Green Bank Telescope Memos

Memo Submission

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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date Wiki version
1 View-Graphs for Antenna Designs R. Norrod 07/13/89 Wiki version
2 The Need for High Resolution for Polarization Studies of Galactic Background Radiation G. L. Verschuur, T. A. T. Spoelstra 08/89 Wiki version
3 First Meeting of the Active Surface Group J. Payne 08/09/89 Wiki version
4 Performance Comparison of Symmetrical and Clear Aperture Antennas R. Norrod, et al. 07/25/89 Wiki version
5 GBT Slew Rate D. Emerson 07/27/89 Wiki version
6 Operation of the GBT At 3 mm Wavelength D. Thompson 08/04/89 Wiki version
7 Remarks About Scaling and Surface S. von Hoerner 08/02/89 Wiki version
8 Some Recent Papers on Anomalous Seeing D. E. Hogg 08/23/89 Wiki version
9 100-m Structure J. Payne 08/24/89 Wiki version
10 Actuators J. Payne 08/30/89 Wiki version
11 The Choice Between Symmetrical and Unblocked-Aperture Designs A. R. Thompson 09/01/89 Wiki version
12 Primary or Secondary Compensation J. Payne 09/07/89 Wiki version
13 Far-Out Sidelobes in Large Reflector Antennas J. Lamb [09]/89 Wiki version
14 High-Frequency Performance of GBT J. Payne 09/22/89 Wiki version
15 Notes from the GBT Design Workshop G. Seielstad 09/29/89 Wiki version
16 Spillover Noise Temperature Calculations for the Green Bank Clear Aperture Antenna S. Srikanth 10/04/89 Wiki version
17 An Analysis of Spillover for a Clear Aperture Antenna R. Norrod 10/04/89 Wiki version
18 Homology and the Position of the Arm A. R. Thompson 10/12/89 Wiki version
19 More on the Spillover Noise Temperature Comparisons for the Green Bank Telescope S. Srikanth 10/19/89 Wiki version
20 Active Surface Adjustment To Nominal Vs. Nearby Paraboloid L. R. D'Addario 10/20/89 Wiki version
21 Comments on "Active Surface Adjustment To Nominal Vs. Nearby Paraboloid" A. R. Thompson 10/25/89 Wiki version
22 A Summary of Wind Statistics for Green Bank D. E. Hogg, J. Nance 10/26/89 Wiki version
23 The Nobeyama 45-meter Telescope F. Crews, R. Lacasse 11/02/89 Wiki version
24 Notes on Measuring Distances J. W. Findlay 11/18/89 Wiki version
25 Receiver Selection Using a Rotating Mirror J. R. Coe 11/28/89 Wiki version
26 Beam Switching Using Tilting Mirrors in a Gregorian System J. Coe 11/28/89 Wiki version
27 Comments Regarding Utilities and Other Physical Requirements for Proposed Sites 3, 4, 5 for the GBT B. Peery 12/07/89 Wiki version
28 Geometry of the Primary Surface of the GBT F. R. Schwab 01/17/90 Wiki version
29 Multibeam Receivers for the GBT J. R. Coe 01/24/90 Wiki version
30 GBT Siting Data and Recommendations F. Crews 01/25/90 Wiki version
31 Panel Surfaces for the Green Bank Telescope J. Nelson 01/07/90 Wiki version
32 Tolerance of Panel Location on Mold S. von Hoerner [01/07/90] Wiki version
33 GBT Lateral Focusing C. Brockway 02/29/90 Wiki version
34 GBT Feed/Subreflector Positioning Coefficients R. Norrod 02/21/90 Wiki version
35 Economization in Number of Surface Panel Molds F. Schwab 02/15/90 Wiki version
36 Pointing and Surface Control of GBT J. Payne 02/27/90 Wiki version
37 Error Sensitivity of GBT Laser Metrology F. Schwab 02/27/90 Wiki version
38 GBT Fine Pointing C. Brockway 03/01/90 Wiki version
39 Cable Specifications for GBT Cable Wrap S. D. White 03/02/90 Wiki version
40 Increase in Distance Between Large and Small Subreflectors R. D. Norrod 03/06/90 Wiki version
41 Spillover Blockage in the GBT Design R. D. Norrod 03/07/90 Wiki version
42 Fine Pointing for the GBT J. M. Payne 03/13/90 Wiki version
43 GBT Focal Length R. D. Norrod 03/20/90 Wiki version
44 Distortions of the Antenna Pattern Due To Surface-Panel Imperfections F. Schwab 03/18/90 Wiki version
45 Atmospheric Limitations on the GBT Laser Ranging System D. E. Hogg 03/22/90 Wiki version
46 Painting the Surface of the Green Bank Telescope D. Hogg 03/22/90 Wiki version
47 Electromagnetic Analysis of the GBT S. Srikanth 03/27/90 Wiki version
48 Correcting for Gravitational Motion of Focus in Elevation (Small Subreflector) S. Srikanth 04/24/90 Wiki version
49 Axial Focusing S. Srikanth 04/24/90 Wiki version
50 Axis of Nutation and Nutated Performance S. Srikanth 04/20/90 Wiki version
51 GBT Control and Monitor System Update and Commentary M. H. Clark, R. Lacasse 05/22/90 Wiki version
52 Azimuth and Parallactic Angle Tracking Near the Zenith F. Ghigo 05/24/90 Wiki version
53 GBT Pointing Coefficients S. Srikanth 05/24/90 Wiki version
54 Arm Location and Homology S. von Hoerner 01/03/90 Wiki version
55 Field of View of GBT - Unshaped S. Srikanth 06/06/90 Wiki version
56 Remarks About Dynamics, Atmosphere and Summaries S. von Hoerner 06/10/90 Wiki version
57 The Laser Ranging System for the GBT J. Payne, D. Parker 07/20/90 Wiki version
58 Beam-Switching on the GBT R. J. Maddalena, C. Salter [10/16/90] Wiki version
59 The GBT's Adjustable Optics R. Fisher, R. Norrod, J. Payne 10/10/90 Wiki version
60 Active Correction at the Primary Reflector or the Subreflector? A. R. Thompson 10/26/90 Wiki version
61 Parameters for Filling or Covering Panel Gaps on the GBT R. Fisher 12/29/90 Wiki version
62 Gaps or Seams in the Subreflector Surface R. D. Norrod 01/29/91 Wiki version
63 GBT Feed Turret R. D. Norrod 05/16/91 Wiki version
64 Orientation of the Retroreflectors on the GBT Primary Surface F. Schwab 05/19/91 Wiki version
65 Corner Cube Mounting D. Seaman 06/24/91 Wiki version
66 Gregorian Receivers for the GBT M. Balister, R. Norrod, S. Srikanth 09/10/91 Wiki version
67 Concept of a Quasi-Optical Beam-Switching Scheme on the GBT S. Srikanth 09/20/91 Wiki version
68 Planned Holographic Measurements With the Green Bank Telescope R. J. Maddalena, R. Norrod, S. White 09/30/91 Wiki version
69 Proposed Plan To Implementing Prime Focus Receiver Requirements for the GBT G. Behrens 10/14/91 Wiki version
70 Remarks Regarding GBT Memo 67 S. von Hoerner 11/08/91 Wiki version
71 Special Design Considerations For Wind Induced Pointing Errors in Large Unblocked Aperture Radio Reflectors D. C. Merrili 11/05/91 Wiki version
72 Requirements for Data Analysis Software for the Green Bank Telescope R. Foster, et al. 12/05/91 Wiki version
73 A Rangefinder With Fast Multiple Range Capability J. M. Payne, D. Parker, R. Bradley [02/92] Wiki version
74 Paint Performance at Millimeter Wavelengths J. Lamb 02/28/92 Wiki version
75 GBT Pointing Equations J. J. Condon [04/92] Wiki version
76 RFI Tests on PowerTec Brushless Motor and Controller R. Lacasse, R. Norrod 05/01/92 Wiki version
77 RFI Tests on Magnetostrictive Position Sensors R. Norrod, R. Lacasse 05/05/92 Wiki version
78 Correcting for Gravity Induced Deformations S. Srikanth 05/20/92 Wiki version
79 The Feasibility of Acoustic Thermometry for Laser EDM Temperature Correction D. H. Parker, J. M. Payne, S. A. Massey, S. L. Riley 07/22/92 Wiki version
80 Evaluation of LVDT Units for the GBT D. Schiebel, B. Vance, C. J. Salter 07/24/92 Wiki version
81 Observer Monitor and Control Requirements J. R. Fisher, F. J. Lockman 02/03/92 Wiki version
82 GBT Gregorian Receiver Status F. J. Lockman, R. Norrod 09/03/92 Wiki version
83 GBT Spectrometer Requirements F. J. Lockman 06/02/92 Wiki version
84 Pointing the GBT J. M. Payne 09/16/92 Wiki version
85 The GBT Precision Pointing System D. C. Wells 09/25/92 Wiki version
86 RFI Testing of Power Drive Unit and Six Motors R. J. Lacasse 10/01/92 Wiki version
87 Gain/System Temperature Optimization at Secondary Focus S. Srikanth 10/06/92 Wiki version
88 GBT M&C Requirements Analysis Model M. H. Clark 10/05/92 Wiki version
89 GBT Monitor and Control Design Rationale M. Clark, R. Fisher 09/16/92 Wiki version
90 Comments on GBT Memo No. 89: "GBT Monitor and Control Design Rationale" L. R. D'Addario 11/13/92 Wiki version
91 Laser Safety M. J. Valente [11/92] Wiki version
92 Reply To GBT Memo 90 R. Fisher, M. Clark 11/23/92 Wiki version
93 Error Sensitivity of the GBT Subreflector Positioning Mechanism F. R. Schwab 11/24/92 Wiki version
94 A Summary of the Minimum Requirements for the Control and Operation of the GBT in the Initial Phase D. E. Hogg 12/23/92 Wiki version
95 Active Surface Actuator RFI Problems D. R. Schiebel 12/18/92 Wiki version
96 Wind Vibrations S. von Hoerner 12/23/92 Wiki version
97 A Study of the Effect of Vertical Stratification of the Atmosphere on the Performance of the GBT L. Kogan 11/20/92 Wiki version
98 Profile Corrugated Horn for the GBT: Prototype Design and Measurement S. Srikanth 01/25/93 Wiki version
99 Design Goals for a Digital Continuum Receiver D. R. Schiebel 01/25/93 Wiki version
100 Shift of Prime Focus Location by Small Surface Adjustments S. von Hoerner 01/17/93 Wiki version
101 The Holography System: IF and Correlator Design S. D. White 02/93 Wiki version
102 Polarization Characteristics of the GBT S. Srikanth 04/16/93 Wiki version
103 Division of Concerns in the GBT Pointing Correction System R. Fisher, D. E. Hogg, L. Macknik 04/23/93 Wiki version
104 GBT Dynamics R. Lacasse, T. Weadon 04/23/93 Wiki version
105 The GBT Observer Interface. I. Pointing the GBT: The Astronomical Pointing System (APS). Ramifications for M&C and AIPS++ C. Heiles, R. J. Maddalena [08/93] Wiki version
106 RF To Optical Fiber: Switching and Transfer Functions. A Proposal for Software. C. Heiles [08/93] Wiki version
107 A Suggested Design for the Control Facility for the Green Bank Telescope R. J. Maddalena 08/11/93 Wiki version
108 The Proposed GBT Correlator C. Heiles [09/93] Wiki version
109 Long Millimeter-Wave Science With the GBT A. Wootten 12/91 Wiki version
110 Astronomical Pointing Parameters S. von Hoerner 11/17/93 Wiki version
111 The Green Bank Telescope Laser Ranging System ZY Software Reference Manual R. Creager 01/24/94 Wiki version
112 Refraction, Weather Station Components, and Other Details for Pointing the GBT R. J. Maddalena 02/15/94 Wiki version
113 GBT Phases R. D. Hall 06/06/94 Wiki version
114 GBT Actuator/Retroreflector/Panel Spreadsheet D. H. Parker 09/15/94 Wiki version
115 Gain Reduction Due To Gravity-Induced Deflections of the GBT Tipping Structure (Model 95, Version B) and Its Compensation S. Srikanth 09/09/94 Wiki version
116 Pellissier Model H5 Portable Hydrostatic Level / Tiltmeter P & S Enterprises, Ltd 05/92 Wiki version
117 Benchmarks for Accurate Leveling Pellissier 05/93 Wiki version
118 Actuator Short Step Life Tests R. Lacasse 12/29/94 Wiki version
119 GBT Surface Accuracy R. D. Norrod 01/11/95 Wiki version
120 Requirements On Use of the GBT Active Surface F. J. Lockman 01/24/95 Wiki version
121 Addendum To GBT Memo No. 115 S. Srikanth 01/30/95 Wiki version
122 A Revised Description of the GBT Pointing System D. E. Hogg, J. R. Fisher 02/07/95 Wiki version
123 A Networked Frame Grabber R. E. Creager 02/21/95 Wiki version
124 The GBT Tipping-Structure Model in C D. Wells, L. King 03/21/95 Wiki version
125 Evaluating GBT Performance during the Commissioning Phase J. R. Fisher, R. J. Maddalena, M. M. McKinnon 04/14/95 Wiki version
126 The Statistics of Wind Speed Near the GBT M. M. McKinnon 04/10/95 Wiki version
127 GBT Dynamic Pointing Meeting J. M. Payne 04/17/95 Wiki version
128 Test Report on Solar Diffusion of Painted Reflectors R. D. Norrod 04/26/95 Wiki version
129 Modeling and Analysis of the Green Bank Telescope Control System W. Gawronski, B. Parvin 04/29/95 Wiki version
130 GBT Finite Element Analysis Macros in Quattro Pro G. Buzanoski 05/30/95 Wiki version
131 GBT Best-Fitting Paraboloid [BFP] in C D. Wells, L. King 06/20/95 Wiki version
132 Fast Pointing Change and Small Oscillation S. von Hoerner 06/15/95 Wiki version
133 Active Damping for the GBT Arm J. M. Payne, D. T. Emerson 06/28/95 Wiki version
134 Simulations of the GBT Antenna With the Command Preprocessor W. Gawronski, B. Parvin 06/24/95 Wiki version
135 Simulations of the GBT Antenna With the Command Preprocessor: Approximations from 100 ms To 20 ms Sampling W. Gawronski, B. Parvin 07/07/95 Wiki version
136 Simulations of the GBT Antenna With the LQG Controller W. Gawronski, B. Parvin 08/23/95 Wiki version
137 The Case for Equipping the GBT With 26.5 - 40 GHz Receivers D. Frayer, P. Vanden Bout 08/11/95 Wiki version
138 Summary of Life Tests of GBT Panel Actuators R. Lacasse 09/18/95 Wiki version
139 Low Tracking Rates in Azimuth M. M. McKinnon 09/17/95 Wiki version
140 United States Patent: Optical Electronic Distance Measuring Apparaturs With Movable Mirror J. M. Payne, D. H. Parker, R. F. Bradley 10/03/95 Wiki version
141 Design Considerations for a GBT Q-Band Array Receiver E. Wollack, S. Srikanth 04/09/95 Wiki version
142 The Effects of Random Surface and Pointing Deviations on GBT Performance E. Wollack 09/01/95 Wiki version
143 On Possible Locations for a GBT Quadrant Detector R. D. Norrod 01/04/96 Wiki version
144 Monitoring the GBT Arm Movement J. M. Payne 12/20/95 Wiki version
145 The Green Bank Telescope Panel Setting Tool Instrumentation D. H. Parker 02/16/96 Wiki version
146 Optical Ray Trace Computations for the Laser Ranging System Detector Lens M. A. Goldman 02/16/96 Wiki version
147 Laser Rangefinder Locations and Orientations F. R. Schwab 03/06/96 Wiki version
148 Ball Retroreflector Optics M. A. Goldman 03/23/96 Wiki version
149 First Tests of a Quadrant Detector J. M. Payne, D. Schiebel 03/29/96 Wiki version
150 GBT Paint Thickness J. M. Payne, B. Shillue, E. Wollack 03/29/96 Wiki version
151 Fiber Optic Gain Stability S. D. White 06/05/96 Wiki version
152 Preventing Oscillations of Large Radio Telescopes After a Fast Stop S. von Hoerner 05/29/96 Wiki version
153 Target Position Corrections Due To Non-Perpendicularity of Laser Scan Axes M. A. Goldman 05/20/96 Wiki version
154 GBT Dish Laser Range Measurement Corrections M. A. Goldman 06/25/96 Wiki version
155 A Summary of the GBT Optics Design R. Norrod, S. Srikanth 03/96 Wiki version
156 GBT Laser Rangefinder Intensity and Safety M. A. Goldman 08/28/96 Wiki version
157 A Status Report on the GBT Laser Demonstration at the 140 Foot Telescope D. H. Parker 08/28/96 Wiki version
158 Slant Range Tests of Quadrant Detector J. M. Payne, D. Schiebel 09/26/96 Wiki version
159 Dynamic Tests on the GBT J. M. Payne, D. Schiebel, F. R. Schwab 10/24/96 Wiki version
160 Laser Rangefinder Deflection Measurements of the GBT Derrick A. L. Petticrew 11/18/96 Wiki version
161 Approaches To the GBT Vibration Problem D. Wells 12/17/96 Wiki version
162 Rangefinder Metrology for the Green Bank Telescope M. A. Goldman, R. E. Creager, D. H. Parker, J. M. Payne [09/96] Wiki version
163 Status Report: GBT Fiber IF System S. White, R. Norrod 02/28/97 Wiki version
164 Laser Distance Measurements To the Elevation Bearing Support Weldments M. A. Goldman 03/14/97 Wiki version
165 GBT Coordinates and Coordinate Transformations M. A. Goldman 02/15/97 Wiki version
166 The Green Bank Telescope Laser Metrology R&D Project: A Review and Bibliography D. H. Parker 04/18/97 Wiki version
167 Initial Passive Vibration Measurements on the GBT F. R. Schwab, J. M. Payne, D. Schiebel 06/07/97 Wiki version
168 Measurements of 201 Manufactured GBT Surface Retroreflector Assemblies M. A. Goldman 08/18/97 Wiki version
169 Status of Pointing Tests on the 140 ft Using the GBT Metrology System W. D. Cotton 10/08/97 Wiki version
170 GBT Spectrometer Sampler Tests R. Escoffier [10/97] Wiki version
171 Pad for Loading Front Ends, and GBT Access Ramp T. Weadon, G. Lawrence, F. Crews 11/10/97 Wiki version
172 Policy on Issues Affecting the Development of Graphical User Interfaces for the GBT M. M. McKinnon 11/20/97 Wiki version
173 The Condon Series Pointing Model in C D. Wells 01/06/98 Wiki version
174 Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for the Green Bank Telescope G. Hunt 01/09/98 Wiki version
175 GBT Subreflector Actuator Functions in C D. Wells 01/21/98 Wiki version
176 GBT Subreflector Motions and Servo Properties D. Wells 01/21/98 Wiki version
177 Visualizing the Geometry of the GBT Metrology Systems D. Wells 02/25/98 Wiki version
178 The "Ray" Ray Tracing Package D. Wells 03/06/98 Wiki version
179 Imaging Properties of the GBT Subreflector in C D. Wells 03/16/98 Wiki version
180 The Control Software Architecture for the Green Bank Telescope M. H. Clark [04/98] Wiki version
181 GBT Telescope and Instrumentation Control System Hardware Architecture: Computers, Networks, Interfaces, and Timing J. M. Ford [04/98] Wiki version
182 Reliable Multicast Protocols and Their Application on the Green Bank Telescope J. J. Brandt [04/98] Wiki version
183 GBT Gregorian Focus Tracking in C D. Wells 06/19/98 Wiki version
184 The Green Bank Telescope Active Surface System R. J. Lacasse [06/98] Wiki version
185 140'+ GBT Spectrometer Tests: First Light G. Langston, R. Norrod 05/29/98 Wiki version
186 Measurement Program for the Green Bank Telescope R. Hall, M. A. Goldman, D. H. Parker, J. M. Payne [07/98] Wiki version
187 A New Short-Backfire Antenna As Prime Focus Feed for the GBT S. Srikanth, G. Behrens 05/13/98 Wiki version
188 Dynamical Rangefinder Measurements M. A. Goldman 06/08/98 Wiki version
189 The Green Bank Telescope Laser Metrology System ZY Version 2.5 Software Interface Reference Manual R. E. Creager 09/01/98 Wiki version
190 GBT Spectrometer Temperature Tests R. Lacasse 08/16/98 Wiki version
191 VOID (Duplicate of GBT Memo 186) - - -
192 The Green Bank Telescope: An Overview F. J. Lockman [12/98] Wiki version
193 GBT Receiver Development J. Condon 05/13/98 Wiki version
194 Scientific Requirements for GBT Metrology J. J. Condon 08/28/98 Wiki version
195 GBT Pointing Coefficient Estimates for Phase I, From Metrology Measurements M. A. Goldman, D. S. Balser, D. Wells 03/18/99 Wiki version
196 Fitting Models To Simulated Rangefinder Data D. Wells 04/06/99 Wiki version
197 A Protocol for Pointing Synchronization Messages J. J. Brandt 04/30/99 Wiki version
198 Field-of-View of the GBT At 46 GHz R. Norrod, S. Srikanth 04/30/99 Wiki version
199 Field-of-View of the GBT At 90 GHz R. Norrod, S. Srikanth 04/30/99 Wiki version
200 GBT Panel Actuator Errors and Calibration R. J. Lacasse 05/03/99 Wiki version
201 Analysis of GBT Accelerometer Data From the May 19 Elevation Rotation F. R. Schwab 08/05/99 Wiki version
202 2-D Phase Closure With GBT Laser Rangefinders D. Wells, et al. 12/03/99 Wiki version
203 Jerk-Minimizing Trajectory Generator in C D. C. Wells 12/31/99 Wiki version
204 GBT Feed-Arm Analysis Using Laser Ranging and Accelerometers D. S. Balser 02/07/00 Wiki version
205 Enhancements To the Pellissier H5 Hydrostatic Level D. H. Parker, J. W. Shelton, B. Radcliff [08/00] Wiki version
206 Instrument for Setting Radio Telescope Surfaces D. H. Parker, J. M. Payne, J. W. Shelton, T. L. Weadon [08/00] Wiki version
207 Analysis of Cardinal Point Survey Data D. Wells 10/16/00 Wiki version
208 Requirements for Accurate Galactic HI Observations With the GBT F. J. Lockman, J. E. Dickey 10/27/00 Wiki version
209 Geometry and Conventions for Subreflector Metrology M. A. Goldman 04/09/00 Wiki version
210 GBT Feed/Receiver Room Flange Center Locations: Measurements March 31-April 1, 1998 M. A. Goldman 03/23/99 Wiki version
211 Calibration of the GBT Triplet Retroreflector Units M. A. Goldman 06/29/00 Wiki version
212 Rangefinder Target Visibility Codes M. A. Goldman 11/27/98 Wiki version
213 Phase Center Locations for GBT Gregorian Feeds M. A. Goldman 12/21/00 Wiki version
214 Range Scan Program: Static Check Scan, Main Reflector Surface M. Goldman 12/29/00 Wiki version
215 Range Scan Program: Proposed Scan Scheduler, Conventions, Missions M. Goldman 12/29/00 Wiki version
216 Range Scan Program: Triplet Retroreflector Use M. Goldman 12/29/00 Wiki version
217 Range Scan Program: Rangefinder Aiming M. Goldman 12/29/00 Wiki version
218 Comments on COMSAT's Alignment Survey of the Subreflector Structure, As Erected Onto the GBT Telescope M. A. Goldman 12/23/00 Wiki version
219 GBT Spectrometer Tests At L-Band G. Langston, R. Lacasse 01/23/01 Wiki version
220 Demonstration of the Mechanism Driving the GBT Track Movement D. H. Parker 07/26/01 Wiki version
221 Using the Portable Fast Sampler J.-L. Margot 11/18/00 Wiki version
222 GBT Rolling Weight Measurements: Methods, Results, Estimation of Uncertainty, and Auxiliary Measurements D. H. Parker, et al. 10/23/03 Wiki version
223 Green Bank Site Survey Information D. H. Parker, B. Radcliff, J. W. Shelton 04/20/04 Wiki version
224 NRAO Green Bank Metrology Lab Capabilities, Facilities and Resources D. H. Parker, B. Radcliff, J. Shelton 04/07/04 Wiki version
225 Attenuated Retroreflectors for Electronic Distance Measurement D. H. Parker, M. A. Goldman, B. Radcliff, J. W. Shelton 02/12/04 Wiki version
226 Multidirectional Retroreflector Assembly With a Common Virtual Reflection Point Using Four-Mirror Retroreflectors D. H. Parker 02/12/04 Wiki version
227 Calibration and Modeling of a Dual-Axis Inclinometer D. H. Parker, F. R. Schwab, J. W. Shelton 04/14/04 Wiki version
228 Advances In Hydrostatic Leveling With the NPH6, and Suggestions for Further Enhancements D. H. Parker, B. Radcliff, J. W. Shelton 04/13/04 Wiki version
229 Calibration of Kelvin Clamp Euler Angles For Absolute Instrument Orientation D. H. Parker, J. W. Shelton 03/03/04 Wiki version
230 Working Notes on The Green Bank Telescope Laser Metrology System D. H. Parker 04/29/04 Wiki version
231 Trajectory Generator With Improved Small-Step Behavior D. C. Wells 05/28/04 Wiki version
232 Apparent Temperature of Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Venus at X Band G. Langston, et al. 04/06/04 Wiki version
233 GBT Calibration and Efficiency at 285-400 MHz G. Langston, C. Orban 07/13/04 Wiki version
234 August 2004 Lab Measurements of the Optical Drive Module Linearities T. Minter, S. White, R. Norrod 11/08/04 Wiki version
235 May 2004 Measurements of IF Non-Linearities In the IF Rack and the DCR T. Minter, S. White, R. Norrod 11/08/04 Wiki version
236 Observing at the GBT With VLBA+Mark5A and VLBA+S2 Backends Y. Y. Kovalev, et al. [04/05] Wiki version
237 GBTIDL Calibration and Imaging Tests J. Curtis, G. Langston 08/19/05 Wiki version
238 3 mm GBT Feed Tests G. N. Anderson, S. Srikanth 08/22/05 Wiki version
239 Zspectrometer Installation Options S. White, B. Simon 01/20/06 Wiki version
240 Backend DC Offsets and Calibration Errors as Sources of Non-Linearity T. Minter 05/02/06 Wiki version
241 Lab Measurements of the Optical Drive Module Linearities With the New NRAO Built Amplifiers T. Minter, S. White 05/19/06 Wiki version
242 Linearity of the GBT IF Rack To DCR Square Law Detectors, March 2006 T. Minter, S. White 06/16/06 Wiki version
243 Scanning Performance of the GBT at 1.4 GHz from Prime Focus S. Srikanth 06/09/06 Wiki version
244 The Proper Production of Full-Stokes Spectra Using the Fully-Functioning Full-Stokes Mode of the GBT Spectrometer T. Robishaw, C. Heiles [10/06] Wiki version
245 Zpectrometer Comissioning Report, Fall 2006 A. Harris, et al. 04/18/07 Wiki version
246 Recent Astronomical Commissioning Results for the Ka-band (26.0-40 GHz) Receiver D. J. Pisano, R. Maddalena, C. Figura, J. Wagg 05/01/07 Wiki version
247 Ghost Images of Strong Signals Arising At ±100 MHz and From Aliased Power In GBT Spectrometer Spectra T. Minter 06/04/07 Wiki version
248 Symmetry in the Ka-band Correlation Receiver's Input Circuit and Spectral Baseline Structure A. Harris, S. Zonak, G. Watts 06/07/07 Wiki version
249 Basic Stability of the Ka-Band Correlation Receiver A. I. Harris, S. G. Zonak, G. Watts 07/05/07 Wiki version
250 Van Vleck Correction for the GBT Correlator F. R. Schwab 08/23/07 Wiki version
251 Science With Bolometer Arrays On the GBT B. S. Mason 06/24/03 Wiki version
252 Mustang Fall 2006 Engineering Run Results B. Mason, S. Dicker, P. Korngut, J. Aguirre 03/07/07 Wiki version
253 Pseudocontinuum Polarimetry With the GBT B. S. Mason 09/03/07 Wiki version
254 Design Considerations for Correlation Radiometers A. I. Harris, S. G. Zonak, G. Watts, R. Norrod 10/22/07 Wiki version
255 Astronomical Results From the Recommissioning of the Ka-Band As a Dual-Feed, Single Channel Receiver Using the Spectrometer R. J. Maddalena, D. J. Pisano, J. Wagg 12/20/07 Wiki version
256 Ka-Band Observations of Low-J CO Line Emission in z~6 Quasar Host Galaxies J. Wagg, et al. 02/21/08 Wiki version
257 A VXCO Upgrade of LO3 To Reduce ±100MHz Sideband Image Ghosts T. Minter, M. Stennes 08/16/07 Wiki version
258 System Temperature Calculation and Data Weighting for the Zpectrometer A. I. Harris, A. J. Baker 05/06/08 Wiki version
259 Zpectrometer Project Status, July 2008 A. I. Harris, A. J. Baker 07/06/08 Wiki version
260 Standing Waves Excited By Extended Sources In the X-Band Feed Horn T. Minter 11/05/08 Wiki version
261 Ka-band/CCB Instrumental Calibration B. S. Mason 02/20/09 Wiki version
262 Comparison of GBT K-Band Feeds Linear Taper Horns and Profile Horn S. Srikanth 05/02/09 Wiki version
263 Does the GBT's Plate Scale Change With Elevation? R. J. Maddalena, F. Ghigo 10/28/09 Wiki version
264 Exploring the Measured and Theoretical Noise of the GBT Spectrometer R. J. Maddalena 10/30/09 Wiki version
265 Polarization State Measurement in the GBT Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable S. D. White 11/06/09 Wiki version
266 Origin of the Nonideal Structure In Ka-band Spectra Since 2007 A. I. Harris, A. J. Baker 12/22/09 Wiki version
267 Weather Conditions At Green Bank Relevant To Observing At mm-Wavelengths F. J. Lockman, R. J. Maddalena 03/31/10 Wiki version
268 Field Scanner Design for MUSTANG of the Green Bank Telescope J. Cheng, X. Li, Y. Li, B. Mason [10/10] Wiki version
269 The Effects of Weather on MUSTANG Data Quality B. S. Mason, D. Perera 10/11/10 Wiki version
270 A Mathematical Examination of 180 Degree and 90 Degree Hybrids in Differential Radiometers G. Watts 09/10 Wiki version
271 Distortions of the GBT Beam Pattern Due To Systematic Deformations of the Surface Panels F. R. Schwab, T. R. Hunter 11/12/10 Wiki version
272 Green Bank Telescope (GBT) Memo Series LaTeX Template G. Langston 02/09/11 Wiki version
273 KFPA Measurements of the GBT Gain By Observing the Moon G. Langston 02/25/11 Wiki version
274 GBTIDL Calibration Using On/Off Moon Scans G. Langston 04/07/11 Wiki version
275 Comparison of Methods of Focal Plane Array Gain Measurements G. Langston 05/24/11 Wiki version
276 Theoretical Ratio of Beam Efficiency To Aperture Efficiency R. J. Maddalena 12/15/10 Wiki version
277 A Radio Multiobject Spectrograph C. L. Carilli, G. Watts, R. Fisher [11/10/11] Wiki version
278 GBT Data Archive Proposal: Storage, Meta-Data, and Access D. S. Balser, B. R. Kent, G. Hunt 02/21/12 Wiki version
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(Code VEGAS parameter table)
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