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Memo Number Title Author(s) Date Rev. Date
1 The Concept of a Millimeter Array F. N. Owen 09/82
2 Science With a Millimeter Array Various 02/83
3 Fiber Optic Links In a Millimeter Wave Array S. Weinreb 06/83
4 A Millimeter-Wave Array Development Plan S. Weinreb 09/83
5 Estimate Antenna Costs - Millimeter Array W. Horne 12/82
6 Cost Equation of Millimeter Wave Array S. Weinreb 09/83
7 Performance Considerations for Correlating Acousto-Optic Spectrometers J. W. Archer 09/83
8 VLA Phase Stability At 22 GHz On Baselines of 100m To 3 km (VLA Test Memo 143) R. A. Sramek 10/83
9 Report of Subcommittee On Millimeter and Submillimeter- Wavelength Astronomy NSF Astronomer Advisory Committee 04/83
10 Concept of a Compound Millimeter Array F. N. Owen 12/83
11 Multi-Element Array Configurations A. Moffet 03/84
12 Imaging of Weak Sources With Compact Arrays T. J. Cornwell 03/84
13 The Relation Between Optical Seeing and Radio Phase Stability T. J. Cornwell 03/84
14 Notes On Millimeter Array Meeting J. M. Moran 03/84
15 SMT Technical Memorandum UA - 84-3 Appendices B. L. Ulich 03/84
16 Report of the Millimeter Array Technical Advisory Committee of March 1984 - 03/84
17 A Possible Optics Plan for the Multi-Element Antenna B. Martin 06/84
18 Quality Indicators for the MM Array T. J. Cornwell 07/84
19 VLA Atmospheric Opacity At 225 GHz mm Array S. A. Cota, R. A. Sramek 08/84
20 Some Initial Parameters of the Proposed mm Array R. M. Hjellming 10/84
21 Evaluation of Some Initial Possiblities for the Large Configurations of the Proposed mm Array R. M. Hjellming 10/84
22 Cost Diameter Curves D. Downes 08/84
23 Wide Bandwidth Correlator B. G. Clark 09/84
24 Brightness Temperature Limits for Filled and Unfilled Apertures T. J. Cornwell 09/84
25 Are We Thinking Boldly Enough? M. A. Gordon 10/84
26 Response To MMa Memo No. 22 A. A. Stark 10/84
27 Evaluation of 1 KM Millimeter Array Configurations With Attention To RMS Sidelobe Level and Antenna Number G. S. Hennessy, R. M. Hjellming 12/84
28 Longer Baselines R. C. Walker 11/84
29 Sensitivity Criteria for Aperture Synthesis Arrays R. M. Hjellming 02/85
30 The 90 Meter Configuration of the Proposed NRAO mm Array R. M. Hjellming 02/85
31 The Multi-Telescope Component of the Proposed mm Array R. M. Hjellming 02/85
32 Mosaicing With the mm Array T. J. Cornwell 0/85
33 Factors Affecting Sensitivity for the Millimeter Arrays R. M. Hjellming 07/85
34 The Summer 1985 Concept of the Proposed NRAO Millimeter Array R. M. Hjellming 10/85
35 Factors Affecting the Sensitivity of a Millimeter Array - Further Discussion P. R. Jewell 10/85
36 An Interim mm Astronomy Instrument R. M. Hjellming 11/85
37 Atmospheric Opacity At the VLA (Scientific Memorandum No. 157) J. M. Uson 2/86
38 Crystalline Antenna Arrays T. J. Cornwell 0/86
39 Comparison Study of Astronomical Site Quality of Mount Graham and Mauna Kea K. M. Merril, F. F. Forbes 03/87
40 Measurement of Atmospheric Opacity Due To Water Vapor At 225 GHz M. McKinnon 06/87
41 225 GHz Atmospheric Receiver - User's Manual ( Electronic Division Internal Report Z.-Y. Liu 08/87
42 Analysis of the Ekers and Rots Method of Short-Spacing Estimation T. J. Cornwell 0/87
43 A Comparison of a Mosaiced VLA Image and a Conventional Penticton Image T. J. Cornwell 0/87
44 The Size of the Central Element: Pointing Considerations T. J. Cornwell 01/88
45 First Results From the Site Testing Program of the Millimeter-Wave Array D. Hogg, F. Owen, M. McKinnon 02/88
46 Mosaicing With High Dynamic Range R. Braun 02/88
47 High Site Millimeter Array Configurations R. Hjellming 02/88
48 List of Millimeter Array Memos P. Crane 03/88
49 Measurement of Atmospheric Phase Stability With a 225 GHz Radiometer M. McKinnon 05/88
50 Report of the Central Element Working Group T. Cornwell, R. Braun, D. Emerson, J. Uson 02/88
51 Millimeter-Wave Seeing Inferred From Radiosonde Observation-Preliminary Results F. R. Schwab, D. E. Hogg 08/88
52 Preliminary Optics Design for the Millimeter Array Antennas J. Lamb, J. Payne 12/88
53 On the Feasibility of South Baldy As a Site for the MMA T. Calovini, F. Owen 05/89
54 Simulations of Primary Beam Truncation and Pointing Errors With the MMA R. Braun 07/89
55 Millimeter Array Correlator Cost Equation L. D'Addario 7/89
56 Millimeter Array Correlator: Further Design Details L. D'Addario 07/89
57 Related Observing Speed of Single Antennas and Packed Arrays R. M. Hjellming 10/89
58 Millimeter Wave Atmospheric Opacity and Transparency Curves F. Schwab, D. Hogg 10/89
59 Update of MMA Sensitivity Estimates R. M. Hjellming 11/89
60 Further Study of the Magdalena Mountain Site and Two New Arizona Sites As Possible Locations for the Millimeter Array T. Calovini, F. Owen 5/90
61 Imaging Characteristics of a Homogeneous Millimeter Array M. A. Holdaway 06/90
62 An Independent Simulation of Imaging Characteristics of a Millimetre Array, With and Without a Single Large Element, and an LE Pointing Correction Algorithm D. T. Emerson 11/90
63 Pointing Errors and the Possibility of Pointing Calibration M. A. Holdaway 02/91
64 Minimum Spacing Constraints for MMA Antennas J. W. Lamb 03/91
65 Some Considerations On the IF and Transmission System of the Millimeter Array A. R. Thompson 04/91
66 MMA Correlator Some Design Considerations A. Dowd 05/91
67 HFET's and Receivers for the Millimeter - Wave Array M. W. Pospieszalski 08/91
68 A Millimeter Phase Stability Analysis of the South Baldy and Springerville Sites M. A. Holdaway 11/91
69 SIS Mixer and Lo Options for the Millimeter Array A. R. Kerr 12/91
70 Image Frequency Suppression On the MMA A. R. Kerr 12/91
71 MMA Systems Engineering Questions and Comments A. R. Thompson 12/91
72 Circular Polarization and Multi-Band Operation : Implications for MMA Receiver Design A. R. Kerr 01/92
73 Mosaicing With Even Higher Dynamic Range M. A. Holdaway 01/92
74 Surface Accuracy Requirements for Mosaicing At Millimeter Wavelengths M. A. Holdaway 01/92
75 Lower Tropospheric Wind Speed Statistics From Rawinsonde Observations At Albuquerque, New Mexico, Winslow, Arizona and Hilo, Hawaii F. Schwab 1/92
76 Radio-Frequency Interference and the MMA P. C. Crane 01/92
77 Road Feasibility Study for MMA Sites In the Magdalena Mountains P. J. Napier 1/92
78 Report On Visit To Hat Creek J. Lamb, J. Payne 01/92
79 A Summary of the Data Obtained During the MMA Site Survey D. E. Hogg 02/92
80 Further Simulations of (Possible) MMA Configurations J.-P. Ge 03/92
81 Evaluating the MMA Compact Configuration Designs M. A. Holdaway 03/92
82 List of MMA Memos B. Trujillo 03/92
83 Thermal Considerations for MMA Antennas J. W. Lamb 05/92
84 Possible Phase Calibration Schemes for the MMA M. A. Holdaway 06/92
85 Some Remarks On MMA System Design B. G. Clark 06/92
86 Possibilities for Wide - Angle Beam-Switching J. Lamb 06/92
87 Progress On Tunerless SIS Mixer for the 200 - 300 GHz Band A. R. Kerr, S. K. Pan, A. W. Lichtenberger, D. M. Lea 07/92
88 Paired Antenna Phase Calibration: Residual Phase Errors and Configuration Study M. A. Holdaway 08/92
89 MMA Downconversion To Baseband and Sampling A. Dowd 8/92
90 A Study of Materials for A Broadband Millimeter-Wave Quasi-Optical Vacuum Window A. R. Kerr, N. J. Bailey, D. E. Boyd, N. Horner 08/92
91 More Remarks On MMA System Design J. Granlund 09/92
92 Timber Ridge A Configuration Out On a Limb M. A. Holdaway 11/92
93 Springerville / Eager Trip D. A. Webb 11/92
94 Discussion of Slant Axis Antenna Concept J. Cheng 11/92
95 Imaging With Known Pointing Errors M. A. Holdaway 04/93
96 Proposed Surface Error Budget for MMA Antennas J. Lamb 05/93
97 Slanted -Axis Antenna Design I J. Cheng 06/93
98 Geometry of the Slant-Axis Antenna J. Lamb 07/93
99 Search for Possible Millimeter Array Sites On the U.S. Mainland C. M. Wade 08/99
100 Temperature Measurements On BIMA 6-m Antennas -- Part I: Backing Structure J. W. Lamb, J. R. Forster 10/93
101 Slanted-Axis Antenna Design II J. Cheng 10/93
102 A Possible Receiver Optics Layout for the MMA J. Lamb 10/93
103 Some Fundamental and Practical Limits On Broadband Matching To Capacitive Devices, and the Implications for SIS Mixer Design A. R. Kerr 9/93
104 Scientific Emphasis of the Millimeter Array R. L. Brown, et al. 10/93
105 Rapid Position Switching In Radio Telescopes: Structural Damping using a Constrained Layer Treatment J. Cheng 01/94
106 A Slant-Axis Antenna for the MMA: Computer Simulation Results of Fast Switching J. Cheng 01/94
107 Sharing Time and/or Antennas Between Total Power and Interferometric Observations A. R. Thompson 01/94
108 Single Dish Observing and Calibration Modes D. T. Emerson, P. R. Jewell 12/93
109 MMA Systems Update A. R. Thompson 3/94
110 Homologous Offset Antenna Concept for the Millimeter Array Project J. Cheng 3/94
111 Preliminary MMA Configurations for Mauna Kea M. A. Holdaway 03/94
112 MMA Visibility From Hilo and Topographic Shadowing M. A. Holdaway 04/94
113 Weather Conditions At the Potential MMA Site On Mauna Kea P. J. Napier 04/94
114 An Integrated SIS Mixer and HEMT IF Amplifier S. Padin 04/94
115 Polarization Properties of an Open Cassegrain Antenna P. Napier 05/94
116 The Effect of Beam Offsets On Polarization Measurements A. R. Thompson 05/94
117 The Minimum Sep[a]ration Problem for an Offset Slant Axis Antenna J. Cheng 05/94
118 Atmospheric Opacity Observations From the VLBA and CSO Sites On Mauna Kea F. Schwab 06/94
119 The Optimum Elongation of the MMA A Configuration S. M. Foster 07/94
120 Erratum for Memo J. Lamb 7/94
121 Rectangular Panels for Offset MMa Antennas J. Cheng 08/94
122 On-The-Fly-Mosaicing M. A. Holdaway, S. M. Foster 10/94
123 Source Counts At 90 GHz M. A. Holdaway, F. N. Owen, M. P. Rupen 10/94
124 Distances To MMA Calibrators Based On 90 GHz Source Counts S. M. Foster 10/94
125 Damping and Vibration Control J. Cheng 10/94
126 A Test of Fast Switching Phase Calibration With the VLA At 22GHz M. A. Holdaway, F. N. Owen 4/95
127 Experimental Determination of the Dependence of Tropospheric Pathlength Variation On Airmass M. A. Holdaway, M. Ishiguro 03/95
128 Sensitivity of the MMA In Wide Field Imaging M. A. Holdaway, M. P. Rupen 06/95
129 Data Processing for Site Test Interferometers M. A. Holdaway, S. J. E. Radford, F. N. Owen, S. M. Foster 06/95
130 Velocity of Winds Aloft From Site Test Interferometer Data M. A. Holdaway 7/95
131 Gain and Phase Stabilities of Some Components Used In the BIMA Array B. Frye, et al. 7/95
132 Visit To SMA and Bosma J. Cheng 5/95
133 Visit To Thermoplastic Pultrusion, Inc. J. Cheng 7/95
134 Some Comments On Sampling, Antenna Spacings, and Uniform Aperture Illumination W. J. Welch 08/95
135 Electromagnetic Performance Comparison of an Offset and a Conventional MMA Antenna Design P. J. Napier 9/95
136 Correcting for Decorrelation Due To Atmospheric Phase Errors M. A. Holdaway, F. N. Owen 9/95
137 Removal of Atmospheric Emission From Total Power Continuum Observations M. A. Holdaway, F. N. Owen, D. T. Emerson 9/95
138 Comparing MMA and VLA Capabilities In the 36-50 GHz Band M. A. Holdaway 9/95
139 Fast Switching Phase Calibration: Effectiveness At Mauna Kea and Chajnantor M. A. Holdaway, S. J. E. Radford, F. N. Owen, S. M. Foster 9/95
140 Outrigger Stations for the MMA R. M. Hjellming 10/95
141 Thermal Behavior of BIMA Antenna Dish Structure J. Cheng 09/95
142 MMA Systems Working Group Report A. R. Thompson, D. Bagri, B. G. Clark, J. E. Carlstrom, L. R. D'Addario, et al. 09/95
143 Report of the Receiver Committee for the MMA J. Welch, et al. 09/95
144 Report From the Phase Calibration Working Group D. Woody, et al. 10/95
145 Antennas for the Millimeter Wave Array P. J. Napier, et al. 10/95
146 An MMA Lag Correlator Design R. Escofier 11/95
147 How Quickly Can the MMA Reconfigure? M. A. Holdaway, F. N. Owen 02/96
148 Calibration of Submillimeter Observations With SiO Masers: Does the MMA Need Dual Band Capability? M. A. Holdaway 2/96
149 Flux Calibration of the MMA M. A. Holdaway 02/96
150 SIS Mixer Analysis With Non-Zero Intermediate Frequencies S.-K. Pan, A. R. Kerr 03/96
151 Design of Planar Image Separating and Balanced SIS Mixers A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan 03/96
152 Comparison of Rio Frio and Chajnantor Site Testing Data M. A. Holdaway, et al. 04/96
153 Fitting a 12km Configuration On the Chajnantor Site M. A. Holdaway, S. M. Foster, K.-I. Morita 04/96
154 Visit by Thiokol and Visit To EOS and SMT J. Cheng, J. Kingsley 4/96
155 Evaluating the Minimum Baseline Constraints for the MMA D Array M. A. Holdaway, S. M. Foster 07/96
156 What Fourier Plane Coverage Is Right for the MMA? M. A. Holdaway 7/96
157 Exploring the Clustered Array Concept for the Atacama Array M. A. Holdaway, P. J. Napier, F. Owen 08/96
158 Correlation Between Opacity and Surface Water Vapor Pressure Measurements At Rio Frio M. A. Holdaway, M. Ishiguro, N. Nakai, S. Matsushita 8/96
159 Wind Velocities At the Chajnantor and Mauna Kea Sites and the Effect On MMA Pointing M. A. Holdaway, S. M. Foster, D. Emerson, J. Cheng, F. Schwab 8/96
160 Digital Elevation Models for the Chajnantor Site M. A. Holdaway, M. A. Gordon, S. M. Foster, F. R. Schwab, H. Bustos 08/96
161 Receiver Noise Temperature, the Quantum Noise Limit, and the Role of the Zero-Point Fluctuations A. R. Kerr, M. J. Feldman, S.-K. Pan 9/96
162 Medical and Physiological Considerations for a High-Altitude MMA Site P. J. Napier, J. B. West 10/96
163 A Strawman Optics Layout for The MMA Antenna P. Napier, et al. 11/96
164 MMA Computing Working Group Report S. Scott, et al. 11/96
165 System Design Considerations for the Atacama Array A. R. Thompson, D. Bagri, B. G. Clark, J. E. Carlstrom, L. R. D'Addario, D. Emerson, R. P. Escoffier, J. Romney, S. Padin, R. A. Sramek, D. Thornton, W. J. Welch 2/97
166 The MMA Correlator R. Escoffier 4/97
167 High Level Computing Information Flow for the MMA M. A. Holdaway 4/97
168 Relative Sensitivities of Single and Double Sideband Receivers for the MMA A. R. Thompson, A. R. Kerr 4/97
169 Atmospheric Coherence Times At Chajnantor M. A. Holdaway 4/97
170 System Temperatures, Single Versus Double Sideband Operation, and Optimum Receiver Performance P. R. Jewell, J. G. Mangum 04/97
171 Optimization of an array configuration minimizing side lobes L. R. Kogan 5/97
172 Comments On Minimum Sidelobe Configurations M. A. Holdaway 05/97
173 Application of Fast Switching Phase Calibration At mm Wavelengths On 33 km Baselines C. L. Carilli, M. A. Holdaway 05/97
174 How Many Fast Switching Cycles Will the MMA Make In Its Lifetime? M. A. Holdaway 06/97
175 Gain Degradation In a Symmetrical Cassegrain Antenna Due To Laterally Offset Feeds B. Shillue 06/97
176 Preliminary Phase Stability Comparison of the Chajnantor and Pampa la Bola sites M. A. Holdaway, S. Matsushita, M. Saito 7/97
177 Sensitivity Comparisons of the Various LSA/MMA Collaboration Options M. A. Holdaway 08/97
178 Effects of Pointing Errors On Mosaic Images With 8m, 12m, and 15m Dishes M. A. Holdaway 8/97
179 Compatibility Issues for Joint Operation of the LMSA and MMA M. Ishiguro, P. Napier 07/97
180 Imaging With Heterogeneous Arrays M. C. H. Wright 8/97
181 Notes On Possible Sensors for Improving the Pointing of MMA Antennas J. M. Payne 8/97
182 A 12-m Antenna Design for a Joint US-European Array J. Cheng 9/97
183 A Suggested Receiver Layout for the MMA Antenna J. Lugten, J. Welch 9/97
184 Cryogenics Options for the MMA L. R. D'Addario 9/97
185 Review of Gifford-McMahon Refrigerators for 4K L. R. D'Addario 9/97
186 Calculation of Anomalous Refraction On Chajnantor M. A. Holdaway 9/97
187 Modeling of the Submillimeter Opacity On Chajnantor M. A. Holdaway, J. R. Pardo 10/97
188 Another Look At Anomalous Refraction On Chajnantor B. Butler 10/97
189 Reference Pointing of LSA/MMA Antennas R. Lucas 11/97
190 A System Design for the MMA A. R. Thompson 11/97
191 Feasibility Study of the Use of the White Mountain Research Station (WMRS) Laboratory To Measure the Effects of 27% Oxygen Enrichment At 5000 m Altitude On Human Cognitive Function J. B. West, F. L. Powell, A. M. Luks 11/97
192 The Astronomical Case for Short Integration Times On the Millimeter Array M. P. Rupen 11/97
193 Report of the LSA/MMA Antenna Study Committee T. Andersen, et al. 12/97
194 Astronomical Capabilities of the Current Design for the Millimeter Array Correlator M. P. Rupen, R. Escoffier 1/98
195 Spillover Control On Secondary Mirror Support Struts J. W. Lamb 1/98
196 Options for Placement of a Second Site Test Interferometer On Chajnantor M. A. Holdaway, S. J. E. Radford 02/98
197 Feed Leg Blockage and Ground Radiation Pickup for Cassegrain Antennas J. Cheng, J. G. Mangum 02/98
198 Design Concepts for Strawperson Antenna Configurations for the MMA T. T. Helfer, M. A. Holdaway 02/98
199 Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Number of MMA Configurations M. A. Holdaway 2/98
200 Photonic Local Oscillator for the Millimeter Array J. M. Payne, L. D'Addario, D. T. Emerson, A. R. Kerr, B. Shillue 02/98
201 Hour Angle Ranges for Configuration Optimization M. A. Holdaway 2/98
202 Optimization of an Array Configuration With a Topography Constraint L. Kogan 3/98
203 Forced Air Cooling At High Altitude J. Cheng 3/98
204 Digital Filtering In the MMA R. Escoffier, J. Webber 3/98
205 A Tunerless SIS Mixer for 200 - 280 GHz With Low Output Capacitance and Inductance A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan, A. W. Lichtenberger, H. H. Huang 3/98
206 An Integrated Sideband Separating SIS Mixer for 200-280 GHz A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan, H. G. LeDuc 03/98
207 Wide Bandwidth, YIG-Based Sources and Modern Frequency Multipliers for the MMA Local Oscillator System R. F. Bradley 04/98
208 Polarization Calibration of the MMA: Circular Versus Linear Feeds W. D. Cotton 05/98
209 183 GHz Radiometric Phase Correction for the Millimeter Array O. P. Lay 05/98
210 Radiometric Phase Correction C. L. Carilli, O. Lay, E. C. Sutton 05/98
211 Accurate Amplitude and Flux Calibration of the MMA M. S. Yun, T. Bastian, M. Holdaway, J. Mangum, J. Welch 5/98
212 Optimization of an Array Configuration With a Donut Constraint L. Kogan 05/98
213 Frequency Band Considerations and Recommendations A. Wootten, L. Snyder, E. vanDishoeck, F. Owen 05/98
214 Hybrid arrays: The Design of Reconfigurable Aperture-Synthesis Interferometers A. Webster 06/98
215 A Strawman Optics Layout for the MMA Antenna-Version 2 J. Lugten, P. Napier, J. Bieging, J. Cheng, D. Emerson, et al. 06/98
216 Self-Similar Spiral Geometries for the LSA/MMA J. Conway 06/98
217 A, B, C, and D Configurations In the Shape of Concentric Circles L. Kogan 6/98
218 Level of Negative Side Lobes In an Array Beam L. Kogan 07/98
219 Report On Visit To Composite Optics Inc. J. B. Lugten 07/98
220 Quantization Efficiency for Eight or More Sampling Levels A. R. Thompson 7/98
221 Elevation Dependence In Fast Switching M. A. Holdaway 07/98
222 Characteristics of Broadband INP HFET Millimeter-Wave Amplifiers and Their Applications In Radio Astronomy Receivers M. W. Pospieszalski. E. J. Wollack 08/98
223 Yet Another Look At Anomalous Refraction M. A. Holdaway, D. Woody 07/98
224 Radiometric Correction of Anomalous Refraction J. W. Lamb, D. Woody 08/98
225 Radiometer Calibration At the Cassegrain Secondary Mirror D. Bock, J. Welch, M. Fleming, D. Thornton 08/98
226 A, B, C, and D Configurations In the Shape of Concentric Circles With Fixed Pads At the Common Circumferences L. Kogan 09/98
227 On the Noise Properties of Balanced Amplifiers A. R. Kerr 09/98
228 Analysis of Tradeoffs In J-T Refrigerator Design L. R. D'Addario 09/98
229 Some Comments On Instrumental Phase Calibration A. R. Thompson, D. S. Bagri 09/98
230 Preliminary Report On Water Supply, Millimeter Array Project, National Radio Astronomy Observatory F. Townsend 06/96
231 A First Study of MMA Antenna Offset Performance T. Andersen 10/98
232 A Simple Method To Improve Pointing of the MMA Antennas J. B. Lugten 10/98
233 The design of MMA configurations of intermediate extent A. Webster 10/98
234 Thermal Behavior of the Leighton 10-m Antenna Backing Structure J. W. Lamb, D. P. Woody 10/98
235 Drawing Numbers and Drawing Archive V. L. Gasho, J. S. Kingsley, L. D'Addario 11/98
236 Suggestions for Revised Definitions of Noise Quantities, Including Quantum Effects A. R. Kerr 11/98
237 Precipitable Water At the VLA -- 1990-1998 B. Butler 11/98
238 Precipitable Water At KP -- 1993-1998 B. Butler 11/98
239 Hybrid Composite Arrays: I. The Inner and Outer Hybrids A. Webster 02/99
240 A 10-m Antenna Design for the Millimeter Array J. Lugten, J. Kingsley, J. Cheng, V. Gasho, M. Fleming 02/99
241 A Design for a Precision 10-m Sub-Millimeter Antenna D. P. Woody, J. W. Lamb 03/99
242 Suggestion On LSA/MMA Front-End Optical Layout V. Belitsky 01/99
243 Report of the Antenna Size Committee Meeting B. Butler, et al. 05/99
244 Unpublished
245 Surface Impedance of Superconductors and Normal Conductors In EM Simulators A. R. Kerr 01/99 09/99
246 Optimized Optical Layout for MMA 12-m Antennas J. W. Lamb 01/99
247 The Imaging Characteristics of an Array With Minimum Side Lobes I. L. Kogan 01/99
248 Computer Simulation of a FIR Filter for the MMA R. Escoffier, L. R. D'Addario, C. Broadwell, J. Webber, F. Schwab 02/99
249 Mixer-Preamp Design Using MMICAD A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan 02/99
250 Seismicity and Seismic Hazard At MMA Site, Antofagasta, Chile S. E. Barrientos 06/96
251 MMA Site East of San Pedro De Atacama, North Chile Volcanic Hazards Assessment and Geologic Setting M. C. Gardeweg 08/96
252 Phase Correction Using 183 GHz Radiometers During the Fall 1998 CSO-JCMT Interferometer Run M. S. Yun, M. C. Wiedner 02/99
253 Feasibility Study for a 12 m Submillimeter Antenna T. Andersen 02/99
254 The 15m (12.8m) Telescopes for the MMA/LSA Project D. Plathner, M. Bremer, J. Delannoy 02/99
255 Fine Adjustment In the MMA Delay System A. R. Thompson 03/99
256 Scattering of Solar Flux By Panel Grooves J. W. Lamb 04/99
257 Effect of Refrigerator Temperature On SIS Receiver Performance S.-K. Pan 03/99
258 Operating the Very Large Array, The Very Long Baseline Array, and the Millimeter Array: A Comparative Study R. W. Greschke 03/99
259 A 12m Telescope for the MMA-LSA Project D. Plathner 04/99
260 A Comparison of Zoom Arrays With Circular and Spiral Symmetry J. E. Conway 04/99
261 Position of MMA Equipment On Chajnantor S. J. E. Radford 04/99
262 Tropospheric Phase Calibration In Millimeter Interferometry C. L. Carilli, M. A. Holdaway 04/99
263 A Hexapod 12 m Antenna Design Concept for the MMA J. S. Kingsley, R. N. Martin, V. L. Gasho 05/99
264 Local Oscillator Power Requirements for ALMA SIS Mixers V. Belitsky 05/99
265 Cost-Benefit Analysis of ALMA Configurations M. S. Yun, L. Kogan 05/99
266 Joule-Thompson Cryocooler Stage for SIS Mixers: Strawman Designs L. D'Addario 05/99
267 Photonic Techniques for Use On the Atacama Large Millimeter Array J. Payne, B. Shillue, A. Vaccari 06/99
268 Measuring the Primary Mirror Surface Using a Laser Coordinate Measuring Machine J. B. Lugten 06/99
269 Tests of Materials for Use In Multi-Layer Infrared Filters In Cryogenic Applications J. S. Clarke, L. R. D'Addario 07/99
270 ALMA Configurations With Complete UV Coverage D. Woody 08/99
271 The Determination of Precipitable Water Vapour At Llano de Chajnantor From Observations of the 183 GHz Water Line G. Delgado, A. Otarola, V. Belitsky, D. Urbain 08/99 10/99
272 Image Fidelity: Implications for ALMA M. C. H. Wright 08/99
273 FTS Measurements of Eccosorb MF112 At Room Temperature and 5 K From 300 GHz To 2.4 THz G. A. Ediss, A. R. Kerr, H. Moseley, K. P. Stewart 09/99
274 Reconfiguring the ALMA Array S. Guilloteau 09/99
275 Analysis of Reflective Gratings As Infrared Filters W. Grammer 10/99
276 ALMA Sensitivity, Supra-THz Windows and 20 km baselines B. Butler, A. Wootten 10/99
277 Sensitivity Loss Versus Duration of Reconfiguration and ALMA Array Design M. S. Yun 10/99
278 Waveguide Flanges for ALMA Instrumentation A. R. Kerr, E. Wollack, N. Horner 11/99
279 A submm SIS Receiver With an Integrated Superconducting LO V. P. Koshelets, S. V. Shitov 11/99
280 Antenna Transport Times and Reconfiguration Schedule S. J. E. Radford 12/99
281 Development of a Pulse Tube Refrigerator for Millimeter Array Sensor Cooling: Phase I R. Radebaugh, E. Marquardt, P. Bradley 12/99
282 Dynamic Scheduling M. C. H. Wright 12/99
283 Observing Efficiency of a Strawperson Zoom Array J. Conway 01/00
284 Optics for the 600-720 GHz Mixer Test Receiver S. Srikanth, G. A. Ediss 01/00
285 Choice of Real-Time Operating System for ALMA P. T. Wallace 02/00
286 Choice of RTOS for ALMA - Another View J. M. Stewart 02/00
287 Fringe Tracking, Sideband Separation, and Phase Switching In the ALMA Telescope L. R. D'Addario 02/00
288 An Optical Pointing System for the ALMA Prototype Antennas J. G. Mangum 02/00
289 Atmospheric Noise In Single Dish Observations M. Wright 02/00 03/00
290 Automation of Imaging Simulations for Array Configurations Using Classic AIPS S. Heddle, A. Webster 03/00 03/00
291 First Simulations of Imaging Performance of a Spiral Zoom Array, Comparisons With a Single Ring Array J. Conway 03/00
292 A Possible Layout for a Spiral Zoom Array Incorporating Terrain Constraints J. Conway 03/00
293 ALMA Software Requirements: Preliminary Report R. Lucas, et al. 03/00 05/00
294 The ALMA Correlator Long Term Accumulator C. Broadwell, R. Escoffier 03/00
295 Measurements of Quasi-Optical Windows With the HP 8510 G. A. Ediss, A. R. Kerr, D. Koller 03/00
296 Fitting of the Largest Configuration (≥10 km) Into the Terrain At the Chajnantor Site L. Kogan 03/00
297 Unpublished
298 Timing and Synchronization L. D'Addario 03/00
299 A Martin-Puplett Interferometer Side-Band Separation Module for 600 - 720 GHz A. Baryshev, W. Wild 03/00
300 Reducing Atmospheric Noise In Single Dish Observations With ALMA R. Lucas 04/00
301 SSB vs. DSB for Submillimeter Receivers J. W. Lamb 04/00
302 Six Percent Oxygen Enrichment of Room Air At Simulated 5000 m Altitude Improves Neuropsychological Function A. B. Gerard, et al. 04/00
303 Water Vapour Radiometers for ALMA R. Hills, J. Richer 04/00
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305 A Digital BBC for the ALMA Interferometer G. Comoretto 04/00
306 A Dual-Polarization Double Sideband Quasi-Optical System for High Frequency ALMA Receivers W. Grammer 05/00
307 Precision Radiometry and the APHID 22 GHz Water Line Monitor A. I. Harris 05/00
308 A Single-Chip Balanced SIS Mixer for the 200 - 300 GHz A. R. Kerr, et al. 05/00
309 Dielectric Constant of Goretex RA7956/7957 Radome Material D. Koller, G. A. Ediss, A. R. Kerr 05/00
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311 Noise Measurements of YIG-Tuned Oscillator Sources for the ALMA LO E. Bryerton, D. Thacker, K. Saini, R. Bradley 08/00
312 Refined Position of ALMA Equipment On Chajnantor S. Radford 06/00
313 Millimeter-Wave RF Power Measurements of a Commercial Photomixer B. Shillue 06/00
314 Underground Temperature Fluctuations and Water Drainage At Chajnantor L. A. Snyder, S. J. E. Radford, M. A. Holdaway 06/00
315 A Japanese Plan of Receiver Developments for LMSA/ALMA Y. Sekimoto, et al. 06/00
316 Design of a Sideband-Separating Balanced SIS Mixer Based On Waveguide Hybrids S. M. X. Claude, C. T. Cunningham, A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan 09/00
317 Comparison of the Pointing Error Effect On the Image Quality for Two Configurations and Two Source Types L. Kogan 08/00
318 Amplitude Calibration At Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wavelengths J. Mangum 08/00
319 Photonic Local Oscillators for Radio Astronomy Signal-to-Noise Issues B. Shillue 08/00
320 Strawperson Donut/Doubling-Ring Configurations M. S. Yun, L. Kogan 08/00
321 Receiver Amplitude Calibration for ALMA R. Plambeck 08/00
322 Comparison of Meteorological Data At the Pampa La Bola and Llano de Chajnantor Sites S. Sakamoto, et al. 09/00
323 Numbering of Drawings, Specifications and Similiar Documents (This memo Is obsolete as of 3/2002) L. D'Addario 09/00
324 Proposal for ALMA Front End Optics W. Grammer, B. Shillue, L. D'Addario, J. Payne 09/00
325 A Broadband In-Phase Waveguide Power Divider/Combiner A. R. Kerr, N. Horner 10/00
326 Vertical Profiles of Soil Resistivity At Pampa La Bola and Llano de Chajnantor Locations S. Sakamoto, H. Ezawa, T. Takahashi, N. Yamaguchi 10/00
327 Reliability Calculation Guidelines C. Egedal 10/00
328 Room Temperature Measurements of Various Absorbers With the HP8510 At 75-110 GHz" G. A. Ediss 10/00
329 Scattering of Solar Flux by Panel Grooves: Update J. W. Lamb 10/00
330 The Overlap of the Astronomical and WVR Beams A. G. Gibb, A. I. Harris 10/00
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335 Phase Drift Measurements of YIG-Tuned Oscillator Sources for the ALMA LO D. L. Thacker, E. W. Bryerton, R. Bradley, K. Saini 06/01
336 Unpublished
337 Development of Frequency Multiplier Technology for ALMA K. S. Saini 01/03
338 The Best Sites for the Compact ALMA Configuration B. Butler, S. Radford, A. Otarola 12/00
339 Aspects of the Antennas for the ALMA Compact Array (ACA) J. W. M. Baars 12/00
340 Measurements of Commercial Vacuum Windows for ALMA Bands 3 and 6 G. A. Ediss, S.-K. Pan, J. Effland, T. Globus 12/00
341 Selection of HFET or SIS Mixer for ALMA Band 3 J. C. Webber 01/00
342 An Improved FX Correlator J. Bunton 12/00
343 Waveguide Quadrature Hybrids for ALMA Receivers S. Srikanth, A. R. Kerr 01/01
344 Mixer-Preamp To Receiver Interface Considerations for ALMA Band 6 A. R. Kerr 01/01
345 Phase Fluctuation At the ALMA Site and the Height of the Turbulent Layer Y. Robson, et al. 01/01
346 Spatial Distribution of the Near-Surface Soil Resistivity In the Cerro Chason Science Preserve S. Sakamoto, T. Sekiguchi 01/01
347 60 To 450 GHz Transmission and Reflection Measurements of Grooved and Un-Grooved HDPE Plates G. A. Ediss, T. Globus 02/01
348 A Preliminary ALMA Zoom Array Design for the Chanjnantor Site J. Conway 02/01
349 Fibre-Optic Link Design of the Atacama IF Data Transfer System R. McCool 02/01
350 Feasibility Study of the Enhanced Correlator for 3-Way ALMA I S. K. Okumura, Y. Chikada, M. Momose, S. Iguchi 02/01
351 275-370 GHz DSB and SSB Waveguide Mixers Employing a Tuned Nb/Al-AlOx/Nb SIS Tunnel Junction A. Navarrini, B. Lazareff 02/01
352 Design and Development of 183 GHz Water Vapour Radiometers R. Hills, et al. 03/01
353 Investigation of Suppression of Sidelobes by Simple Displacement of Clustered Groups of Regularly Spaced Antennas S. Heddle 03/01
354 Choices of Antenna Size and Number for the Atacama Compact Array W. J. Welch 03/01
355 Design of the ALMA's Compact Configuration With the Road Design First L. Kogan 03/01
356 Reliability of Nanonics Dualobe Connectors J. Effland 03/01
357 Sideband Calibration of Millimeter-Wave Receivers A. R. Kerr, S.-K. Pan, J. E. Effland 03/01
358 Observing M. Wright 03/01
359 Optics Study for ALMA Receivers J. Lamb 03/01
360 Design of Sideband Separation SIS Mixer for 3 mm Band V. Vassilev, V. Belitsky 04/01
361 Phase Cross-Correction of a 11.2 GHz Interferometer and 183 GHz Water Line Radiometers At Chajnantor G. Delgado 04/01
362 ALMA Receiver Optics Design J. W. Lamb, et al. 04/01
363 Velocity of the Effective Turbulence Layer At Chajnantor Estimated From 183 GHz Measurements G. Delgado, L.-Å. Nyman 04/01
364 An Antenna Location Mask for Configuration Designs for ALMA B. J. Butler 04/01
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366 A Telescope Pointing Algorithm for ALMA J. G. Mangum 04/01
367 ALMA Operational Model - The SSR Committee View ALMA SSR Committee Members 05/01
368 An Imaging Study for ACA M. S. Yun 04/01
369 Seasonal and Diurnal Variation of Upper Soil Resistivity In the Cerro Chascón Science Preserve S. Sakamoto 05/01
370 A Comparison of Availability of Major Radio Interferometers G. H. Tan 05/01
371 Receiver Calibration Schemes for ALMA S. Guilloteau, R. Moreno 06/01
372 An Amplitude Calibration Strategy for ALMA S. Guilloteau 05/02
373 Relative Pointing Sensitivity At 30 and 90 GHz for the ALMA Test Interferometer M. A. Holdaway, J. Mangum 05/01
374 Wide Field Imagings With the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array K.-I. Morita 05/01
375 Coordinates of Roads, Pipelines, and Landmarks Near the ALMA Site S. Sakamoto 05/01
376 Integration of LO Drivers, Photonic Reference, and Central Reference Generator E. W. Bryerton, et al. 05/01
377 Design and Fabrication of Quartz Vacuum Windows With Matching Layers for Millimeter-Wave Receivers D. Koller, A. R. Kerr, G. A. Ediss, D. Boyd 06/01
378 A 200-300 GHz SIS Mixer-Preamplifier With 8 GHz IF Bandwidth E. F. Lauria, et al. 06/01
379 Summer Climate Over Chajnantor R. Bustos 07/01
380 The Correlator At the OSF? B. Anderson, R. McCool 06/01
381 Elements for E-Plane Split-Block Waveguide Circuits A. R. Kerr 07/01
382 MM-VLBI With ALMA M. Wright, G. Bower, D. Backer, A. Whitney 07/01
383 A Simple Technique for Disciplining Independent Demultiplexers M. Torres, O. Gentaz 07/01
384 Atmospheric Transparency At Chajnantor and Pampa la Bola S. J. E. Radford, B. J. Butler, S. Sakamoto, K. Kohno 08/01
385 Orthogonal Functions for Phase Switching and a Correction To ALMA Memo 287 L. R. D'Addario 08/01
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389 Radio Interferometer Array Point Spread Functions I. Theory and Statistics D. Woody 08/01
390 Radio Interferometer Array Point Spread Functions II. Evaluation and Optimization D. Woody 08/01
391 A Square Wave Phase-Switching Scheme for a Large Number of Antennas A. R. Thompson, L. R. D'Addario 08/01
392 Low Cost Cross Multiply Accumulate Unit for FX Correlators J. D. Bunton 09/01
393 DSB versus SSB and Bandwith/Sensitivity Tradeoff S. Guilloteau 05/02
394 ALMA Band 9 Optical Layout A. Baryshev, W. Wild 09/01
395 Alignment Tolerances for ALMA Optics B. Lazareff, S. Sakamoto 10/01
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399 Millimeter Wave Generation Using a Uni-Traveling-Carrier Photodiode T. Noguchi, et al. 11/01
400 A Proposal of Optimized Configurations for the ALMA F. Boone 01/02
401 Saturation By Noise and CW Signals In SIS Mixers A. R. Kerr 12/01 04/02
402 Illumination Taper Misalignment and Its Calibration M. A. Holdaway 12/01
403 Fast Switching Phase Correction Revisited for 64 12 m Antennas M. A. Holdaway 12/01
404 Atmospheric Dispersion and Fast Switching Phase Calibration M. A. Holdaway, J. R. Pardo 12/01
405 Unaddressed Issues for ALMA Configurations M. A. Holdaway 01/02
406 Unpublished
407 Bandslope Effects On Sensitivity In Interferometers With Digital Correlators J. W. Lamb 01/02
408 Geotechnical Study Chajnantor Site, II Region, Chile Nobeyama Radio Observatory L. Rojas 03/00
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410 Designing and Prototyping of 2-4 GHz Bandpass SiGe Digitizers and Associated Test Equipment for the ALMA Project. I A. Baudry, et al. 02/02
411 Unpublished
412 68.5 To 118 GHz Measurements of Possible Infrared Filter Materials: Black Polyethylene, Zitex, and Grooved and Un-Grooved Fluorogold and HDPE G. A. Ediss, D. Koller 03/02
413 Physical Parameters of The Chajnantor Science Preserve A. Otarola, D. Hofstadt, S. J. E. Radford, S. Sakamoto 03/02
414 An SPI Bus Implementation of a Bootloader for the PIC16F87x D. Brown 03/02
415 Phase Correction Using Submillimeter Atmospheric Continuum Emission S. Matsushita, H. Matsuo, M. C. Wiedner, J. R. Pardo 04/02
416 The Relative Sensitivity of Full-Wave and Half-Wave Detectors In Radio Astronomy A. R. Thompson, D. T. Emerson 04/02
417 Unpublished
418 Geotechnical Study, Chajnantor Site, 2002 Campaign, II Region, Chile Geo Ambiental Consultores Ltda. 03/02
419 The Y+ Long-Baseline Configuration To Achieve High Resolution With ALMA A. Otárola, M. A. Holdaway 04/02
420 Digital Transmission System Signaling Protocol R. W. Freund 09/02
421 GaAs-Based Cryogenic Amplifier for ALMA 2SB Mixer C. Risacher, V. Belitsky 04/02
422 The Dual-Load Calibration Device Revisited S. Guilloteau 05/02
423 The Vane Calibration System Revisited S. Guilloteau 05/02
424 Development of 4-Gsps 2-Bit ADC With GaAs ICs for Radio Astronomy M. Okiura, et al. 05/02
425 The Bøifot Orthomode Junction E. J. Wollack, W. Grammer, J. Kingsley 05/02
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427 Antenna Position Calibration M. Wright 05/02
428 Compact Configuration Evaluation M. Wright 06/02
429 Fixed-Tuned Waveguide 0.6 THz SIS Mixer With Wide Band IF A. Baryshev, E. Lauria, R. Hesper, T. Zijlstra, W. Wild 07/02
430 Compact Configuration Evaluation - Mosaicing M. Wright 07/02
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433 2002: The Driest and Coldest Summer R. Bustos 09/02
434 Load Calibration At Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths J. Mangum 09/02 10/02
435 A Hybrid Option for the First LOs Using Direct Photonic LO Driver M. Ishiguro, et al. 09/02
436 Band 6 Receiver Noise Measurements Using a Pre-Prototype YIG-Tunable LO E. W. Bryerton, S. K. Pan, D. Thacker, K. Saini 09/02
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441 Enhancing the Performance of the Baseline ALMA Correlator R. Escoffier, J. Webber 11/02
442 The Intensity Calibration Framework for HIFI V. Ossenkopf 12/02 01/03
443 ALMA LO Distribution Round Trip Phase Correction B. Shillue 11/02
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445 ALMA Line Length Correction System: Report On Tests In Japan L. D'Addario, et al. 02/03
446 Levels of Radiation Exposure Near AOS and OSF S. Sakamoto, et al. 02/03
447 Multi-Resolution FX Correlator J. Bunton 02/03
448 UV Intensity Near AOS and OSF S. Sakamoto 03/03
449 Noise Evaluation of Hybrid Photonic Local Oscillator At 500 GHz Y. Sekimoto, et al. 03/03
450 Heterogeneous Imaging With the ALMA Compact Array M. Wright 03/03
451 Some Error Sources for the PWV and Path Delay Estimated From 183 GHZ Radiometric Measurements At Chajnantor G. Delgado, F. T. Rantakyrö, J. P. Pérez Beaupuits, L.-Å;. Nyman 04/03
452 Passband Shape Deviation Limits L. D'Addario (NRAO) 04/03
453 An Integrated Sideband-Separating SIS Mixer Based On Waveguide Split Block for 100GHz Band S. Asayama, et al. 04/03
454 Total Power Observing With the ALMA Antennas J. Welch 04/03
455 Cartridge Test Cryostats for ALMA Front End Y. Sekimoto, et al. 04/03
456 Characteristics of a Reflector Antenna: Parameters, Graphs and Formulae for Cassegrain Systems With Mathematica Expressions for Numerical Computation J. Baars 04/03
457 Standing Waves for ALMA: Simulations of Various Tangent Cones On the Subreflector A. Bacmann, S. Guilloteau 05/03
458 Preliminary Tests of Cartridge-Type Receiver System At Atacama Site M. Sugimoto, et al. 05/03
459 Investigation of Anomalous Fast Phase Fluctuations In the Site-Test Interferometer Data From Chajnantor S. Hales, et al. 05/03
460 Measurement of Gain Compressions In SIS Mixer Receivers A. R. Kerr, et al. 05/03 05/03
461 The Amplitude Calibration System Revisited S. Guilloteau, A. Bacmann 09/03
462 Effects of Radiation On the ALMA Correlator J. Greenberg 07/03
463 Variation On the ALMA Link Design. No Switch, M 18km Link Lengths and the Use of an APD R. McCool 07/03
464 Complementarity of the AIPS++, GILDAS and MIRIAD Packages As Seen From Evaluations for ALMA Off-Line Data Processing J. Pety, F. Gueth, S. Guilloteau, P. Teuben, M. Wright 08/03
465 Case for Interoperability As an ALMA Off-Line Model J. Pety, F. Gueth, S. Guilloteau, P. Teuben, M. Wright 08/03
466 Gain Stability: Requirements and Design Considerations L. D'Addario 05/03
467 Measurements and Simulations of Overmoded Waveguide Components At 70-118 GHz, 220-330 GHz and 610-720 GHz G. A. Ediss 05/03
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469 A Broadband Waveguide Thermal Isolator J. L. Hesler, A. R. Kerr, N. Horner 05/03
470 RFI Survey At the ALMA Site At Chajnantor C. M. Beaudet, G. Watts, J. Acree, S. J. E. Radford 07/03
471 Site Properties and Stringency N. Evans, et al. 07/03
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473 AIPS++ Reuse Analysis Test: Report On Phase II J. Pety, et al. 03/03
474 IRAM/AIPS++ Test: Phase III R. Lucas, et al. 10/03
475 Observing Stars & Extrasolar Planetary Systems With ALMA B. Butler, A. Wootten, B. Brown 09/03
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477 Working At High Altitude: Medical Problems, Misconceptions, and Solutions J. B. West, A. Readhead 10/03
478 Distance To Possible Calibration Sources As a Function of Frequency for ALMA B. J. Butler 10/03
479 Requirements for Subreflector and Feed Positioning for ALMA Antennas B. J. Butler 12/03
480 Thermal Properties of Subsurface Layer At Pampa La Bola S. Sakamoto, H. Ishizaki 02/04
481 Preliminary Tests of Waveguide Type Sideband-Separating SIS Mixer for Astronomical Observation S. Asayama, et al. 11/03
482 An Analysis On the Effect of Dual Wavelength Polarization Alignment On the Accuracy of Recovered Beat Note Phase R. Scott 01/04 02/04
483 The ALMA 1st Local Oscillator Reference B. Shillue, S. AlBanna, L. D'Addario 09/04
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489 Problems With the Homogeneous Array Simulations In ALMA Memo 488 M. A. Holdaway 03/04
490 Effects of Atmospheric Emission Fluctuations and Gain Fluctuations On Continuum Total Power Observations With ALMA M. A. Holdaway 03/04
491 Does the ACA Need Phase Compensation? M. A. Holdaway 04/04
492 ALMA Calibration - Example of Scientific Impact C. Carilli 05/04
493 Finding Fast Switching Calibrators for ALMA M. A. Holdaway, C. Carilli, R. Laing 04/04
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495 Estimated Performance of the Water Vapour Radiometers R. Hills 06/04
496 183 GHz Water Vapour Radiometers for ALMA: Estimation of Phase Errors Under Varying Atmospheric Conditions A. Stirling, R. Hills, J. Richer, J. Pardo 05/04 07/04
497 Analysis of Wind Data Gathered At Chajnantor J. P. Pérez Beaupuits, et al. 05/04
498 The ALMA Band 6 (211-275 GHz) Sideband-Separating SIS Mixer-Preamplifier A. R. Kerr, et al. 05/04
499 An Approach Detecting the Event Horizon of SgrA* M. Miyoshi, et al. 05/04
500 Wind Power Spectrum Near Chajnantor S. Sakamoto, H. Ishizaki, K. Kohno 05/04
501 Estimation of ALMA Data Rate R. Lucas, et al. 06/04
502 ALMA Band 6 Prototype Cartridge: Design and Performance G. A. Ediss, et al. 06/04
503 Antenna Position Determination: Observational Methods and Atmospheric Limits J. Conway 09/04
504 The CloudSat Radar and Implications for ALMA ALMA North American Technical Advisory Committee (ANATAC) submitted by D. Emerson 08/04
505 Bandpass Calibration for ALMA A. Bacmann, S. Guilloteau 09/04
506 PMD Effects On the Analogue Signal Transmission P. Shen, N. J. Gomes, P. A. Davies, W. P. Shillue, P. G. Huggard 10/04
507 ALMA First LO Reference : Elimination of Large Phase Fluctuations Due To Lightwave Polarization Effects B. Shillue, S. AlBanna 12/04
508 Low Phase Noise Laser Synthesizer With Simple Configuration Adopting Phase Modulator and Fiber Bragg Gratings T. Yamamoto, S. Kawanishi, A. Ueda, M. Ishiguro 12/04
509 G/T At 243 GHz for the ALMA Telescope G. A. Ediss 11/04
510 The ALMA Digitizer (DG) Demultiplexer: Design, Performances In DG Assembly and Production Acceptance Tests A. Baudry 12/04
511 Cycle-Slip-Free Fiber Length Stabilization System Using a Digital Phase and Frequency Discriminator Y. Sato, et al. 12/04
512 Atmospheric Transparency At Chajnantor: 1973-2003 A. Otarola, M. Holdaway, L.-Å. Nyman, S. J. E. Radford, B. J. Butler 02/05
513 Design and Simulation of a Waveguide Load for ALMA-Band 9 F. P. Mena, A. M. Baryshev 01/05
514 Saturation Correction With Atmospheric Fluctuations A. Bacmann, S. Guilloteau 01/05
515 Calculation of Integration Times for WVR A. Stirling, M. Holdaway, R. Hills, J. Richer 03/05
516 Evaluation of a Commercially Available High Efficiency Photomixer A. Ueda, et al. 02/05
517 Turbulence Simulations of Dry and Wet Phase Fluctuations At Chajnantor. Part I: The Daytime Convective Boundary Layer A. Stirling, J. Richer, R. Hills, A. Lock 04/05 05/07/08
518 Unpublished
519 An Alternative Scheme of Round-Trip Phase Correction H. Kiuchi, M. Ishiguro 02/05
520 A Refined Method for Estimating Calibrator Counts Above 90 GHz M. A. Holdaway, F. Owen 05/05
521 Joint Distribution of Atmospheric Transparency and Phase Fluctuations At Chatnantor Larry D'Addario, M. Holdaway 11/03
522 ALMA Memo Number 522 has been reserved for LAMA Memos.
523 Simulation of Atmospheric Phase Correction Combined With Instrumental Phase Calibration Using Fast Switching M. A. Holdaway, L. D’Addario 01/04
524 Effects of Global Warming on Precipitable Water Vapor Above Sub-millimeter Wavelength Astronomical Sites M. A. Holdaway 01/04
525 ALMA Memo Number 525 has been reserved for LAMA Memos.
526 ALMA Memo Number 526 has been reserved for LAMA Memos.
527 ALMA Memo Number 527 has been reserved for LAMA Memos.
528 ALMA Memo Number 528 has been reserved for LAMA Memos.
529 Velocity and Structure Function of Phase Screen Aloft Chajnantor H. Ishizaki, S. Sakamoto 06/05
530 Coherence Estimation for Measured Phase Noise In Allan Standard Deviation H. Kiuchi 10/05
531 Unpublished
532 The ALMA 3-Bit 4 Gsample/s, 2-4 GHz Input Bandwidth, Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter A. Baudry 10/05
533 Improving Accuracy of Superconducting Microstrip Line Modelling At Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre Waves V. Belitsky, C. Risacher, M. Pantaleev, V. Vassilev 05/16/2008
534 ALMA Memo Number 534 has been reserved.
535 Simulation Series of a Phase Calibration Scheme With Water Vapor Radiometers for the Atacama Compact Array Y. Asaki, et al. 09/05
536 WR-10 Waveguide Vacuum Feedthrough for the ALMA Band-6 Cartridge G. A. Ediss, N. Horner, F. Johnson, D. Koller, A. R. Kerr 09/05
537 Walsh Function Demodulation In the Presence of Timing Errors, Leading To Signal Loss and Crosstalk D. T. Emerson 09/05
538 Array Configuration Design of the Atacama Compact Array K. Morita, M. Holdaway 10/05
539 Unpublished
540 High Carrier Suppression Double Sideband Modulation With Integrated LiNbO3 Optical Modulators for Photonic Local Oscillators T. Kawanishi, et al. 09/05
541 Horizontal Temperature Variations At Chajnantor A. Stirling, A. Otarola, R. Rivera, J. Bravo 03/06
542 Height and Velocity of the Turbulence Layer At Chajnantor Estimated From Radiometric Measurements J. P. Pérez Beaupuits, R. C. Rivera, L.-Å. Nyman 11/05
543 Estimating Calibrator Counts At 250 GHz Using MAMBO Observations of Flat Spectrum Quasars M. A. Holdaway, C. Carilli, A. Weiss, F. Bertoldi 11/05
544 Quasi-Optical Verification of the Band 9 ALMA Front-End M. Candotti, et al. 11/05
545 Design of the Cone At the Centre of the Subreflector R. Hills 01/06
546 Unpublished
547 Estimate of the ALMA Cryostat Hold Time G. A. Ediss 02/06
548 Performace Budget Estimation On the ACA System H. Kiuchi, S. Iguchi 04/06
549 Reference Values of Areterial Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate At the ALMA Site S. Sakamoto 05/06
550 Mode Conversion and Resonant Absorption In Bent Overmoded Waveguide A.-L. Fontana, B. Lazareff 06/06
551 Cross-Polarization Characteristics of GORE-TEX Slabs At Band 9 Frequencies A. M. Baryshev, M. Candotti, N. A. Trappe 06/06
552 Unpublished
553 First Astronomical Observations With an ALMA Band 6 (211-275 GHz) Sideband-Separating SIS Mixer-Preamp E. F. Lauria, et al. 08/06
554 Effect of Vacuum Pressure On the Thermal Loading of the ALMA Cryosta G. A. Ediss 06/06
555 Unpublished
556 Observational Modes Supported By the ALMA Correlator R. Escoffier, et al. 08/26
557 Thermal Deformation of Shaped Carbon Fiber-Aluminium Core Sandwiched Structures(I) J. Cheng 09/06
558 Thermal Deformation of Shaped Carbon Fiber-Aluminium Core Sandwiched Structures(II) J. Cheng 09/06
559 Thermal Deformation of Shaped Carbon Fiber-Aluminium Core Sandwiched Structures(III) J. Cheng 09/06
560 Methods for the Characterization and Measurement of the Gain Fluctuations of Cryogenic Amplifiers J. D. Gallego, I. Lopez, C. Diez, A. Barcia 11/28
561 Delay Errors In Single- and Double-Sideband Interferometer Systems A. R. Thompson, L. R. D'Addario, D. T. Emerson, P. J. Napier 09/20
562 Unpublished
563 Suggestions for SMA Connector Use On ALMA A. R. Kerr 11/13
564 Unpublished
565 Walsh Function Definition for ALMA D. Emerson 07/06/06 02/02/07
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567 Unpublished
568 Optimization of the IF Filters for the ALMA Water Vapour Radiometers R. Hills 07/06/07
569 Unpublished
570 Unpublished
572 Unpublished
573 Limits On Phase Correction Performance Due To Differences Between Astronomical and Water-Vapour Radiometer Beams B. Nikolic, R. E. Hills, J. S. Richer 11/16/07
574 Design of the Central Cone for the Subreflector of the ACA 7-m Antenna M. Sugimoto, J. Inatani, B. Vila-Vilaro, M. Saito, S. Iguchi 11/03/2007
575 Flux Concentration During Solar Observation for Alma Antennas F. Schwab, J. Cheng 01/06/2008
576 RF Burnout Power of SIS Mixers A. R. Kerr 02/27/2008
577 Unpublished
578 Unpublished
579 The New 3-Stage, Low Dissipation Digital Filter of the ALMA Correlator P. Camino, B. Quertier, A. Baudry, G. Comoretto, D. Dallet 08/20/08
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586 Walsh Function Choices for 64 Antennas Darrel Emerson 03/12/2008
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588 Inference of Coefficients for Use In Phase Correction II: Using the Observed Correlation Between Phase and Sky Brightness Fluctuations B. Nikolic 07/24/2009
589 Unpublished
590 Atmospheric Dispersion and the Implications for Phase Calibration E. I. Curtis, B. Nikolic, J. S. Richer, J. R. Pardo 12/10/2009
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594 Flux Density Models for Solar System Bodies In CASA B. Butler 12/05/2012
595 Unpublished
596 Unpublished
597 Unpublished
598 Relative Integration Times for the ALMA Cycle 1 12-m, 7-m, and Total Power Arrays B. Mason, C. Brogan 07/08/13 07/25/13
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600 Integrated Alarm System for the ALMA Observatory E. Schmid, E. Barrios, B. Lopez, T.-C. Shen, A. Caproni 07/20/16
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604 Detection and Mitigation of Radiation Induced Events in Integrated Circuits of the ALMA Baseline Correlator System A. Baudry, R. Lacasse, A. Saez, J. Greenberg 06/26/17
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607 Digital Correlator and Phased Array Architectures for Upgrading ALMA
(Supplemental spreadsheet)
A. Baudry, et al. 12/22/17
608 Reserved
609 Effects of Direct IF Sampling on the Time-Division Multiplexing Mode of Operation of the ALMA Correlator O. Ojeda 01/26/18
610 Reserved
611 Tools for Using Solar Coordinate Systems with ALMA I. Skokić, et al. 07/09/18
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619 A Novel Clock and Timing Approach for Achieving 200+ km ALMA Baselines B. Carlson 04/09/21
620 Self-calibration and Improving Image Fidelity for ALMA and Other Radio Interferometers A. M. S. Richards, et al. 07/12/22
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624 Updates to ALMA Site Properties: Using the ESO-Allegro Phase RMS Database L. T. Maud, et al. 04/14/23
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626 Estimates of ALMA WSU Data Properties A. A. Kepley, et al. 01/31/24
627 Reserved

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