07 original
119 Wide-Band Sensitivity and Frequency Coverage of the EVLA and VLA L-Band Receivers R. Perley, B. Hayward 01/17/08 original
120 Some Thoughts on System Temperature Measurements for the EVLA R. Perley, K. Sowinski 01/14/08 original
121 EVLA L-, K-, and Q-Band Focus Analysis: Version 1 B. Hesman, R. Perley, K. Sowinski 02/11/08 original
122 EVLA Requirements for Postprocessing Algorithms and Computing F. Owen 01/07/08 original
123 The Effect of the 4-Band Dipoles on L, C, and X Band Performance R. Perley 05/09/08 original
124 Wide-band Sensitivity of K- and Q-bands for the EVLA and VLA B. Hesman, R. Perley 05/14/08 original
125 Performance Tests of the EVLA Ka-Band Receiver R. Perley, B. Hayward, B. Hesman 07/21/08 original
126 Accuracy Requirements for EVLA Meteorological Measurements B. Butler, R. Perley 08/04/08 original
127 On the Use of Correlation Coefficients for Determining Antenna Sensitivity R. Perley 08/21/08 original
128 Frequency-Variable Sensitivity of the EVLA at C-band E. Momjian, R. Perley 09/04/08 original
129 Critical On-the-Sky Tests Using the WIDAR Prototype Correlator M. Rupen 10/20/08 original
130 The Effects of Fraction Truncation in Direct Digital Synthesis M. Luce, K. Morris 11/05/08 original
131 Measurements of C-Band EVLA Antenna Polarization R. Perley 05/18/09 original
132 Report on the findings of the CASA Terabyte Initiative: Single-node tests S. Bhatnagar 05/18/09 original
133 Parallelization of the off-line data processing operations using CASA S. Bhatnagar, H. Ye, D. Schiebel 05/18/09 original
134 EVLA Polarizer Stability at C and K Bands R. Perley, R. J. Sault 06/03/09 original
135 Further EVLA Polarizer Stability Measurements R. J. Sault, R. Perley 06/25/09 original
136 EVLA Measurements Close To the Sun: Elevated System Temperatures C. A. Whiting, S. R. Spangler 07/28/09 original
137 Performance Tests of the EVLA K, Ka, and Q-Band Receivers R. Perley, B. Hayward, B. Butler 08/04/09 original
138 Ideas and Guidelines for Rapid-Response Observations with the EVLA E. Berger, A. Soderberg, M. Rupen, D. Frail 09/08/09 original
139 Plan for Imaging Algorithm Research and Development S. Bhatnagar 11/04/09 original
140 Design, Prototyping and Measurement of EVLA Ku-Band Feed Horn S. Srikanth 11/04/09 original
141 EVLA Antenna Polarization at L, S, and C Bands R. Perley 02/17/10 original
142 Surveying Calibrators for the EVLA B. Hesman 02/18/10 original
143 Improving the frequency resolution of the default atmospheric opacity model J. Marvil 04/06/10 original
144 EVLA Computer Use Plan F. Owen, J. Robnett 04/19/10 original
145 On Determining Visibilities from Correlation Products R. Perley 05/14/10 original
146 RFI Mitigation in AIPS. The New Task UVRFI L. Kogan, F. Owen 06/02/10 original
147 Gain Expansion Measurements of the UX Converter T. Cotter 10/26/10 original
148 WIDAR anti-aliasing and spectral dynamic range test R. J. Sault 08/24/10 original
149 The E-Configuration of EVLA: Constraints for Reconfigurating from A To E and from E To D configuration L. Kogan 01/06/11 original
150 Photon Orbital Angular Momentum and Torque Metrics for Single Telescopes and Interferometers N. M. Elias II 04/07/11 original
151 EVLA Antenna Polarization at L, S, C, and X Bands R. Perley, B. Hayward 04/28/11 original
152 Characterizing the Sensitivity of the EVLA at L-band E. Momjian, R. Perley 05/02/11 original
153 ACU/Servo Upgrade Study J. Jackson, G. W. Maglathlin 06/15/11 original
154 Characterization of the EVLA 1-2 GHz Intermediate Frequency Passband K. Morris, E. Momjian 10/12/11 original
155 Dual-band Observation on the EVLA Utilizing the New Low-band Receiver and a Single Microwave Receiver J. Jackson, C. Kutz 12/12/11 original
156 Gain Distribution and Frequency Response of the T304 Input Stage K. Morris 02/22/12 original
157 Further investigation of low-level correlator artifacts: Wobbles and splatter R. J. Sault 03/25/12 original
158 Transporter Axle Failures J. Thunborg 03/27/12 original
159 Interferometric observations with self noise - An example R. J. Sault 05/02/12 original
160 More WIDAR spectral dynamic range tests R. J. Sault 05/02/12 original
161 The Effects of Automated RFI Mitigation on Source Intensity J. Helmboldt 05/08/12 original
162 Comparison of E and D configuration sensitivity when D configuration is tapered L. Kogan, F. Owen 07/06/12 original
163 Recirculation in WIDAR with phase serialization R. J. Sault 09/11/12 original
164 Some comments on the W-projection algorithm L. Kogan 10/08/12 original
165 The Impact of the New Thermal Gap Receiver Assembly on the Sensitivity of the EVLA at L-Band (1-2 GHz): Updated E. Momjian, R. Perley, R. Hayward 11/16/12
Rev. 12/11/14
166 Comparison of the Performance of the 3-bit and 8-bit Samplers at C (4-8 GHz), X (8-12 GHz) and Ku (12-18 GHz) Bands E. Momjian, R. Perley 03/27/13 original
167 Clock leakage into the EVLA baseband datastream R. J. Sault, K. Sowinski 04/02/13 original
168 Assessing the Impact of Using Three Cryogenic Compressors on the Performance of the EVLA E. Momjian, S. Durand, R. Perley, J. Gregg 04/06/13 original
169 Spectral artifacts from phase serialization R. J. Sault, K. Sowinski 08/26/13 original
170 Determining full EVLA polarization leakage terms at C and X bands R. J. Sault, R. A. Perley 08/29/13 original
171 Bandpass Stability: A 59 kHz Ripple C. Murray, W. M. Goss, S. Stanimirovic 09/18/13 original
172 The Modified J-Pole Antenna S. Ellingson, S. Coffey, D. Merteley 09/20/13 original
173 Strut-Straddling Arrays for the VLA 4-meter observing system S. Ellingson, D. Merteley, S. Coffey 09/22/13 original
174 Relative Sensitivity of Erickson and MPJ dipole feeds F. Owen 09/30/13 original
175 Low Band Receiver Performance S. Durand, P. Harden 09/27/13 original
176 High-sensitivity bandpass calibration: Combining observations in time C. Murray, W. M. Goss, S. Stanimirovic 01/28/14 original
177 Polarimetric calibration and dynamic range issues R. J. Sault, R. A. Perley 04/03/14 original
178 Stability of EVLA Polarizers at L, S, C, and X bands R. Perley, B. Sault 04/08/14 original
179 The New Weather Station for the VLA B. Butler, W. Koski 05/13/14 original
180 VLA Hybrid Configurations B. Clark 07/18/14 original
181 Atmospheric Phase Interferometer Instrument Description K. Morris 09/16/14 original
182 API Qualification Testing Results K. Morris 09/14/14 original
183 Clock Signal Harmonics in EVLA Baselines K. Morris, E. Momjian 09/16/14 original
184 Gain and Pdiff Compression in the EVLA IF Signal Path: Strategies for Identification and Mitigation K. Morris 09/17/14 original
185 Bandwidth and Frequency Dependent Effects in the T304 Total Power Detector K. Morris 09/17/14 original
186 An EVLA Stress Test Primer K. Morris, E. Momjian 09/17/14 original
187 The effect of RFI on 3-bit data at C-band M. Mao, R. Perley 10/08/14 original
188 The Impact of the New Thermal Gap Receiver Assembly on the Sensitivity of the EVLA at C-Band (4–8GHz) E. Momjian 12/02/14 -
189 Performance of the VLA’s New ACU System R. Perley 03/26/15 -
190 Imaging Testing of the 4Band MJP Dipole Feeds F. Owen, H. Intema 08/12/15 -
191 Mutithreading Gridders Without Copying and Locks K. Golap 01/15/15 -
192 Evaluation of Hittite 3-bit Samplers V. Dhawan 09/18/15 -
193 Optimizing Science on the VLA by Eliminating the Hybrid Configurations C. J. Chandler 01/07/16 -
194 EVLA Ka-band Receiver Down Converter Module Harmonics: The “Mega-Birdie” at 29440 MHz R. Selina, E. Momjian, W. Grammer, J. Jackson 02/05/16 -
195 Jansky Very Large Array Primary Beam Characteristics R. Perley 06/08/16 -
196 Improved Power Efficiency for Cryogenics at the Very Large Array D. Urbain, W. Grammer, G. Peck, J. Jackson, S. Durand 06/30/16 -
197 Techniques for Galactic Hi calibration from 21-SPONGE C. Murray, W. M. Goss, S. Stanimirović 07/01/16 -
198 MSUVBIN: A Way to Combine, Average, Flag Visibility Data K. Golap, E. Momjian 07/06/16 -
199 Considerations for JVLA Frequency and Time Averaging R. Perley, P. Demorest 12/20/16 -
200 Dipole Alignment Tolerance for the JVLA’s Low-Band System R. Perley 12/21/16 -
201 CASA Interferometric Pipeline Polarization Calibration & Imaging Requirement & Design Specifications C. A. Hales 06/22/17 -
202 Astronomical Calibration of Tcal and Antenna Efficiency for the Jansky Very Large Array R. Perley 03/14/17 -
203 A Study of the Compact Water Vapor Radiometer for Phase Calibration of the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array A. Gill, et al. 09/12/17 -
204 The Sensitivity of the EVLA at L (1–2GHz) and S (2–4GHz) Bands E. Momjian 09/06/17 -
205 VLA Polarization Calibration: RL Phase Stability F. K. Schinzel 05/02/18 -
206 S-band Radio Frequency Interference from Geostationary Satellites F. Schinzel 07/20/18 -
207 Implementing Polarimetry with the JVLA’s Low-Band Receivers R. Perley, E. Greisen 04/11/19 -
208 JVLA Calibration Stability at L-band Over 5.5 Years C. A. Hales, N. Stephenson 06/28/19 -
209 JVLA Antenna Absolute Polarization Characteristics at L, S, C, X, and Ku Bands R. Perley, E. Greisen, W. Grammer, R. Long 07/07/20 -
210 Lunar Polarimetry at L-band R. Perley 06/25/21 -
211 VLA Subreflector Alignment R. Perley, K. Sowinski, L. Wilkins, S. Andersen 06/29/21 -
212 VLA Holography R. Perley 07/21/21 -
213 EVLA Radome Material Selection B. Simkin 01/10/22 -
214 Determining the VLA Antenna Elevation Gain Dependences R. Perley 01/11/22 -
215 The Distribution of Observed Azimuth and Elevation Angles for the Pre-upgrade VLA B. Butler 01/24/22 -
216 A Search for Strong High-Frequency Low-Polarization Calibrators R. Perley 02/10/22 -
217 The Distribution of Observed Azimuth and Elevation Angles for the Post-upgrade VLA B. Butler 03/14/22 -
218 Radome Tests in Situ of Antenna ea11 P. P. B. Beaklini, V. Dhawan, P. Demorest 05/16/22 -
219 Enabling MeerKAT Polarimetric Imaging in AIPS R. Perley, E. Greisen, B. Hugo 09/09/22 -
220 OST Logs 2011-2022: Weather and Forecast D. Faes 10/26/22 -
221 OST Logs 2011-2022: Temporal and Sidereal Coverage D. Faes, P.P.B. Beaklini 10/26/22 -
222 Coordinated Starlink User Terminal Testing Near the VLA C. De Pree, U. Rau, R. Selina, B. Svoboda, A. Beasley 04/15/23 -
223 SpaceX-VLA Alamo Pilot Testing C. De Pree, U. Rau, R. Selina, B. Svoboda, A. Beasley 04/15/23 -
224 Compact Symmetric Object Candidates as VLA Complex Gain and Unpolarized Calibrators E. Sheldahl, G. Taylor, F. Schinzel 04/19/23 -
225 VLA Dynamic Scheduling and the Effects of Bad Weather D. Faes, H. Medlin, M. Gardiner 07/05/23 -
226 Testing the Efficacy of the AIPS Program ‘TECOR’ R. Perley, B. Wolfe, E. Greisen 08/04/23 -
227 Reserved -
228 VLA 4-band Beam Width Measurement Using the Holography Observing Mode A. K. Vydula. et al. 10/25/23 -
229 Post-Correlation Basis Conversion in AIPS R. Perley, E. Greisen 04/04/24 -
230 Polarimetry with the VLA’s P-band R. Perley, E. Greisen 05/31/24 -
231 Source Peeling for JVLA Data with 3GC Tools V. Parekh 05/02/24 -
232 VLA Dynamic Scheduling Statistics D. Faes 05/30/24 -

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